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Lordlings of Yore By Jon F. Baxley
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Lordlings of Yore is the ultimate “Fantegy” game...not just a fantasy or an adventure, not just a strategy game, but the best of all three. The most intriguing movement and combat system... More > in any Apple II computer game, make this a must for anyone who longs for a real test of their courage and skill. You can compete with up to three other humans, or take on the ultimate challenge of four computer opponents. True hidden movement, passwords, storms, wizards, dragons and new challenges in every turn are all there to keep you coming back. No two games will ever be the same and that's a promise! This enhanced manual for the 1983 game, features new art and design, as well as a new “Preface” and "The Evolution of Lordlings of Yore” written by the creator Jon F. Baxley. A disk image of the "Lordlings of Yore” game can be freely downloaded from the publisher's site: A limited edition game box and physical disk are also available for purchase.< Less
Justin, It's Not My Fault By Rick Cain
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This book has been in the works since Justin Trudeau’s majority government started to renege on election promises to the citizens of Canada. Wasteful uncontrolled spending soon followed. This... More > book is a collection of articles documented from July 18/16 to April May 26/19 using respectable news sources. I’m hoping that this will become an eye opener as to how corrupt the Liberal government has been, as well as a reminder as to how quickly Canadians forget. Election reform, Phoenix Pay system, SNC Lavalin scandal, Ohmar Khadr pay-out, illegal immigration, truth and reconciliation, Trans Mountain pipeline purchase and the Admiral Mark Norman case are examples of misuse and lack of government accountability. The average Canadian today is only interested in what directly affects them short term and pays little attention to tomorrow. This book only exposes a minute portion of actual government spending practices. As a born in Canada, middle class Canadian Citizen I am tired of paying more than my share of taxes.< Less
The Kingdom, Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams By Joanne Rolston
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Lost on a crooked path, Joanna couldn't see the wood for the trees. Denied her dreams, she'd got caught up with Silver-tongue, an evil manipulative liar. Seeking a way out of the maze, she... More > encountered the King, who she'd been estranged from. She turned to him for counsel after discovering he was Abba, her Father. Leading Joanna to a narrow road, he told her to set up signposts and build landmarks. She was to set her heart on the highway leading to his Kingdom and a forgotten inheritance. But here be dragons, and Silver-tongue. She had to battle her way out of bewilderment in order to break free. Learning the King's will from the book he inspired, Joanna found that you can't live by bread alone. “Call to me, and I will show you great and wonderful things” the King promised. His word came alive. She dreamed dreams and followed signs. Given a shepherd’s staff in the Valley of Shadow, Joanna was led along the Path of Righteousness. Picking up her lamp, she followed him towards the sunrise.< Less
Escape The Darkness...Run To His Marvelous Light By Daniel Rendall
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Clarence Montague Jr. is a young talented songwriter, who lives with his younger sister and single mother. They have had a tough time making ends meet, and now things are falling apart. Clarence is... More > seduced to joining the dark side, where he sells his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. He joins the Brotherhood, which is a part of the Illuminati. They engage in total worship of Lucifer and demon possession. Almost overnight, Clarence rises in fame in the music industry, but quickly his life begins going into a downward spiral. More and more he sees the true nature of Satan, and learns that his love is non-existent and his promises are empty. This life isn't what he thought it would be after all. Clarence's eyes are opened and he sees the true light of Jesus Christ, God Almighty, who has a love so strong, Clarence cannot resist. He must now make a choice to escape the darkness, and run to God's marvelous light...< Less
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Confessions of a Rogue Missionary By Henry Rambow
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As a National Merit Scholar majoring in physics at Rice University, Henry Rambow thought he was a rational person. But primed by years of Sunday School and haunted by a promise made as a terrified... More > child, he nevertheless fell head over heels into a fundamentalist brand of Christianity. Confessions of a Rogue Missionary is an account of his struggle--and eventual failure--to reconcile his faith with reason. At times dryly humorous and at times sober and contemplative, the story begins when Henry is "born again." Brimming with zeal--but already plagued by doubt--he travels to Beijing as a missionary in the guise of an English teacher, where he tries desperately to embrace the culture and win disciples for Jesus. Culture clashes and miscommunications result in cringe-inducing encounters in unlikely settings, ranging from a brothel to a military base. Eventually, the very questions that troubled him from the start prove to be too much, and his faith collapses entirely, leaving him feeling disillusioned--but free.< Less
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Desy was a unique chimera, part Organic, part Genetic. She had been created in a lab, and looked nothing like her family. She grew up listening to her brothers tell a family legend that had been... More > handed down through many generations. A story that she was not part of. The legend promised that someday a brilliant orb of light would appear. And, on that day a mystical transformation would take place. A selected ancestor of the ancient past would find a special person, and together they would travel to a place beyond tomorrow. Now, Desy's world was about to come to an end. It had been abused for too many generations, and there was no longer any hope for a future. As Desy sat and cried under a scraggly tree, she unknowingly wrapped her fingers around a shiny stone fragment. Suddenly, her world spun and disappeared, leaving her swirling inside a purple mist. When she stopped spinning, she found herself somewhere just beyond tomorrow.< Less
Grow or Die By Larry Chkoreff
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days What is different about this book? “Grow or Die” is anointed to teach any believer how to relate to God on a personal basis. That personal relationship then causes... More > God’s Word to be planted as a seed into the believer’s heart (Mark chapter 4). Then, that seed grows, when the ground is cared for, and fruit is the result. We were created for bearing fruit. As you read on you will see that this fruit gives us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). This is not just something that I have learned from the Word of God, it is something that I learned from Him in my desperation, and it has brought me into the abundant fruit bearing life as Jesus promised. Jesus is glorified when we bear fruit (John 15:8). This book also specializes in showing how our own discipline, accomplished by His Spirit in us, is a special ingredient for bearing fruit. We bless you in your adventure with Jesus, Larry Chkoreff Author< Less
Forged in Fire By L. L. Brooks
Paperback: $14.95
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Bell was ugly, dirty, and mean. If he had left me alone, the others would never have known I was there. I was terrified of him, yet more terrified of not being beside him. He made promises when he... More > kidnapped me, to protect me from the others and take me home once his drug deal with the biker gang was done. The others let it be known that at any opportunity, they would rape, torture me, and kill me. Every concept of the life I’d lived was destroyed, had to be for me to survive. Oscillating back and forth from trusting Bell, believing he would take me home, to hating and wanting to see him dead, I battled with never before experienced emotions. He hurt me a little, to save me from worse, or so he claimed. I responded to him, telling myself I had to, not that he made me hot and wanting.< Less
deez-commentary53 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
“Deez-commentary” at I'm still amused by the cinema yesterday. I'm not for chicks. I broke down 7-days a week + 219 women rejected me. That said, feminine essence appalls me. Too... More > good for a junk driver? That's the best way to be my history. I was at 27 rejections when I asked God what do I do. He said avoid ejectors. Make them history. Then I realized He was helping me find the right 1. The junk I drove became a blessing that way. I bought all I could afford, but I couldn't afford the parts it needed. I was always penniless. Always working meant I had no time for homework. I'd tell Granny. She'd shrug oh well. I know she absolutely, absolutely, absolutely wanted me to ride the bus, absolutely. I was promised a vehicle then I was told it was all a dream at my 16th birthday. 219 rejections altered my tastes. Now I'm different than I was before the piece of junk. My thinking got rearranged. Now memoirs are my dream career. I had very many experiences. I had very many friends. My ambitions< Less

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