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21st Century THESES: 95 NEW Ideas for the Post-Modern Christian By Phillip John O'Sullivan
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Serious and overdue update to Martin Luthers 95 Theses for the Post-Modern era. Author goes right to the radix or root of Christianity. Couched in terms suitable for the Post-Modern age we live in:... More > with its seductions and soft fumblings eradicated by this dynamic epistle. A rousing call from the Nation furthest from Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives, Aotearoa the last place on Earth: Yet this Pacific Nations must be the first to know of the all impending 'last great action of our age'. First PaperBack Edition Expanded CONTENTS & INDEX, 112 Pages.< Less
Disgraceful Humans in our Post-Modern Society: Short Stories designed to convey some truth and moral lessons By R. Sirius Kname
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Within the tresses of reality there lies the unknown, which everyone sees and hears around them every day of their lives, and yet they do not know it exists. Should they look up they would find... More > themselves in a reality so terrible and sickening that they wouldn't believe it, and would sink back into their fantasy. This book holds within its pages this truth, this reality, so vivid and crazy that it can't possibly be true, but it is. It's the things you don't see that matter. It's the things that crawl inside you and block your vision, until it's like you're inside a tunnel, and before the entrance caves in, you must realize what kind of place that this world is becoming, or in this case, has already become. Some of you don't notice, others of you do, and still remain untouched by it, living in a world devoted to yourself, a shrine to greed and evil. So, look up, see the world around you, by opening this book, and let its pages be the truth, for it is so.< Less
Postmodern Skepticism, Relativism, and Religious Toleration in the Light of the Westminster Standards and the Thought of George Gillespie By Steven Dilday
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In this postmodern context, philosophical skepticism and relativism continue to make ever deeper inroads into the Western psyche. "How can one know what is real?" And, if one cannot be... More > sure that the human mind is in contact with reality (skepticism), then one’s worldview is little more than a personal preference (relativism). Almost any perspective (religious or otherwise) is tolerated provided that there be no assertion of objective truth and no attempt to impose it on others. The scope of the present essay is to shed old light on the present darkness. Skepticism and relativism are not new problems for Christian thinkers. The Second Reformation in England and Scotland is particularly worthy of consideration in this regard, for skepticism, relativism, and the appeal for a relativistic religious toleration were great obstacles to the completion of the reforming work. Indeed, the spiritual weapons forged in that bygone era are still “mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”< Less
21st Century THESES: 95 NEW Ideas for the Post-Modern Christian By Phillip John O'Sullivan
eBook (PDF): $7.45
Modelled on Martin Luthers 95 Theses of 1517 against the Pope. These 21st CENTURY THESES cover 95 points. Namely... RevivalTheologyEnd TimesInfallibilityBible CodesDemocracy in Meetings &... More > ServicesEvangelismSinners & Non-Believers Default CovenantAnd More... 21st Century THESES: 95 NEW ideas for CHRISTIANS Couched or framed in precis or Pensees form. Controversy is not avoided but raised in order to challenge the readers conciousness of the theology behind modern Churches. These are not ear tickling arguments but substantive issues. An updated Pentecostal outlook. CONTENTS & INDEX 112 Pages Pocket Paperback Format. 366kb PDF< Less
Who Are The Feminists Now? 21st Century Postmodern Feminism’s Impact on Capitalism, Culture, Gender & Sexuality. By Harmony G. Bailey
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This is the completed content of my Masters Thesis Exam project. It is a study of how feminism has impacted society and how women influence the world around them.
Factasy: How Post-postmodernity Has Blurred the Line between Fact and Fantasy By Daniel Deleanu
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A philosophical examination of the post-postmodernist concept of "factasy."
The Unwritten Book By Jacob Martin
Hardcover: $54.95
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If the Author is Dead, how can one find meaning in a book written by the Reader, who becomes the Author? Jacob Martin takes on Postmodernism with a message that is simply enough understood, even by... More > newcomers to Critical Theory. He also gives You, the Reader, a chance to write the book you've always wanted to, by providing 666 pages for you to scribble your ideas, stories, and great philosophies in! This is the book where the Reader becomes the Author, in a quirky introduction to Jacob Martin's theory of Hyper-Modernism. Get your Write On!< Less
Subject(s) By Patrick McHugh
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Assorted forays into micro-fiction, poetry, rant, abandon, creative industry, thought, and drama.
Maneuver the Daily Scalpel By Michael Simmons
Paperback: $15.00
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