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The Magical Circle School Newsletter: December 2014 By Colleen Criswell
Paperback: $9.95
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In our December 2014 Edition we have: Club Notes Short Story: A Solitary Witch by Cara Kinnear Holiday Survival Tips by Rene Meedacci The Magickal Book Club The Kitchen Witch Club's Cauldron Did You... More > Know.... by Rene Meedacci Reflective Reading Book Review with Ianna Ryan Spell: Releasing Past Regrets of the Year by Minnie Eerin December 2014 Full Moon Ritual by Colleen M. Criswell Yule 2014 Ritual by Obsidian Moondragon Crockpot Wassail by Ianna Ryan December 2014 School Calendar October/November Class Graduates Classroom Spotlight: Scrapbook of Shadows Yule Recipes by Cara Kinnear Poem: Yule by Megan Nevins Yule Word Search My Year of Personal Reflection by Sunset Phoenyx Rain Herb of the Month by Megan Nevins Reflecting Forward by Rene Meedacci A Walk Down Memory Lane by Sunset Phoenyx Rain Angel Card Reading for December by Minnie Eerin Powerful Pebbles by Skyla Nightowl< Less
Fundamentals Of Divination - Psychic Arts & Tools By Kellie C.Smith
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This guide describes the most effective methods to train the Divination skill. Divination usually involves the use of an object or objects to gain answers to questions, or to see events, that are not... More > perceptible to the average person. The use of interpretive tools can help the Divine relay guidance through your inner spirit or higher-self. Divination takes many forms, and while some will use several different techniques, most everyone has their own favorite method for seeking answers from the Divine. Some of the favorite divination methods include the use of tarot cards, pendulums or runes. Crystal and/or crystal ball gazing, reading tea leaves, candle gazing are also popular. Simply choose the one you are most comfortable using and practice. If you want to develop your intuition or spiritual self, divination tools can be a tremendous help. It is like connecting with a wise old friend who can offer you Divine guidance on anything and everything you want to talk about.< Less
Networking Coffee not Cocktails By Janet Shaner
Paperback: $14.63
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You know networking is important - no surprises. A good network can bring new ideas, access resources, raise funds, gain clients, build your reputation and get you promoted. But did you know that... More > having a networking strategy is the game-changer to allow you to advance more effectively? Many people see networking as making contacts through networking events and taking as much as possible. Science reveals, however, that smart networking is about building relationships. Networking is more about coffee and less about cocktails. More about being involved in activities and less about networking events. About building relationships rather than collecting business cards. Giving versus taking. And having the right networking strategy is what you need to reach your goals. This book by an expert in the field brings you the latest research and real-world stories on how to develop your own personal networking strategy to help you achieve the future you want.< Less
Photos for Os X: A Beginner’s Guide By Steve Markelo
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Over the last few years, our photos and devices have advanced. Digital cameras and other devices alike allow us to capture thousands upon thousands of high-quality images; images that we have been... More > cramming into external hard drives and SD cards. In the phone world, the iPhone is quite possibly the best camera most of us have with us most of the time. The iPhone can help you capture some of the most precious moments you’ll ever have given the iSight camera optics, an amazing image signal processor, and the full power of the App Store behind it,. And let’s be honest, the power to edit and recreate your pictures has become a necessity, even to the average person. However, the task of storing and managing photos is quite burdensome. If you are an “I” fan, then you probably have heard about the OS X Yosemite operating system which features the Photos for OS X software.< Less
The B.I.G.A. picture By Paulie Dee
Paperback: $412.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
One Mind Trilogy Part 1. The B.I.G.A. picture describes a young mans journey through the personal development industry and highlights that we are all capable of achieving more. Featuring the... More > Octowarriors Lottery Show and the succesfull completion of the B.I.G.A. Bridge. Also includes activation details of YOUR OctoKash (King Katoots Loot. This is your opportunity to achieve Ultimate Success. Earn extra income and set your goals with this NEW product. AFFIRM...BELIEVE...ACHIEVE. Please NOTE King Katoots Loot or OctoKash Stash is found at and YOUR A4 Foldio and Stickers can be bought seperatly at Rymans Stationary. King Katoots Loot (is ideal for) Any Board, Card or Domino Game. K.K.L & A.B.C.DicKinGson's Incorporated. Business opportunity was £3,000 NOW only £300 with £200 paid to You with every direct introduction/sale. (c) Copyright 2010.< Less
