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Song of My Life By Joyce Knowles
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Written by Joyce Allen Knowles for a high school English assignment.
Mormon Sons - Brian Draper Torey Adamcik By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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When the police came for him, Torey declared he knew nothing at all about it. The good Mormon boy was quick to point out that he had seen marijuana paraphernalia inside the home, located in a... More > "smoking room". What he failed to mention was that he and his Mormon friend Brian had stabbed the homeowner's niece to death, with 29 horrific plunges from the arsenal of knives they had bought especially for the occasion. She had wanted to be an attorney, they were obsessed with horror films. They had big plans to be film actors, directors or .......whatever. So, they wrote their own film script with 16 year old Cassie as the star. She was perfect for the role, they said. Long dark hair, parted down the middle. Ted Bundy would have loved her. He was their idol. They wanted to be famous, just like him. Their big mistake lay in filming their masterpiece. It earned them the biggest award for any movie ever made by juveniles, a prison term of life without parole in the Idaho Correctional Centre.< Less
Mormon Sons: Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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Who would have ever thought, they mused in wonder, that three days out of their lives would have such an enormous effect on them for the rest of their lives? They didn’t mention specifically... More > the culmination of that short interval of time, the date of September 22nd, nor the vitally significant event that erupted with volcanic force that day. Something they did that would cause them to spend the rest of their lives in prison. They engaged in a little light-hearted banter with the driver. “We are just stupid kids. Can’t you let us go?” they suggested. The flippant mood in the back waned somewhat when they saw the sign that caused their driver to turn off the freeway: Idaho Correctional Center. Soon the visually forbiddingly collection of drab brick buildings surrounded by high gun towers and reinforced steel compound wire, hove into view. Draper and Adamcik were convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying of Cassie Jo Stoddart. All three were just 16 years old.< Less
Carolyn - "Forever Young" By June Allred
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The journal of Carolyn Cobia Hardy Citte from the year 1924 to 1969. She includes her childhood years in the South and in Pocatello, Idaho, her teenage years in Salt Lake City, her marriage to Allen... More > Hardy, their travels to work in California, the births of their five children and the death of her husband Allen.< Less
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Mom's Dead and I Never Learned to Cook By Twyla Cork
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The "Mom's Dead and I Never Learned to Cook!" book is easy to read and easy to follow. Twyla Cork and Tippi Tayu understand the tragedy of not only being orphaned too soon, but also the... More > horrible feeling of being domestically inadequate. The recipes found here are easy to make (Ma was apparently just guiltin' us into thinking she was toiling so!). You will remember some of these recipes fondly, some not so much. Either way, you'll create some meals and memories that are fabulous for both body and soul. Cmon, admit it. No matter what those crazy health care providers say, processed cheese is good for you. Please enjoy yourself without guilt. As my Mom used to say, "Eat up! Don't you know that there are people starving in Pocatello?!"< Less
Tomorrows Promise By Edward R Kofke Sr, Bruce D Kofke
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With an 'I'm going to make it attitude', Tomorrows Promise is a compilation of the diary 18 year old Eddie Kofke kept of his experiences and adventures during WWII from enlistment to discharge. Join... More > the flights as young Ed shares the details of the 50 combat missions he flew as the tail gunner aboard the invincible B-24 Liberator, the Shoo-Shoo Baby. Laugh along with the crew as they experience numerous side adventures both overseas and stateside. As part of the 15th Air Force, 464th Bomb Group, the 'Baby' was one of 65 'Olive Drab' B-24's leaving Pocatello, Idaho in 1944. The Shoo-Shoo Baby was the first to finish all 50 missions with the original crew still intact, without one injury or death. There was only one other 'Olive Drab' flying in the 779th. The other 63 ships and 630 men were gone or replaced with many replacements replaced. This was despite 5 missions to the Ploesti oil refineries and being the number one target on Hermann Goering's Elite Luftwaff's kill list.< Less