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Finding The Right Other Half by Understanding and Applying The Science of Physical Traits and Their Inherent Behaviors By AnhViet Nguyen
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Divorce has become an accepted norm in the US and many other countries as well. Even in countries where divorce was rare, it is growing at an alarming rate. Divorce is costly, both in emotionally and... More > financially. Not everyone wants a divorce. When we get married, we all have the intention of being married for life. Till death do us part, right? A lot of people are puzzled by their divorce. "We love each other," they all proclaimed. Love alone is not enough. After a few years of marriage, love and endorphins will eventually wear out. There is no more sugarcoating. What used to be cute and adorable qualities now become an annoyance. How many times have we heard this: "The noise she makes when eating used to be adorable. Now it annoys the hell out of me." We can use science to help determine compatibility between 2 people who are about to spend their lives together. To avoid the emotional and financial costs of divorce, we can apply the science of physical traits and behaviors to find a compatible partner.< Less
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Appearing to Study Particle Physics By Todd Mikosh
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Interrupted from preparing an article on particle physics, Dr. Jeremy Wraxtiorre attempts to explain the sociological and historical analysis of the development of the Quark Chromodynamics theories... More > in the 1960s. But the author didn't listen--instead trying to destroy the book being discussed. Dr. Wraxtiorre also attempts to explain the foundation of an investor’s economy, but fails to adequately concretize the description when his author falls prey to his lust for the female anatomy. The disrespectful antics get increasingly surreal as the author tackles, heckles, mocks and deconstructs other topics including Internet journalism, corporate values, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and transcendentalism. Includes “The Behemoth Saga,” several versions of the “Famous Desk Test” narratives, a selection of poems titled “The Pumpkinification of Brash,” and the controversial “Regressive Traits in Anal Hominids.”< Less
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The subject matter of psychology deals with human behaviour. The field of human behaviour is very wide or rather unlimited because it shows the activity performed by man in any state or condition... More > from birth to death. So all types of activities – inner, outer, conscious, unconscious, physical, mental moral, immoral, social anti-social good or bad are included.< Less
Effect of Sports Participation on Locus of Control and Personality Traits Among Inter University Sports Person By Dr. Paramma Kuravatti
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Sports psychology is the systematic study of people and their behaviors in sport surroundings and the practical significance of that knowledge. Sports psychologists recognize principles and... More > guidelines that professionals can make use to help adults and individual nature. The sports psychologists have two biased in mind (a) to understand how psychological component influence an individual’s physical presentation and (b) to compared how involvement in sport and assignment affects a person psychological development health and well-being. The sports psychology deals with improved performance to control emotions and minimizing the psychological influence of injury and low performance. Some of the most important skills taught are goal setting, relaxation, visualization, self- talk, awareness and control, concentration, confidence, using rituals, attribution training, and per iodization.< Less
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Definition "Guidance is a process of helping young persons learns to adjust to self to others and to circumstances'. - Skinner. Meaning of Guidance Guidance is a personal assistance.Guidance... More > is a process by which individual solves his problems by his own efforts.Guidance focuses on the attention of the welfare of the individual. Needs of Guidance •To help an individual to solve any complex situation. •It is mainly created around educational needs, vocational needs &personal needs. •It helps the child to adjust with situations and develop the ability to faceproblems and resolve them. •To develop the personality of the child according to his inborn tendencies,traits and capacities. •To provide all necessary information to the people to choose a bettercareer and to get success in life.< Less
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n The image of Man in paleolithic sculpture , his fourth book in the series Shapes in Evolution, Pietro Gaietto introduces his readers to paleolithic anthropomorphic stone... More > sculpture unlocking a world that is not well known because it has been outshined by the beauty of cave paintings which depict animals with color and movement. Pietro Gaietto, an expert in this field of studies, states with passion that paleolithic sculptures are scientifically important because they offer depictions of the heads of extinct humans, including species that are not well known, or not known at all, due to the scarcity of skeletal remains. Presented almost as a teaching manual, with detailed attention to each piece, this study of paleolithic stone sculptures is extremely interesting because Gaietto's discoveries serve to integrate and enlarge studies on the evolution of man's physical traits. Every sculpture is amply illustrated and explained.< Less
Secrets of Sexual Attractiveness By Allen Walker
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Which secondary sexual characteristics are considered attractive in males and females? Which male facial features denote increased testosterone levels and virility? Is it true that females tend to... More > prefer different facial traits in short-term and long-term partners? What effect does the length and girth of the penis REALLY have on women? These and many more questions are answered in this book. For More Sexual Wellness Books GO HERE!< Less
Quantum Hope By Jeffrey Strickland
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We all need hope, yet we do not really understand what the origin of this craving may be nor the ramifications of its completion. After the Fall of Man, something was missing and resulted in our... More > separation from God. Quantum hope reconnects us through of faith in Christ Jesus until that day when we will be fully restored. Quantum Hope is the sequel to Quantum Phaith and prequel to Quantum Love (not yet published). In Quantum Phaith, we learned what faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1: “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Quantum Hope examines the biblical hope as the connection between faith and love (1st Corinthians 13:13). Hope is that which we persevere for and the force that binds—an equilibrium. Unlike secular hope, quantum hope encompasses several ideas and is measurable. We will see that quantum hope is not only a character trait and a promise laid up in heaven, but also a Person: Christ.< Less
Deception: Hidden Behind the Feathers By Marsha Stewart
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Three migrations took place to North, Central and South America. The Bering Strait Crossing occurred with the third migration which did not take place until 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. The first... More > migration was from Polynesia, and the second migration from Africa. Upon arrival to the Americas, Europeans instigated Native American tribes to capture and enslave their own tribal members which was BEFORE the “official” African slave trade started. Slavery is the centrifuge or the overall push to certify Black Americans are NOT indigenous to America because American historians proved that arrival to America was from African slave ships. People project their pre-conceived notions about another person’s identity onto that person with whom they are talking, watching on the big screen, or reading about rather than trying to find out his/her true history. Eventually a person becomes conscious that playing “hide and seek” behind the feathers is no more than a rational realization of hiding from yourself.< Less

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