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A Treatise Concerning the Permutations of Letters in the Arabic Language By Robert Tyler
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عليلات or a treatise concerning the permutations of letters in the Arabic Language Translated from the persian by rober tytler, m.d.-m.a.s
Le silence est un poème By Jaleh Chegeni
Paperback: $10.00
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Le silence est un poème is a collection of poems authored by Ms. Jaleh Chegeni. This book is both in French and Persian language translated by Ms. Jaleh Chegeni.
Iranian Political Rational and the Kurds’ Quest for Identity By Zakaria Qaderi
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عقل سیاسی ایران و هویت خواهی... More > کوردها زکریا(هێرش) قادری Contrary to the common belief but misguided, Iranian and orientalist scholars,who define the Kurds as part of Iranian civilization and culture, this book indicates that the Kurds are not Iranians. This book shed light on how the political strata of Iran with all its components, such as state, geography, religion, mythology, language, and symbol have been developed with the negation of Kurds. While Kurds are native to the land, but it was immigrant Persians who conquered the land with subjugation and war with the Medes.After defeating the Medes and conquering the land of Medes, the state, government and empire were formed to preserve its subjugation and maintain its domination over the Medes, and the Persian empire has been tool of ethnic domination of Persian over Medes. The Persian religion of Zarathustra, hierarchical religion which supports state, was essentially in opposition to the earthly religion of Mithra.< Less
The fifty greatest novels of the twentieth century By Rahmat Bani Asadi & Joachim Scholl
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The fifty greatest novels of the twentieth century is a collection of describing of 50 novels in 20 century authored by Joachim Scholl and translated to the Persian language by Mr. Rahmat Bani Asadi.
Bazgasht - Homecoming By Shahireh Sharif
eBook (PDF): $4.59
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Bazgasht, meaning return or homecoming, is a journey of self discovery through the eyes of two childhood friends. Revisiting their homeland, the mystical world and richness of Persian culture... More > revitalises their spirits. Influenced by the writings of the Persian philosopher Attar, each finds new ways of coping with the difficulties of life as they get to know themselves and understand others. بازگشت به قلم دکتر شهیره شریف بازگشت داستانی است بر اساس حوادث وافعی که ماجرای سفر دو دوست قدیمی به ایران و دغدغه های فکری راوی را بیان می کند. این سفر موقعیتی است برای خودشناسی و شناخت جامعه ایران.< Less
Le Mage By Jean Richepin
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Le mage is an opera in five acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Jean Richepin. It was first performed at the Paris Opéra in Paris on March 16, 1891. This is a love story between... More > Zoroaster (Zarastra), a Persian general and priest, and Anahita, a queen of Touran.< Less
Then The Sun By Mehrangiz Rassapour
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Then The Sun is a collection of Persian poetry in the form of Robai and Ghazal, authored by Mrs. Mehrangiz Rassapour (M. Pegah). Then The Sun is her fifth poesy collection. She is living in London... More > now. This edition is its second edition which publishes by Aftab Publication in Norway.< Less
The Hemerodrome By Roark Rhoend
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This is the story of Philippides, a long distance runner and the reason why he crossed more than 350 km to bring news about the Athenian victory over the Persians. The engine that drove that... More > formidable race for what is now known as the Marathon race, in honor of the war that took place in Marathon.< Less
Nagina-e-Khilqat By Ayatollah Javadi Amoli
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This book compares the night of 15th of Shaban with night of Qadr. It proves that this night holds similar value as of Laylatul Qadr. Moreover, it highlights the importance of establishing a strong... More > relation with Imam of our time. This book is a work of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli originally written in Persian language, it was translated into Urdu by Hujjatul Islam Ammar Haider Allahabadi.< Less
Ирит Линор - Песня Сирены (перевод с иврита) Irit Linor - Song of Syren (Translation from Hebrew to Russian) By Irit Linor
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История 32-летней Талилы Кац из... More > Тель-Авива. Когда начинается первая война в Персидском заливе (январь 1991) он работает в большом рекламном агенстве и влюбляется в Ноаха... Story of 32-years old woman from Tel-Aviv. When First Persian Gulf War begins (January 1991) Tlila Katz works in big reclaim agency an falls in love Noah...< Less

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