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The Purchase of the North Pole By Jules Verne
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Have the heroes of "From the Earth to the Moon" gone mad? In an insane bid to mine the coal they believe lay beneath the Arctic ice, they plan to tip the Earth's axis. This would melt the... More > polar ice cap...but it would also mean world-wide devastation and loss of life in the millions. Can they be stopped before the catastrophe occurs? This edition is based on the anonymous 1890 translation published by Ogilvie. It has been extensively edited, corrected and expanded by the addition of material deleted from the earlier version. Contains the original illustrations as well as an afterword.< Less
Through the Air to the North Pole By Roy Rockwood
Paperback: $15.00
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The first book in the Great Marvel Series.
Lights Over the North Pole By Halyn Grace
Hardcover: $18.10
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In Aurora Mae Alcott's world of snow, sled dogs, and Alaska, the Iditarod is a huge event. She decides to race it as the youngest person to ever compete. She discovers that it will require more of... More > her than she thought, but it will also give her gifts that go beyond what she could have ever imagined. In Cody's world of driving truck, lonely living, and haunting memories from his past, the call to head back to Alaska is undeniable. He heads home and runs smack into his past and a girl named Aurora.< Less
Hannah Goes to the North Pole By Rachel Summers
Paperback: $6.90
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When Hannah becomes jealous of her little brother, Hank, Santa teaches her a lesson about the true meaning of christmas.
From the pole to the Pulpit By Akilah McArthur-Browne
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Veronica grew up without her mother, she was raised by a child molester who sold her into a sex trafficking ring. She fought for her life by playing "The game". Veronica grew up feel alone... More > and afraid. Her abandonment issues forced her to grow up fast. Veronica became a stripper to raise money to get off the streets. She went to college to better herself. She got distracted from her goals by looking for love in the wrong places. Veronica married a preacher's kid and became Georgia's #1 First Lady. Veronica and her husband David church owed the IRS $200,000 in two months or their church is at risk of foreclosure. Its up to Veronica to fix things and get the church back on track. Will Veronica strip again or loose the church? Can Veronica save the church or die in the streets saving her church?< Less
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Tips Near The Pole By C.R. Asher
Paperback: $7.25
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A new collection of poetry by C.R. Asher on love, and other such emotional nonsense.
operaation north pole By Colin Burns
Paperback: $15.49
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this is my story it is awesome please read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Yonder Pole (aries?) By Samir Goradia
Paperback: $18.94
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Our sun is a comet that travels through the Milky way, from Kern Steele Asian to Kern Steele Asian. Polaris was to deep heart our momma sun, so momma decided to take her Garden of Eden Posse towards... More > the �� Horsehead hor turtle,and her sympathetic interest to drop Spock off at vulcanis, three constellations past aquarius... To Andromeda, Delphinis (Beto O'Rourke)/FEMA, vulgaris we go... On one side of the tunnel, Ursa major, on the other side, Ursa minor. We have arrived at the pale horse... CE 2600 brings us to aquarius; Then 2150x3; on our next 28,000 year journey thru a new set of constellations.< Less
Pôle H By Jérôme Vuittenez
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Pôle H : le monde du travail tel que vous aimeriez qu'il ne soit pas. Ce roman social dépeint les travers de la vie en entreprise, et les difficultés de concilier vie personnelle... More > et vie professionnelle. Secteur public, secteur privé, mêmes méthodes de management douteuses, mêmes erreurs, même aveuglement.< Less

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