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The Monorails of Mars By Terry Walstrom
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Who or what is behind the whispered messages of contaminated meteorites on two worlds? Why are rugged individualist Arctic Explorers invited to a German castle by a Martian determined to pit them... More > against each other in a life and death puzzle? Why is a Las Vegas style theme park considered the goal of faithful Christians on Earth? Why has Earth become an eco-toilet where slavery is permitted--as long as the slaves are disaffected political prisoners from Mars? Why is Earth and Mars ruled by Triumvirate of Religion, Politcs and Business as a Theocracy? Why did Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison build an "electric bridge to Mars?" Why is the son of the Lord of Apes pretending to be a religious zealot? Who is the mysterious Ada who has walked the Earth for three thousand years? Why is a Viking sword found frozen in the ice at the poles of Mars? Read THE MONORAILS of MARS for Hitchcock style suspense and macabre humor in the style of pulp Science-Fiction of the 19th century!< Less
The Belt Connection: Book 1 of the Gated Universe Saga By Jim Michie
eBook (ePub): $2.00
(2 Ratings)
A fast-paced romp through the politics and corporate misdeeds of the society the world is turning into while we watch that combines the classic elements of an unwitting hero and a faithful sidekick.... More > The story follows the exploits of Hal Neilson, an ex-agent of the Central Security Agency, and Harvey, an implanted computer that inconveniently become self-aware in the middle of an Agency effort to penetrate the security of the Greater European Union’s ultra-computer. What Hall finds out from his tap of the GEU’s moon-based computer has him running for his life and scheming to spoil the plans of the GEU and the plans of his employers as well. Along the way, Hal falls into a relationship with a lady that has more spunk than he does and Harvey slowly adds personality to his circuits, including the wry humor that is an essential part of Hal’s life. From the Earth to the moon, to orbiting habitats, and on to the asteroid belt, the action never stops. A quick and delightful read.< Less
1917: The Perfect Game By JC MacQueen
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May 2, 1917. This novel breaks the historical borders of the sensational baseball game of May 2, 1917 to be a rambunctious story of the nature of our mind.On that date, two masters of major-league... More > baseball pitching, Jim "Hippo" Vaughn of the Chicago Cubs and Fred Toney of the Cincinnati Reds were brought together for one of baseball’s most momentous games. This spirited, humorous and freewheeling novel creates a mythic enchantment beyond that history. A bewitching tale of America's madness about baseball, its romance and heartbreak infused with political theatrics and personal awakening. The great Jim Thorpe, Einstein, Longchenpa, World War 1, Sigmund Freud, the madhouse city of Chicago, and President Wilson are swirling in a dust devil around the most unique baseball game in history. This 100-year anniversary edition reawakens the dramatic year of 1917 as the Chicago Cubs host the Cincinnati Reds. In the cacophony of the times, the two teams and the entire world are caught up playing - The Perfect Game.< Less
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A burned out hippy flower child of the 60's thinks her late in life son is the by-product of an imagined encounter with Jimmy Buffett. On her deathbed her final words inadvertently send her son, 14... More > year old, Bean, on a quest to find his father. From old St. Augustine Bean and his telepathic dog Fruitcake head south to all points weird. Along the way they collect three companions in the person of Chi Chi, a fast thinking Cuban girl pursued by agents of Fidel Castro, a vagrant genius called Roachie, who lost a billion dollar enterprise, and Boner Jones, a strange, mysterious schizophrenic conspiracy theorist with a deep secret. Bean and company encounter bizarre situations that include surf Nazis, Haitian drug runners, a Cuban Revolutionary group, a Parrothead cult, idiot Mexican pirates, Bayou gypsies, California crackpots, and more, all the while being pursued by a Catholic priest hitman. A hilarious politically incorrect book full of non-stop humor and social satire.< Less
Stumbling Through A Wartime Childhood By Philip Algar
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Tim, a little boy, growing up in Devon during the war, whose father is in a POW camp in Germany, has no experience of peace. He witnesses wartime damage, spends nights in a Morrison shelter, watches... More > a bomb drop near his home and sees allied troops massing before the invasion. After the war, will his father’s own experiences prevent him from developing a positive relationship with his young son? Will the war claim another emotional casualty? This meticulously-researched novel is fascinating, emotional and humorous. The story begins in 1926, when the parents first meet, just after the General Strike. The book contains a graphic account of events in 1936, when Tim was born, and paints a vivid picture of life during the next two decades and the social, economic and political context in which adults and children lived from one day to the next. This book, set in Torquay and then in London, will appeal to all those interested in day to day life in the Forties and early Fifties.< Less
The Mighty Quik Thots Volume 5 By Forrest Landry
Paperback: $16.00
