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Finn the Unicorn By Probably Not
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What happens to Finn and Tabitha when Finn discovers his horn isn't real, and that Unicorn Mountain is actually Wish Mountain?
Statistics Probability Odds Probability By Homework Help Classof1
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The odds of a particular football team winning the next game are 5 to 3. Determine the probability that the football team wins the next game.
Probability and Statistics By Gregory Allen
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Probability and statistics are powerful tools for describing the real world using methods that are accessible to students with a solid background in introductory algebra. This supplementary text to... More > White Crane Education's Algebra 1 curriculum, starts with a discussion of the basic concepts of probability then moves into descriptive statistics including using charts to summarize and analyze data, modeling data with linear regression and drawing conclusions about a population using the normal distribution. A student designed research project involving data collection and analysis is outlined through the exercises at the end of several of the book's sections.< Less
Probability of Narrations By Halis AYDEMIR
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In Hadith terminology, we come across terms such as thiqa (trustworthy), mutqin (convincing), ‘adl (just), sadūq (veracious), matrūk (abandoned), da‘īf (weak) and so on.... More > Each of these terms is used to denote the level of the reliability of a transmitter (rāvī) of Prophetic Traditions. And there is another group of terms such as sahīh (sound), hasan (good) and da‘īf (weak). When any of these terms are predicated of a Prophetic Tradition, they indicate the proportion of probability of whether a supposed prophetic tradition actually belongs to the Prophet. Examining prophetic traditions, scholars studying prophetic traditions took into account the consistency of transmitters in general terms and all different chains of transmission of a prophetic tradition. In this book, I propose a model to determine numerical values of classes of transmitters and of properties (hukm) of prophetic traditions. It will also to help us identify the most probable form of any prophetic tradition.< Less
Probable Possibilities By Marvel Wood Hollerbach
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Probable Possibilities is a wonderful, metaphysical literary journey where science fiction thrillers are dull in comparison.
Probably the Best... By Andi Payne
eBook (PDF): $8.98
Follow the authors trip around the Danish islands from inception to completion, complete with pictures, kit lists and reviews!
Probably the Best... By Andi Payne
Paperback: $12.38
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The story of the authors summer 2011 trip to Denmark's islands from inception to conclusion.
Probable Impossibilities By Margaret Larson, Steven Larson
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Cody's friend, Gen, thinks she spotted Bigfoot living in the woods. The whole school hears about it, and they aren't going to let them live it down. When Cody and Gen get caught passing notes in... More > class, everyone gets stuck with an extra assignment. Cody's dad tries to help him by sharing his password to an experimental program, EGOR. The program works great for the assignment. But then a blogger, named George Roge, appears on the Internet. George believes in Bigfoot. In fact, he's tracking the creature down, and the search is getting close to where Cody lives. Too close. Everyone is talking about George, even the teachers. Reporters and groups of Bigfoot hunters are swarming the town. Cody wants to avoid any more attention, but Gen insists on going back into the woods to rescue Bigfoot.< Less
Probably Poetry By Rachel Redhead
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A collection of poems
Worlds of Probability By Richard Buttars
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Jason Fowler invents a machine that allows him to travel between different timelines. Ever wonder what would happen if some historical event happened different than what actually did happen? Jason... More > finds out.< Less