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Pragmatism By William James
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William James was, by nature, a pragmatist, and therefore believed that one should use whatever parts of theories make the most sense and can be proven. Therefore, he recommended breaking apart... More > spiritualism and associationism and using the parts of them that make the most sense. James believed that each person has a soul, which exists in a spiritual universe, and leads a person to perform the behaviors they do in the physical world. In his lectures, William James explains the pragmatic method and its consequences, advocating its usefulness in understanding what we take to be true belief. Pragmatism holds that to have a belief is to have certain rules for action. Any and every notion has its own set of practical consequences. The meaning of a thought is said to be whatever course of action necessarily follow from it. In metaphysical disputes between false and true notions, the dispute must be settled by considering the practical consequences of these two notions.< Less
Pragmatics By Matthew Harlan
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Process book about 3 projects with corn.
Pragmatics By Matthew Harlan
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Process book about 3 projects with corn.
The Pragmatic Investor By Mark Hing
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The Pragmatic Investor is the answer to one of your biggest concerns in life. Today, relying on a government pension to fund your retirement or believing Wall Street has your best interests at heart... More > is taking a big financial risk. The Pragmatic Investor explains what everyone ought to know about investing in plain English. Inside you'll learn how to find the very best stocks currently on the market, determine the right price at which to buy so you have a healthy built-in Margin of Safety, decide when your stocks become overvalued so you know exactly when to sell and diversify, optimize and rebalance your portfolio using proven, tried-and-tested strategies. The Pragmatic Investor will deepen your understanding of how to invest correctly so you can create more profitable portfolios with less risk. If you currently own stocks and are looking to improve your portfolio or if you plan on investing in the near future, the Pragmatic investor is for you.< Less
Profile of Pragmatic Impairment In Communication By Richard Linscott et al.
eBook (PDF): $34.00
The Profile of Pragmatic Impairment in Communication (PPIC) is designed for the clinical assessment of pragmatic language impairment. It is based on an extension of the Grice's analysis of... More > implicature and includes subscales for the assessment of literal content, general participation in conversation, the quantity of utterances, the quality of utterances, internal relation, external relation, clarify of expression, social style, subject matter, and the aesthetics of communication behaviour. The PPIC is an observer rating scale intended for use in clinical practice by clinical psychologists, speech-language therapists, and other trained practitioners. This PDF includes brief background information on PPIC construction, training, and administration; brief details on PPIC reliability and validity; definitions of PPIC item content; a printable PPIC report form for use in your clinical practice; and scoring instructions.< Less
The Meaning of Truth: A Sequel to "Pragmatism" By William James
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William James was an American philosopher and psychologist who had trained as a physician. He was the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. James wrote influential books... More > on pragmatism, psychology, educational psychology, the psychology of religious experience, and mysticism. He was the brother of novelist Henry James and of diarist Alice James. In the summer of 1878, William James married Alice Gibbens.< Less
Pragmatic Rationalism: An Introduction By Frank Robert Vivelo
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Pragmatic rationalism is a coherent blend of elements from Epicureanism, Stoicism, Empiricism, and Existentialism. It holds that the ultimate goal of life is happiness—individual happiness... More > identified as psychic tranquility or untroubledness—and attempts to pursue that goal in the most practical, efficacious manner possible. Accordingly, it emphasizes investing this pursuit in the only things we each control, our thoughts and feelings, and minimizing desire for and reliance on all things external to us and therefore not under our control, such as wealth and fame. It insists that individuals choose, and therefore are responsible for, all they think and feel. It rejects all emotionalism and belief systems and, instead, relies on induction and probability to guide decision making and behavior. Though an egoistic and hedonistic philosophy from the individual’s perspective, it nevertheless advocates the Golden Rule as the most useful guiding principle in interaction with others.< Less
Clint Faraday: Murder and Pragmatism By CD Moulton
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4 novellas from the Clint Faraday series. From a man chopped up with a machete to a woman with a secret killed in an attempt to get into her safe to a man who is going to find gold or die trying to a... More > woman on vacation from a business in Texas whose kids are in some kind of plot to kill her.< Less
Home In On Heaven - A Pragmatic Future By Sophia Von Sawilski
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Set in the future these three narratives are also available as separate ebook publications. An adventure of exceptional people dealing with everyday problems in a futuristic setting.
Rebirth of Pragmatism (The Book on Fun) By Santoli Ray & Ray Santoli
Paperback: $13.95
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Philosophical work that covers a multitude of subjects from a pragmatic perspective

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