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These are Quik. They're Thots. Kinda like verbal cartoons but with a point, mostly. Usually funny unless I'm on a tear, then they're Thot provoking. Ain't no anger - I'm an Empath and that hurts.... More > Likewise ain't no politics AT ALL or religion same way. Spiritual background but I'm not selling anything. . . . these were sent out free to a very short email list -- that's all the folks who were interested, it's hard to find folks with a sense of humor and a quik moment to read a page. . . . but then, Steve King doesn't get upset if someone doesn't like his writing. He just deposits the royalty checks. So you need to buy one of these great books so I can find out what a real royalty check looks like. . . . I'm an Author. I create books. Color pics on paper got a lot more OOMPH than a .pdf, y'know? So order one and be happy!! . . . Thanks! Forrest< Less
Shanghai Boy By Ron Ratcliffe
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The autobiography of Ron Ratcliffe, a western boy growing up in Shanghai. It begins in the 1880s with the arrival of his grandfather in the mysteri-ous and fascinating city of Shanghai. He records... More > tales of the adventures of his grandfather, an 'old hand' in the East, of Ronny's own travels on the great ocean liners, his journey across the USA, and later, during the early stages of World War Two, across the USSR on the Trans Siberian railway. It tells of his beautiful mother who performed on the now notorious German owned radio station, XGRS, and of his own thrills and spills as a half German, half English child/adolescent during the pre-war, world war and post-war periods in China. Through all these adventures and humorous tales of his early life, Ronny gives timely and priceless insights into the events, philosophy and politics of a tumultuous era. He holds a spotlight on a time and place few have ever experienced but which many would love to know, his family thinks his story too good not to share.< Less
The Children of Vaughn: The Story of Professional Baseball in Portland, Oregon (1901-2010) By Terry Simons
Paperback: $12.99
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This history of the Portland Beavers reads like a nightmare of economic failure in a field of dreams. The roots of baseball in Portland, Oregon go deep. In telling the story of baseball as it grew... More > up before turning fallow in Portland, Terry Simons finds a balance between fact and fiction that is a sometimes humorous history, and a telling-truth about the way things once were, or could have been. Read this book, absorb its message and remember--the next time you go to bat against major-league pitching, you may strike out. A short (128 pp), concise history of professional baseball in Portland, Oregon, it tells the story of how Portland almost but not quite became a Major League Baseball town. When the game's demographics, politics and economics shifted Portland was left out in the cold. Portland never made it to the big leagues, but the story of how it almost got there is an entertaining and revealing portrait of the game as it evolved before television and the changing tides.--Buddy Dooley< Less
Locked On! By Marty Branagan
Paperback: $25.57
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Ever wondered what it’s like to feel so strongly about an issue that you’ll go to jail for it? This novel, based on real-life environmental blockades but set within a humorous sci-fi... More > universe, is a journey to the centre of nonviolent civil disobedience by an author who has been there repeatedly over decades. In a hilarious romp through the universe we meet eco-pirates, space heroines, Indigenous people and farmers united against corporate greed, corrupt governments and environmental destruction. With our world plagued by wars and global warming, its insights into the possibilities of nonviolence action bring hope and inspiration. With incisive social/political commentary, witty dialogue and some laugh-out-loud moments, it’s ultimately a love story: love for each other, for place and for doing what you believe in. It’s been described as ‘a masterpiece’, ‘a clever critique of contemporary issues’, ‘terrific stuff’ and ‘very very funny’. So stick out your thumb, strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride.< Less
The Remainder of My Life By Troy Carlyle
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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New -- updated and revised. A compelling account of one man's coming to terms with his own mortality, and living a fuller life. At times lighthearted, this is a deeply probing snapshot of... More > often-absurd politics regarding healthcare and equal rights; and a must-read for anyone affected by HIV or AIDS. Mr. Carlyle writes with conviction and a true affection for the reader; an insightful account that will leave you wondering what has happened to America, and asking for more from this remarkable new voice. FINALIST, 2007 PNWA Literary Awards. “First, The Remainder of My Life reaches out and grabs. It moved, cheered, and invigorated me… in facing down your demons, especially AIDS, makes me realize that heroism… charged with laughter--is very much alive and well. The book signals a cautious optimism for progress in human rights and registers the compassion, humor, and passion needed for commitment to it. An awesome achievement. Thank you.” Thomas Preston, Professor Emeritus, University of North Texas< Less

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