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"The Pick-up" in 3 easy steps, for men or woman. By Masumi Childers
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Stop being alone! There are only three steps to picking up someone. So common and easy that they are always over looked by these so called big books that "Guarantee" or claim a "Sure... More > Thing". But my book will show you how it's possible: To pull off, "The Pick-up" in three simple steps.< Less
Microphones/Accessories & Instrument Pickups 1952-53 By Ronald L. Holmes, IEEE & Linda T. French
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Full product descriptions, photos, dimensions, prices and all specifications.
A Sure Way to Get Hot Women Into Bed Without Pickup Lines or Tricks By Karl M. Wakefield
eBook (ePub): $25.00
Do you ever think about how to get a girl to have sex with you. If you want to become a person who attracts women and gets the girl, you need a powerful tool: Seduction. If you want to take a woman... More > home you need to learn how to seduce a woman. Seduction will attract women! Soon you will date women all the time and your friends will ask you for tips on how to attract women and sex advice because you will have sex with women all the time and trust me, this book will guarantee that.< Less
Seduction Genius Tutorials: How the Best Pickup Artists Play the Game By Jayden Owen
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Guys, no matter if we want to admit it or not, deep down inside we want to love (and be loved). Therefore, it is not surprising at all that what often incites very strong emotions from men is the... More > subject of dating and relationships. Too many guys out there, getting women to like them is a very difficult thing to do. They often give up and tell themselves that there is nothing they can to make women like them. This really is utter nonsense. The reality is that there are tactics and techniques which will shortcut your success with women. Read this book for a complete solution.< Less
Trucks: What You Need to Know About Pickup Trucks, Rental Trucks, Monster Trucks and More By Vernon Hayes
eBook (ePub): $3.99
In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips on rental trucks, Toyota trucks, Peterbelt trucks, hybrid cars, review of Ford trucks, montster trucks and much more. GRAB A COPY TODAY
How to Play Basketball: A Guide to Getting Better By Playing Pick-up Games By Thomas Wilkins
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Are you always at the gym but never getting better? Do you feel like you are picking up bad habits at the park? Is the competition in your area just not competition? We have all been there! You... More > know you could just workout but eventually you have to play against people in a real game. I had to learn the hard way but you do not! How to Play Basketball: A Guide to Getting Better By Playing Pick-up Games will help you get more from your open gyms and pick-up games. I will share the 17 strategies that will improve your fitness level, increase your offensive skills and improve your defensive skills.< Less
How to Play Basketball: A Guide to Getting Better By Playing Pick-up Games the Blog By Thomas Wilkins
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This book is a collection of the blogs that were inspired by the book How to Play Basketball: A Guide to Getting Better By Playing Pick-up Games. Each blog is based on a section in the book and it... More > provides some additional comments from the author, Coach Thomas Wilkins, that add some context around the topics covered in the book. This book is a great companion with the original book. Coach Wilkins also added some bonus material at the end of the book for all of the coaches and players.< Less
Crack Whore Pickup: 12 Other Astonishingly Truthful & Completely False Tales of Mediocrity - Words & Pictures By Colm Hogan
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The harrowing journey of a lost writer told through a collection of short stories. From the fashionable streets of Rome to the seedy bars of Mombasa to the hazardous booze cans of Toronto. Dangerous... More > and dark but with moments of tenderness and hilarity. Will he ever find redemption or meaning amongst the chaos?< Less
Volume 0566, D.C.II --- Dacia Pick-Up By Deutsch Print Wikipedia
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Volume 0566, D.C.II---Dacia Pick-Up Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the inhuman scale of big data.... More > Michael Mandiberg wrote software transforms all of Wikipedia in thousands of print on print-on-demand volumes, drawing attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a poetic material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. This German version encompases 3406 volumes that were uploaded in May and June 2016. Eine gängige Größenordnung für Enzyklopädien sind die Bände ihrer Ausgaben. Michael Mandiberg hat die aktuelle Version der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia in enzyklopädische Artikel umgerechnet und eine ganze Bibliothek des Wissens geschaffen: 3.406 Bände.< Less
How to Attract Women of Your Dreams Using Hypnotic Pick-Up Lines: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering What Women Want & How to Give it To Them! By Little Red Books
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Just imagine how much your life will change once you are able to meet, date and make love to the women of your choice? How much more would you enjoy life if you could be around beautiful affectionate... More > women who really wanted your company and were willing to express that desire in the most passionate ways possible? Can you see where I'm going with this? Simply apply the techniques and skills presented in this book and you'll be on your way to a more exciting, fulfilling, sexual lifestyle in no time flat.< Less

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