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Oh Khrushchev, My Khrushchev By Richard Grayson
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The six stories in OH KHRUSHCHEV, MY KHRUSHCHEV, all previously published in literary magazines from 1978 to 1994, feature baby boomers growing up in the shadow of the Cold War from the Eisenhower... More > era of the 1950s into full yuppiehood during the Reagan revolution of the 1980s and beyond. One boy's crush on Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, junior high recitations of the poem "Invictus," the reaction of Columbia University students to the 1970 Kent State killings, suicide attempts both failed and successful, endless protest marches, a woman's struggle with computer programming on an old Apple IIc, discreet banks in the Cayman Islands, monthly condo board meetings, screenwriters in the Hollywood Hills, and federal bankruptcy court in the district of Southern Florida -- all of this and more are craftily delineated and diagrammed in Richard Grayson's playful portraits of an American generation coping with constant change.< Less
Flow into Joy JourneyBook By Steven Budden
Paperback: $29.99
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What will you discover? The Flow into Joy Journeybook is an interactive healing manual and guided workbook designed to take you through the same journey that I take clients through in my... More > life-altering Flow Transformational Programs, to the heart of your patterns, to the core of your being so that you can: • Feel deeply • Love passionately • Live fully In Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual- How to Thrive in Love, Work, and Play, I touched on many topics powerfully and briefly. The Flow into Joy Journeybook is designed to go deeper and explore below the surface, behind the shadows, to flood your entire life with the light of awareness and stir up a revolution of healing and connection that will transform your life.< Less
Dark Refuge: Outlaws Guide to Refuge By Brandon Osorio
Paperback: $15.00
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The Outlaws Guide to Refuge is a sourcebook for Dark Refuge:The Adventure Game. Expand your campaigns into the Criminal Underworld of Refuge. This sourcebook contains information on the Criminal... More > Syndicates of Refuge, the Thieves and Assassins Guilds, and an entirely new region to explore, the infamous Nightmare Moors. With over 20 new playable Characters, Outlaws lets the player see the vigilantes that make the night their home. New Vampyr and Bandit Powers New Skills and Special Trainings Elite New Special Trainings for Uthvelor and Pelebor characters. Information on V.L.A.D., the secret shadow government within the EEF, and their domestic Spy program. And over 50 new Allies and Monsters. This expansion is an absolute neccessity for Vampyr characters or those who wish to play as V.L.A.D Agents, Hydraulic Knights, Zombie Hunters(complete with Chainsaws and Shotguns, or as one of the Fallen Tribes that inhabit the Nightmare Moors.< Less
The Creep Chronicle By Rich Parkinson
Paperback: $12.91
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An RPG of horror and adventure in which you play a child... Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and discovered that the things you read about in your old storybooks were true; that deep in the woods... More > lurked a Big Bad Wolf waiting for a Little Red Riding Hood, that shadows stalked the night time streets, that angels were not mere apparitions or visions for a select few but were as real as your next door neighbour. As you stare in the mirror in the morning and your reflection stares back at you, you somehow know that the world on the other side of the mirror exists. More than that, gods walk among men. They rain thunder and lighting down on the brightest cities, shatter man’s finest monuments with a whim, and subjugate the strongest leaders with a word.< Less
Alice Black: Blood Tribute By Chris Challice
eBook (ePub): $6.01
You are Alice Black, feared feline space pirate and captain of the dreaded Manticore. For years you have plagued the spaceways trading slaughter for profit. You seek no approval from King or Lord.... More > Yet infamy has a price and your coffers are low. Without the necessary funds your ship will fall into scrap, shadow ports will close their doors, you and your crew will be left helpless against the tender mercies of the Wolves. Your one chance at salvation lies in stealing tribute from a faded Wolf House. However, your success will break a treaty and doom trillions to annihilation. Alice Black: Blood Tribute is a solo game and adventure in one book. All you need to play is this book, a pencil, some paper and a few common dice.< Less
Whalesong By Robert Siegel
Paperback: $12.00
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The play of light and shadow, sea and sky; tropical breezes and the chill breath of arctic ice mountains; the mystery of Leviathan, greatest of all God's creatures, of endless undersea caverns, of... More > krill beds stretching miles in all directions and hundreds of fathoms deep, of the Ice at the End of the World, of the haunting song of the humpback whale. These are the elements woven into a tapestry of wonder and enchantment by Robert Siegel... Here is the story of Hruna the humpback whale, from birth marked for greatness by his size and courage. As days of carefree frolicking give way to adolescence, Hruna prepares for the Lonely Cruise, the rite of passage into adulthood, by visiting the Great Whale who lives on the ocean floor. There he learns the myth of origins and receives his true name in preparation for the swift adventures and narrow escapes that propel him into the ultimate challenge of leading his pod of whales in a desperate fight for survival.< Less
See Naples and Die By Ray Cleveland
Paperback: $10.62
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Fate has played a cruel trick on three young women. In the wrong place at the wrong time, they are now pursued by rival mafia clans, a crooked cop and a network of assassins. The evil that is Zico... More > Scarpone casts a long shadow and terror reigns beneath its gloom. Zico wants the world and mayhem and murder are his weapons of choice. The powerful web of control that his ‘immortals’ are creating is set to change the structure of crime itself, with both the lawless and the lawful under his spell. In a twisting trail of treachery, intrigue and execution the girls quickly learn to trust no-one. Each new event only serves to push them further into isolation; until with new-found cunning and strength, the worm turns and they draw their tormentors together in a final explosive conclusion. A thrilling story, with humour and suspense – in equal measure – this is action writing at its very best.< Less
Forging of a Knight: Darksiege Triumphant By Hugo V. Negron
Paperback: $24.99
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The sounds of battle continue. Qualtan and Bartholomew are two knights of the new Order who are leading the way. Qualtan’s wife, Vanessa, is a powerful winged girl who watches protectively over... More > him. Unfortunately a betrayal from the School has now provided Darksiege, the last of Those That Stand in Shadow, with the means to achieve ultimate power. A mighty artifact, divided and cast into different realms, will spell doom if found. As Qualtan, Glaive, Cassandra, and Bartholomew travel to dark and terrible places including present-day Earth to prevent Darksiege from gaining victory, all is not as it seems. While Darksiege and his opponents attempt to determine whether they are involved in a true quest or have been deceived into playing a much deeper game,. In this fast-paced fantasy tale, a brave knight sets out on an ambitious quest to stop a dark force from carrying out an evil plan.< Less
Mr Peck, the Speck and the comings and goings of his incredible tales By Luis Tome Ariz
Paperback: $4.89
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Mr Peck, the speck was born somewhere, far, far away in a distant country. He enjoys to sing and recite poems under the shadow of beautiful plants. On a warm afternoon, freedom finally arrived to his... More > country so he decided to fly away and search for a new life. Therefore our favorite speck of dust will need to find his place under the sun while he discovers the world and lives extraordinary adventures! Join Mr Peck, the speck in his incredible tales. Discover the magic within his pages, discover the spell within his writings, and remember that you will always find a speck of dust near you, maybe signing, maybe just standing there, staring at you and wondering if you would like to play for a while.< Less

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