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My Zen, Thoughts of Her Tao Moorish Zen By Israel Moor-X Bey-El
eBook (ePub): $12.62
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“I am Moor We R Moors, Moor’s History Months.” It is also a literary quickie with a collection of leftover thoughts from said book. Nonetheless this journal has several underline... More > themes. Such as focusing thoughts on the days of the week & a 24 hour cycling of poetic reading on original insights about life which are often set from a Moorish Zen prospective. This is indeed a rare literary gift which so happen to be reflecting also a special underline forwarding on life most beautifully creation the females. Even so this publication also follows a reading flow on few other aspects of human’s social living including featured extrapolative poetic quotes on some distinguishable authors and writers throughout the literary history of colonial occupation into the “new territory.” This book is a great learning tool on self-discovery]< Less
My Zen By Israel Moor--X Bey-El
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[This pocket publication is a complimenting artwork onto the previous collection of poetical thoughts, so titled “I Am Moor We R Moors, Know Thyself, Moor’s History Months.” In this... More > little journal the underlining theme focus on the days of the week & sequencing of 24 hours poetical reading on original insights about living life, which is often associated from a unique Moorish Zen prospective. This is indeed a rare literary gift which so happen to be reflecting a special forwarding on life most beautiful creation the females of this world. It also shares poetic extrapolations on noted writers & authors throughout selected timelines of western history. The poetic thesis so shares a personal awareness onto the overall qualities & capacity of Zen philosophy. Duly note the writer doesn’t use standardized English, nevertheless the reading flow is quite easy except for the occasional big words LOL. It’s a positive little book to have in one’s collection & the visual icons of the Ankhs evokes a deep esoteric wisdom.< Less
Unscrewable By Soni Robbins
eBook (ePub): $3.01
After dating seventeen of the world’s worst screwer, taking you on a journey to transform your dating life and accelerate your path to dating freedom. No matter your salary, your age, your... More > look, your sex drive, this book will help you not getting unnecessarily screwed at dates. Sonja is a divorced and attractive Indian girl. She is working as a software engineer in an investment bank in USA. She has money ($$$$), she can afford sex outside marriage. She also has opinion on everything. She is dating various marriage prospects, will she get her dream guy?< Less
New Zealand TWI: Appreciation, Operating and Follow Up Programs By Mark Warren
Paperback: $28.50
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The New Zealand Appreciation, Organizing and Follow Up materials are the result of more than 30 years of continual development. One of the first projects for the New Zealand TWI Service was to... More > establish a research group to validate and improve the TWI programs to improve the outcomes for their enterprises. In 1947 New Zealand had only 6 companies with more than 500 employees. The best examples of TWI use in the USA and England were with the larger companies. Elizabeth (Betty) Huntington was the first trainer, having been trained in England from 1944-1946, made an immediate effort get in touch with the American founders of TWI. She corresponded with the TWI Foundation for more than 20 years, using them as mentors and a resource for further development. The Americans developed internal “Staff Only” training manuals to standardize how the TWI Staff approached prospective companies and what commitment was needed to ensure a successful implementation.< Less
Lord of the Skies By Alasdair Douglas-Hamilton
eBook (ePub): $7.71
Biography of Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton; he was born in 1909 in a leading Scottish family, was educated at Eton and Cranwell RAF College; he played a leading part in civil aviation in 1930's in... More > the UK and around the world, and in the RAF in World War 2, he was a prospective Parliamentary candidate under Neville Chamberlain during the period leading to World War 2, at which point he promptly rejoined the RAF. He mountaineered in the UK, The Alps, Africa, New Zealand and USA, After World War 2, he became MP for Inverness-shire, during which time he founded the Highland Fund. Then in 1954 emigrated to the United States where he eventually got back into civil aviation, but was killed in an air crash in West Africa in 1964, the circumstances of which are the subject of the first chapter of this book. He was a charismatic, much loved and admired man< Less
Rock Star By Ronnie Lee Mickle Jr.
Paperback: $19.99
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Trust, Truth, Honesty, Love, Compassion, Empathy—all characteristics a courtship. But what happens when everything you’ve ever known about your prospective lover is a deadly lie? Ronnie... More > Lee Mickle Jr. writes in detail about how he moved to Atlanta as a young gay male where he fell in love with being an openly gay male- and Cory. Cory, a venerable “Rock Star”, conjures up images of popularity, sex appeal, and money. Through false starts and stops, the author, takes us through a budding romance orchestrated all on Cory’s terms. Often people say the truth will set you free. Mickle, however, brings readers to a new understanding- the truth can also unravel one's world creating a long and hard climb back to normalcy. “An incredible memoir by, Ronnie Lee Mickle. A fast page turner every gay male should read. Rock Star expresses the power of human spirit, and expresses ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own lives and choices. A highly recommended read!” — USA Book News.< Less
my real life that these Mad dogs ,JIC,IB,MI RAW, of Indian government killed approx. 80 lacks or more Minorities =Christen Muslims in Kashmir, Assam Manipur , , INDIA by use of ISRO,in and Indian Huma By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
Paperback: $22.52
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, I can say from my real life that these Mad dogs ,JIC,IB,MI RAW, of Indian government killed approx. 80 lacks or more Minorities =Christen Muslims in Kashmir, Assam Manipur , ,... More > INDIA by use of ISRO,in and Indian Human dogs like Udaipur 313001 ,Rajasthan India based Kishan pole street based Indian Muslims , and Hindu dogs of BJP , by paying them huge money =Indian rupee in millions form past 25 years to cheap, Illiterate , Con evil Indian to work as army dogs, mad dogs for INDIA , =Hindu =1.40 billions Hindu interest rise power , prospect seen from past 1990 to till now 12-04-2013 !!?? international communities must kill these all Mad dogs =JIC,IB,MI RAW =ISRO =these are 10 Millions con killer Hindu Indian like USA,EU OIC did kill of Hitler , Nazi , more evil killer then old Japan killer army from 1930 to 1946 ,< Less

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Water into Wine Water into Wine By David Rowe
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