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Penis Health Risks of Performance-Enhancing Substitutes By John Dugan
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Performance-enhancing substitutes can add bulk to a man's body, but do they run the risk of damaging an otherwise healthy penis? Improper use of these substances can be potentially dangerous.
Operational Performance Enhancement of Human Operated Flexible Systems By Khalid Sorensen
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This work is concerned with dynamic control of flexible machines, and human/machine interaction, especially as these areas relate to industrial crane control. In the area of dynamic control,... More > strategies are developed that are specifically suited for use on machines with common actuator nonlinearities, like saturation, rate limiting, dead-zone, and backlash. In the area of human/machine interaction, this work investigates the effects of different interface devices on the efficiency of cranes.< Less
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Alternative assessment is bout new ways of teaching and assessing students in order to enhance their academic performance.
The Power of Performance By John Varney
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The Power of Performance provides a practical guide to enhance performance leading to increased profit in the private sector and best value in the public sector. The following cliches are often... More > quoted by management: "Its our people that makes the difference" "People are our greatest asset" In reality, this is not true; its the people performance that will actually make the difference. In fact, if a persons performance is below the optimum they may well become a liabilty not an asset. The book is a step by step approach, in practical terms to provide the reader with ideas to increase performance - profit and best value.< Less
Supplements for Performance By Stephen Carhart
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Effective and legal way to increase the performance of your body.
Technology: An Enhancement to Life By Vihar Naik
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For all of you who frequently find yourselves stuck with technology, whether it be your computer or home network, this book will guide you to becoming your local tech guru. You will learn how to... More > perform various procedures with technology and all concepts introduced in this book will form a foundation for all of your future endeavors in the field of technology.< Less
Golf Performance Handbook By Matt Cuccaro
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This Golf Performance Handbook is your own personal journal, guide, and coach that will assist the growth and development on your golf game. It will educate and assist you on your personal mission to... More > maximize your potential on and off the golf course. It highlights the importance of training in cycles (prepare, compete, and evaluate/active rest) and assists you to generate your own personal keys to getting the most from each stage of your training. Learn about, get involved in, and enjoy the process laid out in these pages to achieve better and more consistent results.< Less
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GREEN BIRD AND TRANSMEDIA PERFORMANCE This is a post production book that looks at gadgets as well as stories we can tell with well as the most advanced tech gadget ever created: the... More > human body. The body moves, shed symbols, and creates neural, empathetic reaction in audience members called 'mirror neurons'. They were discovered like a new solar system in the seventies. Within this old script by Gozzi (reinvested like an inert computer program from the printed page to the young body) we find a playground of shifting symbols. Why not amplify and enhance these 'masks' with projected, interactive, and audio media? This is the essence of transmedia: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This project started with a lot of talking and ended in a lot of listening. So here is to old skool architectural context to storytelling: the theater. Transmedia is nothing new.< Less
Optimal Performance Techniques for the Football Combine By Scott Shetler
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This book teaches the optimal techniques for football combine performance enhancement. In addition the book discusses some effective strength training exercises as well as sample training templates.
The Matrix - Performance Based Fitness Training By Daniel Gaita
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Performance enhancements are the result of specific and supplemental adaptation to imposed demands. Simply put, if you can enhance your performance, you can enhance your... More > physical ability, strength, metabolism, flexibility, confidence and self esteem. Furthermore, it is through improvements of this nature that the aesthetic goals which your clients strive to attain from exercise will occur naturally.< Less