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Internet Pornography By Robert M.
Paperback: $15.00
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We hear about 12-Step programs for all types of addictions, but we seldom ever hear about help or rehab for pornography, particularly, internet pornography. My name is By Robert M.. and, as a... More > citizen and a Christian, I am concerned about the widespread and dangerous proliferation of Internet pornography. I am qualified to write this book because I am a concerned parent. As a parent I am concerned about this, which is why I am writing this book. I worry about child pornography and pedophilia, which are some of the worst problems which stem from pornography. Moreover, I worry about Internet predators. Many of our children today are now techno-savvy and it is unrealistic to think that they will not get exposed to sex on the Internet, unless you take precautions to block this information from them getting to it.< Less
Rural Pornography By Jacob Cloete
Paperback: $15.50
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Rural Pornography is an explicit and voyeuristic look into rural life. I call it pornography because of its explicit and voyeuristic nature and thus, it has nothing to do with the conventional forms... More > of pornography. The pictures are mostly taken in the Hardeveld which is a sub–region of Namaqualand, South Africa. It was a couple of years back when I decided to do a book on Namaqualand and its people, and my aim was to title the book The Forgotten People. The flowers and its plant diversity are great but its undiscovered jewel is the people. Over these years I collected a great number of photos and with the passing of my dear friend Cornelius Ovies this year I went through these photos in a quest to find pictures of him. It was then I realised that I was sitting on some of the rarest photos that explicitly depicts rural life. Thus the original idea of The Forgotten People developed into Rural Pornography.< Less
An Artist's Pornography By Matthew Kowalski
Paperback: $25.00
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Take a spin into the universe of redshift blue shift, as we ever spiral towards our destination without words speaking languages without words. A language of image and color, exploring geometries... More > through many minds.< Less
The Destiny Polluter: Pornography By Omole-Great G.K
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This book is written to serve as a great tool in God’s hand to deliver and shield as many destinies (Lives, Homes, Careers, Callings, Ministries etc.) as possible from this satanic attack... More > called pornography; so as to fulfill their destines on the earth in righteousness. The book is indeed a ‘must-read’ for everybody (Married & Single), especially the YOUTH.< Less
Theology, Pornography and the Will of God By Brian Warner
Paperback: $10.10
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This book tells the reader: "How to really protect yourself and your family from pornography." This short read uncovers what God has to say about sexual sin, and given our fallen nature... More > how we can overcome.< Less
The Real Cost of Pornography By Kevin Nye
eBook (PDF): $9.95
“The Real Cost of Pornography” is a compilation of real life experiences of individuals and families that have been negatively and adversely affected, when they, or someone they love,... More > became caught up in the allure of pornography. ***Warning*** Because of the nature of this subject, some of the content discussed in this book is somewhat graphic in detail, and therefore is intended for a mature audience. This book is a frank discussion about a major problem that is sweeping through society. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but I didn’t “candy coat” the results of my research. Please be aware that this book was written to be an “eye opening” discussion about a problem that has claimed the lives, the dignity, and the self worth of many millions of individuals.< Less
Internet Pornography Guide By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $9.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Porn is instantly available to anyone with a computer, cell phone, iPad or a broadband connection. Millions are suffering the destruction and heartbreak that porn delivers. Christians are no more... More > immune to this scourge than the world, and it is the whispered secret of churches that pews are filled with men AND women who have a porn habit. Marriages, families, communities and churches are being eaten from the inside out by the cancer of porn. How big is the porn problem? Are Christians affected? Is porn a male issue? Are women into porn? Whose fault is your porn problem? How do good people end up ruined by porn? Real answers from real people about porn How porn affects kids, singles and marriages, porn in the marriage bed How porn affects churches, what God says about porn The signs that someone is viewing porn, how to check for porn How to confront your husband, wife or kids about porn Helping someone who has a porn problem How to block porn from a computer How to have victory over porn< Less
10 Ways to Overcome Pornography By G. P. Haggart
Paperback: $6.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Are you struggling with porn addiction? Do you know someone who is addicted to Porn? Now you can overcome the temptations of porn and fight back! In 10 Ways to Overcome Pornography you'll discover 10... More > Ways to start fighting back and free yourself from the stronghold of pornography.< Less
Jane Austen’s Guide to Pornography By Steven Dawson
Paperback: $17.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jane is on her last lung and desperately wanting to go out with a bang; Brett is a 21st century pornographic playwright who desperately wants to write something that doesn't involve willy. Whilst... More > Darcy is sodomising stable boys and Marianne is getting rogered rigid, Jane still can't say "fellatio" without reaching for the smelling salts. Duelling authors bitch across time as each seeks to become more then they are. It is Sense without Sensibility, Perversion without Prejudice!< Less
How to Recover from Cyber Pornography Addiction: The Teen Cyber Pornography Workbook By Christopher Mulligan LCSW
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This is the first workbook created specifically to address the ever increasing problem of teen addiction to cyber pornography.This workbook was written for a teen audience and provides an accessible... More > and practical framework for teens to understand and recover from cyber porn addiction. This workbook is intended to be used with the guidance of a mental health professional that has experience with adolescent sexual behavior and cyber pornography addiction.< Less

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