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Worship of the Generative Powers By Thomas Wright
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This work first appeared as the Worship of Priapus. Wright's extended essay on Phallic worship is distinguished by much better scholarship and writing than some of the other works of this genre.... More > Along with the usual suspects (ancient and modern phallic objects, fertility rituals and so on) Wright devotes the longest section of this text to exploring what would become known as the 'Witch Cult'. Wright lays out a compelling case for the survival of ancient fertility rituals in the otherwise puzzling accounts of the Witches' Sabbath.< Less
An Introduction to Electrical Generators for Power Plants By J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A. - Editor
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This publication provides an introduction to electrical generators for power plants.
Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation By Anco S. Blazev
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In-depth review of the solar industry development emphasizing current and future applications of photovoltaic equipment in the commercial and utility energy sectors, and highlighting its use in large... More > scale power generating plants operating in the U.S. deserts. Practical applications are also covered, focusing on large scale photovoltaics as a major alternative energy source. The author examines the advantages and disadvantages of each of today's solar technologies, and projects them into the future in search of optimized niche markets and maximum utilization. Key technical issues related to manufacturing and test procedures, product quality and safety, field performance, environmental impact, and other critical issues are thoroughly analyzed. Lack of standardized manufacturing processes and operating procedures, fluctuating political and regulatory policies, and the different financing, legal and marketing aspects of the solar industry are among the topics discussed in detail as well.< Less
Powerful Targeted Traffic Generation Tips By William Dollar
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The value of targeted web site traffic can never be equal to that of a merely free traffic. Visitors that are easily directed to certain web sites, even for free, if totally clueless as to what the... More > website is all about, are likely going to exit your web pages just as fast as how they have landed on them. You may even find yourself falling from the search engine ranks if this continues to happen, not to mention being banned and the like. But yes, the web is such an avenue for great opportunities that even free and low cost targeted traffic can possibly be obtained. But that does not come without efforts from your end. Here are some tips to building free and low cost highly targeted traffic.< Less
Portable Generators By Pat O'Cain
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This book is an introductory primer for individuals new to portable power generators. It presents a 4-step process to determine the appropriate generator size before a final purchase decision is... More > made. Whether the generator is needed to overcome the loss of home power resulting from summer or winter storms; for power construction site or yard work devices; or for camping, this book will help identify the right size generator for your situation. Quick reference tables are included, along with generator options which should be considered. Additionally, generator set-up, security and safety items are covered to help first time owners ease comfortably into using their new purchase.< Less
Changing Generations: Challenging Power & Oppression in Britain Today By Alan Sharp
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This is a powerful and insightful account with suggestions of what white society, especially men, can learn from women and darker skinned people. This book focuses on solutions which should be acted... More > upon in order to achieve, in some way, Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a just society. Find out what some white men really think about people of African descent ∙ Asians ∙Latin Americans ∙ and women. ‘A timely challenging read which is a further wake-up call for the need for greater social justice in the UK.The author’s scholarly approach and eye for detail have resulted in an accessible book that should resonate with academic and the uninitiated alike.’ - Richard Reddie - writer and cultural commentator.< Less
Woody Biomass Based Power Generation System By Surendra Kalbande, Gajanan Wasu
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Gasification is also used industrially in the production of electricity, ammonia and liquid fuels (oil) using Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles (IGCC), with the possibility of producing methane... More > and hydrogen for fuel cells. IGCC is also a more efficient method of CO2 capture as compared to conventional technologies.< Less
Generations Reaching By Richard Mc Sweeney
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Profound reflections by Richard Mc Sweeney on a sampling of life’s eternal concerns.... Like all Richard’s writings, [Generations Reaching] is being presented as a time barque for the... More > generations of our future, thence enabling them to know and to come to appreciate the reflections and aspirations that one of their ancestors had with respect to a sampling of life’s eternal concerns, while happily living simply and plainly with his wife and two children in a 21st century of his era, in a beautiful border village that the people of his day called Tallow, on the lovely isle they called Eire, of the fragile planet they called Earth, of the.... As honoured guests, does Richard cordially invite we his contemporaries on board the exquisite Time Barque of the Eternal Ocean for its precious cargo to bethink for ourselves, and to bless before it sets sail from out of the bay of our own day, for the unknown worlds of the future................ See Preface to learn more about this fascinating work.< Less
Generation Force By Daniel Albert
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When Madison Dect sees some videos online that feature a girl who is clearly her, yet definitely not, and finds out the videos came from her new school Saintcrow High, she'll want answers and is... More > determined to get them. Meanwhile, Shelby Richards is still dealing with the guilt of her actions during and before the Fall Dance. When she meets Madison, the past comes back to her in painful force. And when otherworldly beings start giving strange powers to the students, trouble emerges. Just another day.< Less
A Madding Generation By John Nkemngong Nkengasong
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A MADDING GENERATION evokes the ailing voices of the younger generation in Abalanka, a society caught up in the quagmire of leadership that has governed the country without a vision for more than... More > half a century after independence. In the play, Nkengasong captures the state of affairs through the tribulations of the protagonist, Bena, a young unemployed graduate from the University of Abalanka whose future remains dark and uncertain, perpetrated by those who wield the wand of power and who take no precaution to enable him survive the awful realities of contemporary experience. The author’s humour is sharp, vivid and provocative. It probes into consciences and persecutes irrational and self-centred minds in order that those concerned can seek ways to mend the past and reconstruct the present and the future for the well-being of humanity. (Dr David Toh Kusi, University of Yaounde I)< Less