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QUIETLY I LOVE By Deborah Brooks Langford
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Deborah is an Author of fifty-two books. You can find her on, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is V.P. and Co-Owner of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, LLC and WILDFIRE MAGAZINE. She is a proud... More > mother and grandmother. She is happily married to a wonderful man and lives in Tennessee.< Less
The Place of the Quiet Place By Simon Wale Olatunji
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This biblicist, public speaker and discipler, Simon Wale Olatunji writes here, about the fundamentals of devotion: a solid piece on rules and ways of genuine spiritual engagement. He aptly addresses... More > the observance of quiet times as he sees, lives, and teaches it. His wealth of experience as a minister of the gospel, life coach and leader of a global network of partner committed to helping people discover, develop and deploy destiny aid his doing justice to this very special piece. He answers most question you ever had about: The blessing of quiet living; Why is it important to spend time alone with God? How can I experience true intimacy with God? What are the spiritual disciplines? What does the Bible say about the value of a secret place? What is a quiet time? And lots more... This book was first published in Nigeria in 2010 by Alabaster Books with thousands of copies sold. This second edition comes with an improvement of its quality and content. It will inspire and liberate its reader in veritable ways.< Less
Quiet Screams and Radio Silence By Jasmine Lay
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There's a lot of pain in these poems. So much. This book, this is everything that I've been afraid to roll off my tongue and deposit into the air. This is me hiding behind the pages, shyly staring... More > over the top of them at you, to try and figure out what you think of it. Left for you to understand, or to not understand. Because maybe there's a chance that you've felt some of the things on these pages too. Maybe you and I aren't actually that different. If anything, it's something to read. In your hands you are holding my thoughts quietly screaming out loud. I can feel the radio silence between us.< Less
A QUIET DAY ANTHOLOGY – 2 By Bugs2writes
Paperback: $14.06
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A QUIET DAY ANTHOLOGY – 2, (a companion book to A Lazy Day Anthology – 1), contains a diverse collection of short stories and tales written by the enthusiastic and dedicated writers of... More > Bugs2writes. The group’s aim is to charm, engross and enthral its readers with a compilation which includes both harrowing and heart-warming stories. Here you can discover narratives which relate unusual supernatural tales. There are a few gentle stories of country life. Other narratives are whimsical, some uplifting and some hard-hitting. A few stories are sad and some are humorous. Some tales are short; some are long. There really is something to interest, captivate and entertain you whatever your mood. Bugs2writes is donating profits from all royalties totalling 100% of the publisher’s proceeds from all copies of these books sold in the UK and the World to Action Medical Research. (Registered charity: 208701 and SCO39284.)< Less
The Quiet Quest For Success By Paul Rowland
Paperback: $15.12
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Motivational self-help book written by Paul Rowland. Most people feel unhappy because they have not achieved success and the reason for that is that they are chasing 'someone else's' definition of... More > success! Once you discover what your own personal definition of success is, and stop chasing other people's dreams you will achieve the kind of success that will make you truly happy.< Less
Overcoming Adversities: The Quiet Storm By Tenisha L. James
Paperback: $12.99
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Overcoming Adversities: The Quiet Storm will walk you through how women go through things, and no one will ever know. What happens when opportunities meet adversities or when you are silenced by... More > life’s overwhelming struggles? Ms. Tenisha L James answers these questions and more in her newly published book “Overcoming Adversities: The Quiet Storm.” Ms. James explains the saga shared by many women who suffer in silence through trials and tribulations of life. This book demonstrates how women go through different obstacles without anyone knowing, not even a trusted confidant. How is it possible for women to walk out of their homes smiling as if nothing in the world is going on behind the closed doors? How do you handle the heartaches, pains and struggles that seem to intrude on and overpower your life? Ms. James found through her own experiences that courage; faith and tenacity were the source of her strength during her hardships and remain at the center of her life, today.< Less
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My vision of the contemporary Albanian and Kosovar poetry discovered by my great friend and a prominent European poet Jeton Kelmendi gives the opportunity to consider it as a very interesting... More > tradition that could make a considerable influence on the development of poetry in Europe. The region of Balkans is well-known for its poetic resources. International Poetry festival in Struga gathered for decades the most prominent and perspective poets from all over the world. Names of Ismail Kadare, Ali Podrimja and Azem Shkreli are appreciated very far from their motherland. That is a pleasure therefore to present to English-speaking audience one of the new interesting voices of this rich culture, the book of Bujar Tafa, Anthem of quiet thoughts. By Acad. Dmytro O. Chystiak, European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University< Less
Harvest of a Quiet Eye By Craig Stevaux
Hardcover: $32.99
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Praise for HARVEST OF A QUIET EYE— “. . .the charm of Craig Stevaux’s tale lies in the lyrical recounting of how a newly arrived farang becomes accustomed to, and learns to love,... More > the way Thais walk, talk and think, in keeping with Thai customs, culture, proverbs and the Buddhist Path.” —THE UGLY AMERICAN BOOK CLUB— In this poignant tale and unlikely love story, newly-assigned Peace Corps volunteer and Vietnam War opponent, Malcolm Jossogne, arrives in Udon, Thailand to find a once quiet, upcountry town transformed by the presence of thousands of American soldiers into a vulgar shantytown of massage parlors, strip joints, bowling alleys, and neon-lit nights where bars and brothels outnumber Buddhist temples. Where saffron-robed monks once padded in silent contemplation, Led Zeppelin now blasts from the doorways of GI bars, and drunken Americans on all fours vomit into the gutters. But it’s here in this unlikely setting that Malcolm meets a Thai girl, “the other half of his flesh.”< Less
Morning Doodles, To quiet the noise. By JACK LEISSRING
Paperback: $55.00
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It has been the author's experience that art preconceived is almost always, for him, disappointing. He has also learned that it is not necessary to adopt unusual postures nor special environments to... More > achieve the meditative state of mind. Finally, in a reaction to the unrelenting noise of present-day society, its cellular phones, laptops, pads, television, news-papers, background sound, the noises of technology, undisciplined animals, he finds it essential to shut-out this rabble, this babble, this injurious noise and does so with a combination of drawing, meditation and loose integration into the social aspects of a particular coffee house. He has made drawings using graphite pencil, permanent ink, crayons and colored pencils. This book is a display of about 300 of these, taken in order without censoring. The accompanying essay reflects the states of thought that come and go during this process and the quotes represent thought-producing tidbits. Volume One. ISBN: 978-0-9908931-2-7< Less

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