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deez-commentary71 By Michael House
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Everybody getting divorced inspires me to stay single. That helps me understand why Jesus Christ told me to avoid ejectors. I sense an ulterior motive. My future is at stake. I don't want to mess... More > things up. For vitamins I have an apple & banana every morning. I think of my well being. Avoiding those plotting my fall is part of it. I avoid my fall, debar my tumble, to support my rise & assist my growth. I am so for growth because my 6 month coma was decrease. I then found I'm on the disability list. That is like the retirement home when all you care about is activity. (I was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very physically unfulfilled!) But I kept marching around the same mountain decades. Then I found I was wanting my youth back as I knew in reality it was out of reach. My 16th birthday engraved in my soul! All the boys in nice cars had pretty girlfriends. My gf was a Freshman as I was< Less
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Bad Love By Aleksander Sowa
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Hi, my name is Ann. I’m almost six years old and I am a typical little girl. Well, not quite in fact, and the story I’m going to tell you will prove it. A love story. I know, you may say... More > that I am just a little girl. A little girl who knows nothing about love. A little girl who knows nothing of beauty, fate, sins or loneliness. Yes, probably you’re right. Six-year-olds with shiny-fair pigtails usually know more about dolls’ clothing than about these adult things. True. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be like that this time. After all, I don’t think that being an adult makes you know much more about these things anyways. And I dare say that I am pretty much right. And I dare say that you know nothing about what you’re going to read here, even more so because this is a true story about bad love. Bad Love, a psychological novel about the most important things in life. About love, beauty, secrets, fate, sin, hope, evil, memories, time and loneliness.< Less
A Woman's Power By A. M. Barnard
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"Has she come?" "No, Mamma, not yet." "I wish it were well over. The thought of it worries and excites me. A cushion for my back, Bella." And poor, peevish Mrs.... More > Coventry sank into an easy chair with a nervous sigh and the air of a martyr, while her pretty daughter hovered about her with affectionate solicitude. "Who are they talking of, Lucia?" asked the languid young man lounging on a couch near his cousin, who bent over her tapestry work with a happy smile on her usually haughty face. "The new governess, Miss Muir. Shall I tell you about her?" "No, thank you. I have an inveterate aversion to the whole tribe. I've often thanked heaven that I had but one sister, and she a spoiled child, so that I have escaped the infliction of a governess so long." "How will you bear it now?" asked Lucia. "Leave the house while she is in it." "No, you won't. You're too lazy, Gerald," called out a younger and more energetic man, from the recess where he stood teasing his dogs.< Less
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1882. The story begins: Look, Rita! look! What can it mean, Ni-ha-be? See them all get down and walk about. They have found something in the grass. And they're hunting for more. Rita leaned forward... More > till her long hair fell upon the neck of the beautiful little horse she was riding, and looked with all her eyes. Hark! they are shouting. You could not hear them if they did. They look as if they were. Ni-ha-be sat perfectly still in her silver-mounted saddle, although her spirited mustang pony pawed the ground and pulled on his bit as if he were in a special hurry to go on down the side of the mountain. The two girls were of about the same size, and could not either of them have been over fifteen years old. They were both very pretty, very well dressed and well mounted, and they could both speak in a strange, rough, and yet musical language; but there was no other resemblance between them.< Less
The Boy, a Dress and His Mother I By SANDY THOMAS
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The Boy, A Dress and His Mother. Part One of the Lulubelle Trilogy. Lewis' mother Marianne, makes her son, Lewis move back home to continue her dream of showing off a graceful and beautiful... More > daughter. But she only has Lewis, her son but why would that stop her? His mother is going to make sure he has has everything he needs to follow in her footsteps and high heels! FROM THE STORY: His mother said lovingly, “Isn’t it dreamy?” she asked. Lewis’ “dream” bra was like his mother’s, only padded to assure mother and son of their common bond. It was her favorite brand; the ones she wore daily in her travels: shopping, working, dining and enjoying dating activities. Marianne coaxed, “Come on, darling. You can do it! It is so pretty, right?” Lewis didn't know what he was feeling. His eyes were just glued to two lacy cups.” 96 pages with some illustrations.< Less
When Death Finds You By Marteeka Karland
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Life Happens. No one is promised tomorrow. Mortality is fleeting, as these four men find out first-hand. But just when you have everything to lose, you can gain so much more. Gwinn watched her... More > father slowly succumb to death after a prolonged illness. Though he pretty much went to sleep and never woke up, Gwinn can’t find peace with it. Her mother’s statement, “When death finds me, I hope it’s like this,” aren’t Gwinn’s sentiments at all. Her life has been filled with helping causes she believes in. She wants her death to matter to someone as much as she hopes her life does. Since the age of eighteen, Logan has dedicated his life to helping others. Being fire/rescue means he puts himself in harm’s way in order to save the life of another. He never thought he’d find himself on the other side of the coin. A freak accident forces him to make a choice. Save himself or the woman he became infatuated with from the first moment he saw her.< Less
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Sometimes Love Stinks By C. A. King
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What's in a name? Everything when it's laughable. Gastrella M. Balance was living a nightmare... daily. For several years, she'd been the butt of jokes about... her butt. Moving to Knollville was a... More > chance to start fresh. Tanner had everything a guy could ask for in his senior year of high school. He had a football in one hand and a pretty girl hanging off the other arm. Being popular and the centre of attention came naturally to him. Taking tests, however, did not and he was desperate to keep that part of his life to himself. When a series of pranks go awry, they'll both be faced with confronting their personal anxieties. Together, they might have a chance to overcome the odds and survive the year. Sometimes Love Stinks is a romantic comedy that deals with issues that are both real and difficult. While the main characters in this story are from the mundane world, readers can expect to find the signature supernatural kiss C.A. King adds in all her books.< Less

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