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我的承诺 By 世善 田 et al.
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「我的承诺」是叙述雁子在春天迁移时,不幸迷途,与蜂... More >鸟相遇,彼此建立深厚友谊的故事。全书彩图为作者在加拿大亚伯达省、国家公园、以及美北加州摄影合成绘制,清晰生动。 本书藉由鸟类迁徙与季节变化的自然运作,以阐明生命的意义与价值。物种天性的比较,深入浅出的描写,文图并茂的说明,再加以汉语拼音的标示,不仅是儿童读物,更献给社会大众指正。< Less
我的諾言 By 世善 田 et al.
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「我的諾言」是敘述雁子在春天遷移時,不幸迷途,與蜂... More >鳥相遇,彼此建立深厚友誼的故事。全書彩圖為作者在加拿大亞伯達省、國家公園、以及美北加州攝影合成繪製,清晰生動。 本書藉由鳥類遷徙與季節變化的自然運作,以闡明生命的意義與價值。物種天性的比較,深入淺出的描寫,文圖並茂的說明,再加以注音符號的標示,不僅是兒童讀物,更獻給社會大眾指正。< Less
Abraham de Ur el amigo de Dios By José Núñez Grullón
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La misteriosa jornada de un hombre de fe en búsqueda de la tierra de promisión
Abraham de Ur, El Amigo de Dios By José Núñez Grullón
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La misteriosa jornada de un hombre de fe, en la búsqueda de la tierra de promision.
Robin Hodgers catalects from Spiffies & Loonies By Jean-Paul G. POTET
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A promising teenage British athlete with a weird sense of humour, admired for his strength, his handsomeness and the beauty of his face, becomes a hoodlum against all expectations.
"Lucifer's Daughter (Princess's Slave)" By Jona Cadano
eBook (PDF): $8.99
this is about the story of a girl who has a heart that is broken because of the person who promises her to stay always by her side but the destiny did not allow them to be happy.
Cuenta Conmigo, Volumen Tres By Adriana Blake
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La tercera colección de 100 tiras del webcomic de Adriana Blake, que relata anécdotas divertidas de su vida de casada. Incluye introducciones por las creadoras de comics J.R.... More > Faulkner(Promises Promises) y Katie Shanahan(Shrub Monkeys, Silly Kingdom).< Less
Regardez à travers moi By Daniela Sontica
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Dans les vitrines les mariées tournent heureuses autour du soleil sans savoir que leurs enfants à venir en cortège prient pour le blanc perdu de ces mères promises au... More > vitrail.< Less
Unlocking the Messianic Prophecies (Hebrew Language Version) By Marc Rasell
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This is a Hebrew language translation of the book, "Unlocking the Messianic Prophecies". The translation uses the Masoretic text for quotations from the Hebrew Bible, and the Bible Society... More > in Israel's translation for quotations from the New Testament. This short booklet describes the Messianic prophecies and their fulfillment. It was after the fall, when the outlook for Adam and Eve seemed bleak that the first Messianic promise was given (Genesis 3:15). Eve was promised that one her descendants would destroy the serpent (Satan). More details were added over time, how he would smite the wicked and all nations would be blessed through him. He would usher in a reign of peace, happiness and safety when nature will be changed, harmful animals will become tame, and people would live forever. He is also called the Suffering Servant who is rejected and despised by men, he dies for the people and makes intercession for them (Isaiah 53).< Less
Live for three By Yevgeniia Bidiuk
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Story of an actress who was left an orphan as a child, gave a promise to live a life worthy of the three of themselves and their parents who died early. Only by achieving a huge success, being a... More > grown woman, being able to afford what a child so much dreamed she realizes that happiness in another. The eternal struggle of body and soul for the right to happiness, the reader will show the real truth of life.< Less

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