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North Jersey Post Punk By Brian Catanzaro
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This book is an attempt to document some of the many ways pop music and punk and post-punk style affected the lifestyles of that period in Northern New Jersey. It is based on my scrapbook and what I... More > can remember about my favorite events of the period. It tells a lot of the story, but is no way complete. I urge fellow participants to write their own books in order to give credit to others who helped to change the corporate dictators of style, media and products to what the people wanted instead of what the corporations wanted. Eventually, the corporations got their power back, but the changes were permanently put into place and still exist in pop culture to this day. There are many photos,news clippings and promotional materials. There are also some photos from the author's personal collection that have never been seen before.< Less
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PUNK GIGGERY contains live reviews and 505 photographs, the majority previously unpublished, from my music journalist days. Bands include: Action Pact, Adam & The Ants, Adverts, Afghan Rebels,... More > ATV, Another Pretty Face, Bernie Torme, Bette Bright, Blondie, Brian’s Brain, Carpettes, Chelsea, Clash, Cravats, Damned, Dead Man’s Shadow, Defects, Delta 5, Fatal Microbes, Gen X, Gloria Mundi, Heartbreakers, Homosexuals, Ignerents, Innocents, Jam, Johnny Moped, Johnny Thunders, Leopards, Lightning Strike, Milk, Mo-Dettes, Molesters, Naked Raygun, Neo, Outsiders, Pauline Murray & The Storm, Penetration, Phil Rambow, Pretenders, Punishment Of Luxury, Rezillos, Rich Kids, Riot Clone, Rubella Ballet, Ruts, Saints, Sect, Security Risk, Sham 69, Siouxsie & Banshees, Ski Patrol, Skids, Slits, Snatch, Snuff, Stupids, Temporary Title, Tenpole Tudor, Truth Club, TV Smith, UK Decay, Ultravox!, Undertones, Vibrators, The Visitors, Wayne County and Wimps.< Less
Dark Wave: The Dark Edges of New Wave and Post-Punk Music By Debra Kosky
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Dark wave began in the late 1970s, coinciding with the popularity of new wave and post-punk. Building on those basic principles, dark wave added dark, introspective lyrics and an undertone of sorrow... More > for some bands. In the 1980s, a subculture developed primarily in Europe alongside dark wave music, whose members were called “wavers” or“dark wavers”< Less
PUNK INTERVIEWS Volume 3 by MICK MERCER By mick mercer
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PUNK INTERVIEWS Volume 3 completes my series of Punk Interview books and includes 212 photos, the majority previously unpublished, as well as interviews with, or articles about, Punk and Post-Punk... More > bands, written during my time as a music journalist, or taken from the pages of my own fanzine. Bands included in this volume, as follows: Action Pact, Adam & The Ants, The Adverts, Another Pretty Face, Boowy, Captain Sensible, The Carpettes, Chron Gen, The Damned, Dan, The Dark, DCL, Dead Man’s Shadow, The Defects, The Diodes, The Enemy, Fugazi, The Kid, Kill Ugly Pop, Lightning Strike, Max Splodge, Medium Medium, The Membranes, Penetration, The Photos, Playground, Riff Raff, Riot Squad (UK), Snuff, The Stilletoes, Temporary Title, Tenpole Tudor, Terry Nash, Topper Headon, Toyah, TV Smith’s Explorers, The Uglies, The Vacants and Yr Anhrefn.< Less
PUNK INTERVIEWS Volume 2 by MICK MERCER By mick mercer
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PUNK Interviews 2 (of a 3 book series) is 252 pages, with 214 photos, the majority of them previously unpublished. It contains interviews with, or articles on, Punk and Post-Punk bands that come from... More > my time as a music journalist, or from my fanzine Panache. The bands featured are: Action Pact, Adam And The Ants, The Adverts, Animals And Men, Another Pretty Face, Basic Punk Noise, Blyth Power, Cadaver Finesse, Chelsea, The Cravats, Destructors, Dead Man’s Shadow, The Fits, Heza Sheza, Johnny Bivouac, Lighting Strike, Marital Aids, Martin Atkins, Medium Medium, The Membranes, The Message, The Molesters, Neo, The Only Alternative, Pauline Murray & The Storm, The Photos, Playground, The Sect, Ski Patrol, Temporary Title, Tenpole Tudor, TV Explorers, UK Decay and Wendy Wu.< Less
PUNK INTERVIEWS Volume 1 by MICK MERCER By mick mercer
