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Aircraft Propellers By Bureau of Naval Personnel
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Starting with the basic principles of propeller operation, this book discusses the four types of propellers used today in naval aviation. There is information on the two-position controllable pitch... More > propeller, the constant speed propeller, the hydromatic quick-feathering propeller, and the electric propeller. In conclusion, there is a section on trouble shooting--specifically for hydromatic and electric propellers.< Less
The Orange Propeller By Andrew McEwan
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From the banks of the Tyne, via the Spanish Civil War, Malta and the industrialised innards of Sicily's Mt. Etna, Swene's journey is one possessed of unrelenting momentum. Fleeing a murder, he... More > escapes his past but is inevitably drawn back, memory loss and identity crises seemingly in tandem with a future he struggles to comprehend, governed by dark and beautiful women and a watch with two faces that can literally turn back time. Meanwhile, Stalwart, a century earlier, chooses to embroil himself and his underdeveloped journalistic skills in conspiracies both foreign and domestic. An unwitting bit player, he pokes his nose and flaunts his shiny new boots in and about the corrupted guts of Newcastle, presenting himself as a willing fool whilst secretly unearthing the dark and terrible truths of his otherworldly being. Is the sign of the orange propeller a time-travellers' secret sigil, an anarchist codex, or the blurred apparatus of the aerial interloper Stalwart believes to be his real father?< Less
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Elements of Propeller and Helicopter Aerodynamics By Daniel O. Dommasch
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The author: Makes minimum use of nondimensional coefficients, and takes great care to define them, and to show their function, their use in the industry and their physical meaning. Uses the technique... More > of dimensional analysis in explaining the operation of propellers. In the helicopter section, makes use of propeller theory and gives a clear exposition of the special problems of helicopters. Instead of spending pages expounding the details of theory, he states the results, explains their limitations, and again offers examples. He covers numerical procedures for solving problems, which means that this sixty-year-old book is a good basis for MathCAD worksheets solving the relevant problems. In fact, the computation forms published in the book can easily be converted to spreadsheets. The book is not a comprehensive or encyclopedic treatment of helicopters. The problem of vibration is not covered, for example. This text will be useful in preliminary design, but a more detailed text will be needed for advanced work.< Less
Curtiss Electric Propeller By Curtiss Company
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Curtiss Electric Propeller (1945)
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Max the Manatee's Propelling Problem By Nolan Bagwell
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Max the manatee and his friend Emily the dolphin are thrown out of their habitat due to dangerous boat propellers filling their once peaceful waters. Max and Emily must seek refuge in a safe home.
Woman: A Propeller to a Peaceful Home By Philo Ejiro Okotie
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Peace is paramount to any success that can be recorded in any marriage. When there is peace in a home, there will be protection, progress and prosperity. The Author places the Christian woman at the... More > centre of generating peace in her home. She is called the propeller, the driver or the thrust of peace in a home. It is revealing to note that it is the responsibility of a Christian woman to create and maintain a peaceful atmosphere in her home. This booklet will introduce you to all the essential ingredients needed to end all quarrelling and rivalry in your family and equip you to build a happy and successful marriage whose fulcrum is held by peace.< Less
30 Insights To Propel Profits By Iskandar Kamsan
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Propel Frontline Leaders By George Reavis
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Handbook to build the practice within your organization. A 5-step process, set of actions, for frontline leaders to engage everyone through daily operations/activities. Build a cycle of engagment... More > for associates, customers, and partners alike. For the leader of any group whether workplace, education, or civic. Develop continuous learning, focus, and commitments.< Less

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