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The Big Glow: Insight, Inspiration, Peace and Passion By Brian Piergrossi
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Highly anticipated and unique in it's structure, Brian Piergrossi’s The Big Glow, is a book which has the ability to awaken the consciousness and open the hearts of readers from all walks of... More > life. Drawing inspiration from writers such as Rumi, Hafiz and Walt Whitman,yet with a fresh, new, unique voice all his own, Brian Piergrossi presents you with an invitation to take a journey with him toward embracing the miracle of this moment in all its majesty and utter amazement and live from deepest truths of your heart. It is an invitation to uncover the brightest light, “the big glow”, shining within your own soul, to relax and open into a new dimension of living. Through poem, prose, stories, essays, and aphorisms, with inspiration, insight, depth, raw passion, lots of humor and flowing descriptive beauty, The Big Glow is a passionate and inspiring, poetic invitation to awaken, liberate and empower the human spirit in all its divine potential and wonder. Now it’s your turn!< Less
Austin's Golden Rubaiyat Ornamented By Austin Torney
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This color illustrated 8.25x10.75 hardcover edition contains the ornamented crème de la crème of my Omaresque style quatrains, as selected from the larger volume of ‘Austin's... More > Rubaiyat’. These are not translations, but my own inventions. Prologue: Inspired by Omar, I have endeavored to capture his spirit for more modern times, although I have surely been influenced by Edward FitzGerald’s translated gems. There is a companion prose version, ‘The Triumph of Life, Love, and Being’, in which a loving couple take a long, picaresque journey through the countryside to explore the joys and follies of the human condition, living out the quatrains. The Discovery: Long before I’d ever heard of Omar Khayyàm, I had come to some of the same conclusions as had he, or so my friend told me one day, saying that I was already living out and proving Omar’s philosophy. Illuminations: A few of the quatrains were obtained from my other poetry books, which poems in their full text can be found in ‘Poetic Epics’.< Less
Shrimad Bhagavatam By Pundit Ranjan Dash
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Poetic translation of Shrimad Bhagavatam by Pundit Ranjan Dash in Oriya language giving the word to word meaning of the original sanskrit verses in prose order
The Poetry of Ancient Israel By Arie Rotman
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"Poetry of Ancient Israel" poetical translations of biblical poetry books into Russian (the book of Job, Lamentations, Song of Songs), three prophetic books (Micah, Nahum, Chavakook), as... More > well as poetical fragments of prose books of the Pentateuch and the Prophets: prayers of Hannah, Jonah, King Hezekiah, David's Lament for Jonathan and Shaul, the Song of the Prophetess Deborah, the Balaam's blessings, the Song of Moses at the Red Sea and his last Homily. Poetical translations follow the Jewish tradition of commentaries and transmit the poetic merits of the original.< Less
Plant By Andrey Yanukovich
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Wonderful adventures of the poetic spirit. Reflections on great and petty, on sad and merry, on everlasting and momentary. Magic sketches of nature's phenomena, shining passages about love and... More > sadness, about youth and fading, about illusions and inevitable melancholy. The author invites us to a long journey through the mazes of the restless human soul. The works are distinguished by figurative and allegorical language, careful respect to Russian poetic tradition, thorough penetration into the chosen theme. Two hundred selected poems, some early stories and also the novel "Plant" were included into the book. The novel "Plant" is a peculiar poem in prose and at the same time is a mystic dystopia drama. All these works have been created by the author over a quarter of a century.< Less
Dust beyond freedom By carlos obarro puertas
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Dust beyond freedom is the result of a process of non conventional writing using the cut-up method developed by people like William Burroughs or Bryon Gysin- basically it takes to collect lots of raw... More > lost-and-found ready-made material and mess with that till something completelly new comes out from the chaos...well, the contents of this book are that something... Part automathic writing, part river-of-conscience, half meditation, half poetic prose...Dust Beyond freedom is an assamblage. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I already have assembling it< Less
COMO VENÍA DICIENDO By Javier Alejandro Robledo
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Javier Robledo will never be a poète maudit; that, for sure, is far too easy to do. What is clear is that he has more than just one kind of poetic practice: a metaphysical poetry, prose... More > poetry, visual poetry, object poetry, performative poetry... In short, he is a being engaged in implanting a lightning bolt in the hidden cavity of a sphinx, in order to illuminate the astonishing bottom of the abyss. Robledo nunca será un poeta maldito, ya sabemos que eso es fácil. En todo caso podemos afirmar que tiene más de dos poéticas: una poesía metafísica, una poesía en prosa, poesía visual, poesía objetual, poesía performática...en fin, un personaje empeñado en plantar un rayo en el hueco oculto de una esfinge, para que alumbre sorpresivamente el fondo del abismo. -Juan Ángel Italiano< Less
My Way of Looking at the Second Phase of Chinese Civilization 我看第二期中国文明 By Xuanjun Xie
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本书作者谢选骏从神话传说、宗教、哲学、政治、科举、... More >科技、农业、建筑、宫室、起居方式、园林、服饰、道教、景教、理学、类书、诗词格律、音乐、绘画、雕塑、佛理诗、玄言诗、田园诗、山水诗、骈文、音韵学、白话文学、近代汉语、双音词、雕版印刷、亡国遭遇、日本侵略、蒙古征服等五十个视角考察了“第二期中国文明”,阐述了“第二期中国文明”与“第一期中国文明”和“第三期中国文明”之间的异同,所以也称“五十视角的百科全书”。 Synopsis: What follows are the fifty angles from which issues concerning the second phase of Chinese civilization are examined by the author Xie Xuanjun: mythology, religion, philosophy, politics, system of imperial examination, science and technology, agriculture, architecture, palace chambers, daily life, gardens, costumes, Taoism, Nestorianism, idealist Confucian philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, reference books, poetical meter, music, painting, sculpture, Buddhist poetry, metaphysical poetry, pastoral poetry, scenic poetry, rhythmical prose characterized by parallelism, phonology, literature in the vernacular, modern Chinese, disyllabic words, wood-block printing, experiences in a fallen country, Japanese aggression, the Mongolian conquest, etc.< Less
Les Chants de Maldoror [French] By comte de Lautreamont
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Les Chants de Maldoror (The Songs of Maldoror) is a poetic novel (or a long prose poem) consisting of six cantos. It was written and published between 1868 and 1869 by the Comte de... More > Lautréamont, the pseudonym of the Uruguayan-born French writer Isidore-Lucien Ducasse. Many of the surrealists (Salvador Dalí, André Breton, Antonin Artaud, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Max Ernst, etc.) during the early 20th century cited the novel as a major inspiration to their own works.Les Chants de Maldoror is a poem of six cantos which are subdivided into 60 verses of different length (I/14, II/16, III/5, IV/8, V/7, VI/10). The verses were originally not numbered, but rather separated by lines. The final eight stanzas of the last canto form a small novel, and were marked with Roman numerals. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Srimad Gita Bhagavata oriya By Pundit Ranjan Dash
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Srimad Gita Bhagavat, a book of translation, composed by Pundit Ranjan Dash in Oriya poetic Navakshyari style, giving the original verse along with the word to word meaning in prose order (Anwaya).... More > Download the E-book free of cost here, hard copy can be ordered from flipkart by clicking the following link.< Less

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