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The Rainbow By David Herbert Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Rainbow is a 1915 novel by British author D. H. Lawrence. It follows three generations of the Brangwen family living in Nottinghamshire, particularly focusing on the individual's struggle to... More > growth and fulfillment within the confining strictures of English social life.< Less
The Rainbow By David Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $1.99
D. H. Lawrence's 1915 novel "The Rainbow" is the story of three generations of the Brangwens family. While tame by today's standards, "The Rainbow", for its frank treatment of... More > human sexuality, caused Lawence to be prosecuted on an obscenity charge in England when it was first published. Through richly personal characterizations, "The Rainbow" deals profoundly with the very nature of human relations as it explores the sexuality of Ursula Brangwen and her mother, Anna Brangwen.< Less
The Rainbow By D.H. Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Published in 1915 and banned for obscenities in the same year, The Rainbow was the first half of what Lawrence intended to be a full novel. It concerns three generations of the Brangwen family and... More > how they found individual progress hindered by social conditions. The starts with the marriage of Tom Brangwen to Lydia Lensky, a woman with little will of her own following the death of her husband, and finding herself domiciled in a strange and unforgiving country. In moving the plot through Lydia, past Will and Anna, and onto Ursula the granddaughter, Lawrence shows his characters breaking the confines of the social surroundings. Whether that’s community, class or the pitfalls of fate, he makes a case for personal fulfilment that verges on the religious.< Less
A Rainbow By Liza Klassen
Paperback: $9.00
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When a gingerbread girl sees a rainbow disappear, she climbs a mountain to investigate. Will she be able to bring the rainbow back? Liza Klassen wrote and Illustrated this colorful tale.
The Rainbow By larry o. bubar
Paperback: $8.49
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A tale of how a boy used the rainbow to prove his love for a young princess in ancient asia.
Rainbows By Saniya Tention
Paperback: $10.00
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A little girl is enjoying a rainbow. She loves the colors and likes seeing them in the sky.
Rainbow By Justin Carroll
Paperback: $8.09
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Rainbow is a multi-coloured, multi-layered collection representing everything from Old School to modern verse and covering such themes as love, sex, drugs, philosophy, society, nature, loss, pain,... More > joy, music, and more. Honest and unique. ('Pot Of Gold' is also available by the same author, plus some online work only at< Less
The Rainbow By Evelyn Deshane
Paperback: $25.99
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Bernard and Thomas return to New Jersey to restart their lives together, only to find that there are many more people who await and welcome their arrival. From Vivian and her teenage daughter... More > Cassandra, Bernard’s brother Marc, his wife Alexa, their entourage of children, and the elusive Jasmine, many more faces arrive and disappear as the two artists search for lost time. They struggle with the world and one another, trying to answer the question: how can we be free if we’re all irrevocably linked? Tout ce qui n'est pas donné est perdu. --- This is the sequel to The Dove Keeper and its follow-up The Epilogue. This is a smaller font version. There is also a two-book set, where the font is larger. Both versions (two book and single book) are the same in content of the story The Rainbow. See for more information.< Less
RAINBOW By Michael Irons
Paperback: $20.12
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Imagine a global clash of cultures between a secular northern hemisphere and a southern world still holding on to a faith-based future. Across continents, science seeks to maintain financial... More > supremacy. Set in the twenty second century against a backdrop of high political intrigue an astonishing project takes shape, with two leading protagonists seeking the love of the same woman. Woven into the grand scheme threads the experiences of a humble English housewife, struggling with the mystery of a simple rainbow. But what is her special secret? From Milton Keynes to Malta and from Norwich to Morocco and Jerusalem the storyline has more twists than a corkscrew. “I found that after getting into this book it was a really good read. It was well-written and kept you wondering what the ending would be.” “Very descriptive and well-written, kept you thinking to the end; will look forward to the sequel. Good first book. “< Less
The Rainbow By David Herbert Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $2.45
The Rainbow follows the lives of three generations of the Brangwens, a middle-class family living in rural England in the early 1900s. Beginning with Tom Brangwen, the patriarch, the novel traces the... More > sexual passions and marriages of three members of the family as they struggle to find meaning beyond their mere animal existence. Tom marries a polish woman, and inherits a stepdaughter named Anna, with whom he becomes close. Anna in turn marries a distant Brangwen cousin named Will, and those two have a hot-cold relationship whose temperature depends on whether or not Anna is pregnant. When she is, she can barely stand Will, doing her best to push him away. When she isn’t, her baser passions dominate and she can’t get enough of her husband. Anna and Will’s eldest child is a daughter named Ursula, and Lawrence chooses to focus the entire second half of the novel on her. He chronicles her childhood, and her young adulthood, which includes failed romances with a soldier and a female teacher.< Less