The Money Makeover By Stacey Chillemi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Are you having trouble paying your bills? Are you getting continuous notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Have you been worried about losing your home or... More > your car? You're not alone. Millions of people face a financial crisis some time in their lives. They feel devastated, confused, and very alone. Whether the crisis is caused by personal issues or family illness, the loss of a job, or overspending, it can seem overwhelming. Your financial situation does not have to go from bad to worse. It can be fixed. In this book, you will discover… ·How much debt do you really have? ·How to track your spending and find extra money ·How to get out of credit card debt ·How to stop spending and spend within your means ·How to create a monthly spending plan that will get you out of debt forever ·How to grow your income to help you get out of debt faster ·How to lower your debt and raise your credit score ·Why you spend over your means and what you can do to stop it!< Less
FOREVER FOR THE GAMBIA By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo. Ceesay, MD
Paperback: $21.59
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I refused the American Green Card because no place is worthier than the Gambia. I returned the Gambia because it is onus upon citizens but sheer understanding that the villagers needed healthcare... More > delivery than current rendered them. I love the Gambia to seek the golden flees in doing my duty to my people. The comfort of the develop world is what I yearned for my villagers and continent but not my personal gratification. It is said that fools and dreamers share zones but we know better and reading through this work may just reveal what dreamers can achieve. This work is about being a positive contributing member of society no matter where you may find yourself. It tries to shed reason why we need ignite the spirit and embers of giving not only to illuminate an others’ life but to remove dark and despondent moments from those needy hearts. In so doing we let hope and light triumph over darkness and hence allow peace to transcend earth. I write to raise funds for bilding of Njawara village hospital.< Less
How to survive Bankruptcy By Teresa Barone
Paperback: $13.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Not once at anytime did I imagine that this could happen to me. I always had great credit and a substantial income. During the financial downward spiral or meltdown, I kept thinking it would get... More > better soon. I'll charge my bills and take cash advances to pay my Mortgage. Then the charge card bills start coming along with call after call from debtors. I stopped answering my phone after a while. Then reality set in, I realized I had no way of paying all this debt. I soon began to start and end my days with crying, self-blame, depression and fear. All I could think about is how I would provide for my children. I had to face the fact, there was no other way out of this financial disaster. Bankruptcy was my only choice. I thought I would never recover from my financial disaster, but I did, and you can too. I offer this book to you full of my own personal experience, decisions, steps and route back to recovery. I did it; I am both credit and financial worthy again and best of all, much wiser.< Less
Eindrucke die wir hinterlassen By gudrun lott
Paperback: $22.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bewegende Situationen, gefuehlvolle Momente aber auch vorbeiziehende Gedanken sind Ursprung meines kuenstlerischen Ausdrucks mit Wasserfarben. Mit diesem Bildband stelle ich eine Auswahl meiner... More > Kunstwerke vor. Gleichzeitig gebe ich einen privaten Einblick zu meiner Person, durch die Anmerkungen zu jedem einzelnen Gemaelde.< Less
Aphrodite in Paris By Galina Granovsky
Paperback: $17.90
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‘Aphrodite in Paris’ tells about a flippant wife of an American, who came to Paris with her husband to visit shops, restaurants and the famous variety shows. And of course, they went to... More > Louvre too. When they were standing before the statue of Venus, the Greek goddess of love and pleasure, Di’s husband noticed a resemblance between the two of them. It was funny. Another thing was not funny for Di. Suddenly she became aware that she has forgotten the best part of her trip - Lido, Eiffel Tower, fashion boutiques and all those things for which she came to Paris! ‘Chance’ shows an ambitious man who wished to be very successful. Once he met a very influential person and he did not miss his opportunity to begin a new life. He became one of the most powerful person to get to know that he is alone, unhappy and has no any wishes. Sometimes a place of punishment suddenly can turn into a room of happiness, how it happened in ‘Home-coming’… There are 11 stories with fantastic elements in the book. Read and enjoy!< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00