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PUNK Interviews 1 (of a series of 3 books) is 256 pages, with 215 photos, the majority of them previously unpublished. It contains interviews with, or articles on, Punk and Post-Punk bands that come... More > from my time as a music journalist, or from my fanzine Panache. The bands featured are: Action Pact, Adam And The Ants, The Adverts, Angelic Upstarts, Bad Dress Sense, Bernie Torme, Bow Wow Wow, The Carpettes, Charge, The Cravats, The Destructors, Dead Man’s Shadow, Elephant Talk, English Subtitles, The Fits, Genius Freak, The Iconoclasts, Invisible Girls, The Leopards, The Membranes, Naked Raygun, Paul Weller, Pauline Murray & The Storm, The Photos, Playground, Rat Scabies, Riot Clone, The Rods, Security Risk, The Shout, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Ski Patrol, Tenpole Tudor, TV Smith’s Explorers, The Vacants, Vice Squad and Andy Warren.< Less
Altprogcore - Dal post hardcore al post prog By Lorenzo Barbagli
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Quando si parla di progressive rock vengono in mente mellotron, lunghe e contorte suite, liriche che descrivono mondi idilliaci. È possibile però definire prog qualcosa che non risponda... More > a questi dettami, ma si spinga ugualmente oltre i confini del normale rock? Agli albori del nuovo millennio il post hardcore americano, volontariamente o meno, si è trovato al centro di un cambiamento che ha forgiato una nuova idea di progressive rock. La parabola artistica di Omar Rodriguez-Lopez e Cedric Bixler-Zavala - prima con gli At the Drive-In e poi con i The Mars Volta - è stata l'emblema musicale di questo nuovo corso che ha unito due stili storicamente antitetici. Accanto ai The Mars Volta un manipolo di gruppi (Coheed and Cambria, Dredg, Oceansize, Biffy Clyro) si è distinto per uno stile che associava le ruvidezze del punk rock alla complessità formale del progressive. "Altprogcore" racconta le loro storie, la loro musica e la nascita e lo sviluppo del post progressive.< Less
After the Apocalypse - A Pair of Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Novels By Susan Hart
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The Scavengers - After a calamity wiped out most of earth’s population a hundred years before, the remaining million or so souls has divided up into two basic groups: Men in lodges whose life... More > consists of scavenging for the remains of civilization along the coast, and groups of females who use men as draft animals and for impregnation. Everything was moving along fairly smoothly until the Martians landed. Mountain Of The Ancients - In a post apocalyptic future, earth has reverted to a low-tech system of kingdoms and female leadership, held together by an empress. One couple emerges, Darnel and his fierce wife Betty, who are called upon by the empress to escort her to the Mountain Of The Ancients to coronate a new empress who will take over the reins of power.< Less
GOTHIC INTERVIEWS Volume 3 By Mick Mercer
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Final volume of my Goth-related interviews I did when a music journalist, pre-Internet. Large interviews: Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, Andi Sex Gang, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Blood & Roses, Creaming... More > Jesus, Dancing Did, Dawn After Dark, Death Cult, Jazz Butcher, Junior Manson Slags, Martian Dance, New Model Army, Panic Button, Peter Murphy, Pocket Rockets, Rosetta Stone, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny, Specimen, Theatre Of Hate, Toyah, UK Decay, Zero Le Crèche. Smaller: The Bolshoi, Bomb Party, Cassandra Complex, The Danse Society, Four Came Home, Julianne Regan, Kommunity FK, Militia, Siiiii, Teahouse Camp, The Witches Of Nemesis, Venus Fly Trap, XC-NN. Articles: Adam Ant (Punk Lives ‘Xmas Carol’), ‘Grebo’ movement, Modern Magic, mid-90’s Overview Of UK Goth, Positive Punk documentary, more Stab The Sun (the Ausgang fanzine). 224 pages, 78,000 words and 165 photos, the majority of them previously unpublished.< Less
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The first book ever published about Goth, written in 1988, but out of print for nearly two decades. For the 21st anniversary I have increased it from its original 96 pages to 268, including 311... More > photos from my archive, the majority previously unpublished. Seven chapters: All About Eve, The Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission, plus two looking at the start of Goth, and the smaller 80’s bands. Photos include: Adam & The Ants, Alien Sex Fiend, Marc Almond, Attrition, Ausgang, Batcave, Bauhaus, Bone Orchard, Christian Death, Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, Cravats, Creaming Jesus, Dancing Did, Danielle Dax, Danse Society, David J, Death Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, Flesh For Lulu, Furyo, Gunclub, Junior Manson Slags, Look Back In Anger, Martian Dance, Militia, The Mission, 1919, Pleasure & The Beast, Sex Gang, Sexbeat, Siiiii, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Skeletal Family, Specimen, Toyah, UK Decay, Ultravox!, Very Things, Virgin Prunes, Xmal Deutschland, Zero Le Creche.< Less