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The friend who introduced me to Ivan Turgenev’s short novel First Love, characterized it as a beautiful thing that’s made out of ugly things, and it has occurred to me since that a... More > substantial quotient of ugliness may well be integral to all truly beautiful literary works. In any case,there can be few books rooted in a more profound ugliness than Gregor von Rezzori’s Memoirs of an Anti-Semite, which so vividly, so feelingly,so elegantly, with such tender care, anarchic humor, and shocking honesty portrays the crucible of Central Europe during the first half of the twentieth century, with its catastrophically toxic compound of cultural elements and historical impulses.< Less
LOVE the problems and the F'n solutions By Dr. Jol Ph.D.
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Dr. Jol discusses the five types of love from epithumia to agape. With the inclusion of exercises, charts, diagrams, stories, and illustrations the Ph. D. demonstrates how each of us can achieve the... More > perfect state of love. In moving through the five stages, by way of the lessons and worksheets, anyone who desires a change in their love life can do so. The book is an ideal way to self-study, use along with your partner to see his/her true love quotient, or work with a study group to mirror off each other. No matter how you wish to approach the subject we all love, wish to be loved, and desire perfection in that area of our lives.< Less
Essential Tips for Surviving Thriving in the Workplace By Vicki Gordon
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A guide for readers desiring to maximize their happiness quotient at work. The book takes readers through seven simple exercises to discover his/her own definition of success and then how to create... More > an environment to achieve that success. The book prompts the reader to understand how their organization makes money, how to work with their boss, how to leverage the Human Resources department, finding and securing mentors, and much more. The final chapter addresses the concept of legacy, and gives real life examples of various types of legacy. The book ends by asking the reader to articulate and begin acting on the legacy that he/she wants to leave.< Less
Fragrant Journey By Stephen Sheridan Boland, IV
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How ironic that a new world and a new nose would reveal old, long hidden love. Eleven-year-old Emily Goldfield is a very creative girl with a vivid imagination, but her parents rarely notice. They... More > are too busy noticing her brother Charles with his excellent grades, high intelligence quotient, and everything else he uses to keep Emily in his shadow. When the two siblings are transported to a world made of imagination and transformed into stoat people, Emily gains amazing powers that are triggered by pleasant fragrances, but Charles does not. Emily finally has her revenge. So, why is she so miserable? The answer is revealed by a danger that threatens the lives of everyone in this strange world and sends the two siblings on a perilous journey. During this journey, they discover how much they love each other, how much they can help each other grow, and how much a pleasant scent can stimulate the imagination.< Less
Sanketanidhi : Vedic Astrology Principles By Dr S.P. Bhagat
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Shri Rama Dayalu has written this work for the benefit of his brothers son and to enable him to learn and be proficient in the various facets of astrology, namely Prasna, Jama, Varshaphal, Adhana,... More > and for good of the world. The treatise is based on principles and ideas propounded by the learned men in the past. One who knows astrology should carefully work out his calculations according to the principles laid down by Aryabhatt to arrive at the exact number of ghatikas elapsed since last sunrise at any given time, the total period of any required day should be substracted from the maximum length of the day in the year. The figure so arrived at be multiplied by 7 and the product divided by 5. the quotient will be the length of the shadow (cast by a 12 inch stick) at mid day of the locality. Happy Reading.< Less
Quaternionic Eulerian Calculus By Willie Johnson Jr.
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Quaternionic Eulerian Calculus (QEC) is a new field of calculus wherein differential and integral calculus are based upon Euler's formula. Given the definition of the limit, as defined and proven... More > by the delta-epsilon proof, the Newtonian derivative, f'(x), is not and cannot be a limit as defined. The formal delta-epsilon definition of a limit proscribes precision. The derivative, contrarily, obtains a precise value symbolically. As a limit, it is proven that a precise value of the difference quotient is obtained when h=versine=0, absent any reliance upon the delta-epsilon proof. It is also proven that f'(x) is an instantaneous center of revolution, that f'(x) is equivalent to the quaternion rotator operator, *h[ ]h, and lastly that i=square root of -1, is a quaternion and functions as a derivative. These concepts are the essence of QEC. Several practical applications are provided including a solution to the Riemann Hypothesis and a QEC analysis of DNA translation.< Less
Language Learners’ Emotional Intelligence and Teachers’ Corrective Feedback: A Study of Recast and Elicitation By Elham Zand-Vakili et al.
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In recent years, scholars have been dealing with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and explaining learners’ achievement based on IQ from primary school to university. Although there has been a... More > consensus among scholars who accepted IQ as a predictor of learners’ achievement, they have been shifting their views from IQ to Emotional Intelligence (EI). Following this approach, while numerous researchers have examined ways to apply EI in education, a huge body of research has focused on correlational studies concerning the relationship between EI and, for example, academic achievement. Little has been done to discover the relationship between the usefulness of teachers’ different kinds of feedback and students’ Emotional Intelligence in an educational context. The research presented in this book addresses the issue of EI differences in feedback reception to investigate the effect of recast and elicitation in a grammar-instruction context on Iranian adult EFL learners' learning of conditionals and relatives.< Less
Winning the Game: Achieving Personal Success with a Disability By Mark E. Shepherd Sr., MBA
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Mark E. Shepherd, Sr. is a veteran of the disabled community. Injured in an automobile accident which left him paraplegic, he had to reinvent himself, switch careers, establish a new network of... More > friends and begin anew. His accident turned out to be a blessing not a curse. He went on to accomplish more than he could have dreamed, despite being permanently disabled. In Winning the Game he examines contemporary works in the genre of success and personal motivation as he answers questions such as: •How do disabled people become successful despite formidable obstacles? •What personal habits assist the disabled achieve success? •How do those with disability determine their success quotient? •How do those with disability step back into the mainstream of society? This book is not an autobiography or life story, but it does examine success from a different perspective: how to pursue it, how to achieve it, and why accomplishing it is so important for disabled individuals.< Less
How to Develop Emotional Intelligence - A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Self-Awareness, Improving Your People Skills and Creating Happier Relationships By Karla Max
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Many people confuse emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient. When you can learn how to command your emotions, you will be able to exercise greater control over your life and ultimately... More > unlock opportunities that would have otherwise remained hidden. High emotional intelligence is something that everyone should be working hard to obtain. Emotional intelligence teaches and trains you how to better relate with the people around you. With the pace at which the world is quickly becoming a global village, it is more important now that you learn how to listen and interpret the information that you are gathering from those around you. By doing this, you can learn how to structure your response and communicate better with those around you. When you have higher emotional intelligence, you will ultimately find success in both your personal and professional life.< Less
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This book is an unauthorized biography of serial killer Patrick Wayne Kearney. Is the Zodiac killer still alive? In all my years as a crime writer, there has only been one murder story that I've... More > never been able to completely clear from my mind. Told for the first time, the author, who is also a survivor tells this account of tremendous suffering and great loss of life is more horrific than words can possibly describe. With a genius level intelligence quotient (I.Q.) of 180, Patrick Wayne Kearney outsmarted police and the criminal judicial system to become one of the deadliest serial killers ever to escape the death penalty.Serial killer Patrick Wayne Kearney succeeded in destroying thousands of innocent lives during his inhuman bloody rampage that made satanic cult leader Charley Manson look benign in comparison. Forgotten and buried within the subterranean files of homicide cases, the Trash bag murders remain the most gruesome criminal case in American history.< Less

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