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Qabalah - The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate By Steven Ashe
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New Fourth Edition 2015. Large Size Coffee Table Format. A mammoth work of monumental importance to the student-participant's understanding of the Golden Dawn knowledge system. An insightful approach... More > to the evolved Golden Dawn tradition that will delight the intermediate to advanced student of the Qabalah whilst providing the serious enquirer with a detailed insight upon the bare bones of the GD system revealed by Regardie, Crowley and Francis King. The threads of ancient Hermetic tradition with relevance to personal initiation. History of the Golden Dawn Tradition and twentieth/twenty first century scientific theory. Qabalah of 50 Gates (Self-Sentience within the Astral Plane). The zodiacal talismanic magic of the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash & the Birth Chart. Planetary and Zodiacal Invocations. Key Texts from the Zohar. The Sepher Yetzirah and The 32 Paths of Wisdom. Initiated Tarot Lore. The Fragments of the Bahir. The Tawasin. Adorations of the Sun. Illustrated.< Less
The Cosmic Ring Dance of the Angels By Frederick M Huchel
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In examining what can be reconstructed of the liturgy of the First Temple, and its apparent restoration in early Christianity, no loss can be more significant than the loss of the sacred choral ring... More > dance of prayer, which was seen to mirror the cosmic circle dance of the concourses of angels, in their concentric heavenly spheres – a dance which had the effect of opening up a conduit, from the Holy of Holies, up through the planetary spheres, to unfold a view of God Most High upon his celestial throne, in the highest Heaven, as chronicled in the experiences of such ancient prophets as Isaiah, Ezekiel, and the apostle John on Patmos. The experiences of Joseph Smith combine with his restoration of the ancient circle of prayer to bolster our understanding of the Biblical record, and provide a greater understanding of this ancient rite of the Temple.< Less