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Future Human Symposium By Heather Lawless
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There is a need to rework the codes of science museums to confront the past and future possibilities of human evolution. The manner in which the history of evolution is presented leads museum... More > visitors to interpret human evolution as progress toward perfection. I seek to fold back into museum spaces this problematic meeting of evolution and perfection. Scientific exhibitions need to foster the vital educational experiences of theoretical debate, the discussion of controversies, and the admission that science is malleable—morphing and changing with time. Research, technology and values will forever be entangled with our new abilities to genetically modify our own bodies. Forum environments within museums will allow the public to straddle the border between an array of political, ethical and scientific paradigms and to recognize that there are greater, richer truths within and beyond simple factual data. These truths are complex and dynamic, nearly infinite in number, and often incommensurable.< Less
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ACCT 422 HOLLATE MANUFACTURING CASE STUDY: ETHICS-UMUC Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or... More > Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC ACCT422 ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC Case Study: Ethics Instructions You will prepare a one- to two-page single spaced report based on your review of the following case study, Hollate Manufacturing Case Study,< Less
Berlin: Temporary Contemporary Urbanism By Philippe Baumann & Dagmar Richter
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Pratt Institute School of Architecture summer program in Berlin, a studio comprised of twelve exceptional third and fourth year undergraduates, developed temporary urban protoypes in Brooklyn to be... More > tested and refined in Berlin. Studio space in the heart of the former East Berlin—adjacent to a once derelict pocket of intellectual foment—provided uncommon firsthand opportunity to experience a city with a strong sense of obligation towards the public realm. The studio visited architectural sites in Berlin and, in partial fulfillment of their seminar on contemporary tectonics, toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their professors, surviving an aborted alpine hike 2200m above Innsbruck. Shared workshops, pin ups, exhibits and lectures with counterparts from South America, Asia, Mexico and Kentucky lent a multifaceted global perspective to the students’ tenure at the Aedes Campus Berlin.< Less
Claiming the Portable Home/ Creative Acts of Identity Placemaking within the Networked Digital Domain By Megan Smith
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The digital revolution and the arrival of the internet have shifted the global social environment. This change in society has enabled new collaboration and partnership, access to and accumulation of... More > previously unobtainable data, and it has transformed methods of communication. This research imaginatively stepped into this new space to produce works of new media art that investigated placemaking within the digital domain. The project drew on the open-source culture and methods of hacking social media to engage with syndicated public content on the internet, handheld technologies, and geo-located datasets. Emphasis was placed on uncovering behavioral situation generated through the networked culture of the internet and developing original methods of storytelling that relay socially useful narratives. It engaged with the concept that the global community is forming a new culturescape that is impacting on the evolution of creativity, politics and the sciences.< Less
b00k 2 By bryana fritz et al.
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presenting works by—————bryana fritz, centro cultural sheraton, zinzi buchanan, and ty wardwell + ethan folkB00k is an residency space and presentation platform. B00k... More > invites 4 artists at a time to be in residence, and to share their work in a group presentation. residency: B00k offers each artist a workspace measuring A4 (210mm x 297mm, or, 8.27in x 11.69in) by 120 consecutive pages. presentation: workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of: a free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book. for more:———< Less
b00k By Camila Malenchini et al.
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this b00k is camila malenchini theo livesey manolis tsipos julia handschuh B00k is an residency space and presentation platform. B00k invites 4 artists at a time to be in residence, and to share... More > their work in a group presentation. residency: B00k offers each artist a workspace measuring A4 (210mm x 297mm, or, 8.27in x 11.69in) by 120 consecutive pages. presentation: workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of: a free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book. for more:< Less
Tricks of Self-defence: A Useful Book for Everybody (Collector's Edition) By W. H. Collingridge
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Until the publication of Tricks of Self-Defence in about 1910, most, if not all, of the English language books on jujitsu and connected martial arts dealt more with the systems in question, which... More > were often quite complicated and took time to master. W. H. Collingridge’s insight was to publish a practical, illustrated textbook for the everyday man or woman in the street, outlining the effective applications that anyone can easily pick up in order to defend themselves. The result was this book which graphically outlines thirty-three ‘Standing Positions’ and nine ‘Ground Tricks’. All of these require little space to practise and notably some use arm or wrist grappling, while applying pressure to nerve points. In these respects, "Tricks of Self-Defence, A Useful Book for Everybody", is considered to be the first of its kind in English to record Japanese techniques of practical applied self-defence. This "Collector's Edition" is reproduced from the original to impart a sense both of history and effectiveness.< Less
Revolutions & Revelations By John O'Loughlin
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'Revolutions & Revelations' (of an ideological Philosopher) combines two books of cyclical aphorisms in one volume as it develops the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism to a new... More > and, we think, more advanced level which builds on what was already established in 'Omeganotes of an Ideological Philosopher' (1996-7). Be warned, things can become very complicated. But they tend to remain logically consistent on both noumenal (space/time) and phenomenal (volume/mass) planes, to the advantage of a more logically comprehensive approach to Truth conceived not simply metaphysically, as with the Ideal, but in relation to the overall array of the four Elements and their various disciplinary correlations or offshoots, so that everything is effectively accounted for whether it is pro-metaphysical or anti-metaphysical, less than metaphysical or opposed to metaphysics. The cover shows the two computers in public use towards the rear of the Headford Road Shopping Centre in Galway City, ROI.< Less
High-Psi - Anomalous & Psychial Phenomena By Johanna Maynard
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“High-Psi” is a slang term used by researchers to describe persons who have developed highly innate extrasensory abilities. Anomalous and psychical phenomena deal with areas not always... More > validated by scientific consensus or methodologies but proven to exist. These phenomena’s’ vary in such areas as ufology, theology, quantum physics, parapsychology, and other topics considered by some to be fringe science. The United States military has been using citizens for non-consensual human experimentation. It has even surpassed ability to control a person’s brain frequencies without their knowledge or consent to inflict pain, harm, and even death. Some of these programs include UFO alien and military abductions, deep space probes, telescopes, and even chemtrails. The public deserves to be informed on some of the ways our tax dollars are being spent. I will also be covering UFO disclosure in describing beings from another realm or galactic location which will eventually make themselves known to us.< Less
Passage to Merope By Robin Fitzgerald
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A wild romp to the stars and back with a throw together crew who continue to amaze as the story progresses. This first of three, introduces the space-craft Avatar. This ship built by Alfa-reticulans,... More > has features that span all the way to the final scenes of 'Agents of a New Atlantis'. I plan to have this publication offered for free at the 2018 Dulce Conference with your ticket purchase. It was also a part of the 2015 UFO Conference. A lot of the description of Dulce came from the person who put on that Conference, Norio H. His investigating has led everyone to believe the military are indeed involved. This book explains as to what extent they are. The story in 'Agents' reveals that in November of 2017 they went from 'looking the other way', to, 'assisting the Light-forces'. There's a dramatic difference between those two agendas. This is the story to start with for the uninitiated.< Less

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