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We See a Different Frontier: A postcolonial speculative fiction anthology By Djibril al-Ayad & Fabio Fernandes
Paperback: $14.65
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This anthology of speculative fiction stories on the themes of colonialism and cultural imperialism focuses on the viewpoints of the colonized. Sixteen authors share their experiences of being the... More > silent voices in history and on the wrong side of the final frontier; their fantasies of a reality in which straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, anglophone, white males don’t tell us how they won every war; and their revenge against the alien oppressor settling their “new world”.< Less
The Steampowered Globe By Rosemary Lim & Maisarah Binte Abu Samah
eBook (ePub): $3.75
First ever Steampunk anthology from Singapore. Boldly going where no writers have gone before. This sci-fi-fantasy series actively encouraging writers who eschew all that postcolonial angst and... More > mis-lit stuff. Happy endings (even if someone dies) are possible because there are, in fact, Asian writers who had happy childhoods and didn't need to migrate to the West to find happiness! The Steampowered Globe features seven short stories: "Ascension" Leow Hui Min Annabeth "No, They Dream Of Mechanical Hearts" Claire Cheong "Morrow's Knight" Viki Chua "Colours" Yuen Xiang Hao "The Morning Glory Incident" Mint Kang "Help! Same Angler Fish's Been Gawking for Eight Minutes!" Ng Kum Hoon "Captain Bells and the Sovereign State of Discordia" JY Yang Go on! Be daring! Meet the reality of Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy and get rid of your misconceptions about the "Exotic East".< Less