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RFID is a special type of device that can monitor traffic everyday life.
RFID Changing Lives By James Gerdeman
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Life changing technology is in the air and it is helping to make us green. Radio frequency identification, RFID, is improving our commute, speeding shipments across the globe, and securing our... More > fleets and communities. This is one government plan that has led us to making life changing improvements for the better. Since ISTEA was first implemented all modes of transportation have used the RFID tags to improve logistics, provide security and make traffic flow.< Less
RFID Technology and Applications By AHAMEFULE ELUWA
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This book is addressed to business management and project managers as well as researchers who are evaluating the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) for tracking uniquely identified objects.... More > In an effort to make RFID project management less of an art form and more of a science RFID Technology and Applications brings together pioneering RFID academic research principals to analyze engineering issues that have hampered the deployment of RFID and to share ‘‘best practices’’ learnings from their work. By extending the original work of the Auto-ID Center at MIT and the subsequent Auto-ID Labs consortium led by MIT that now comprises seven world-renowned research universities on four continents, this book seeks to establish a baseline for what RFID technology works today and identifies areas requiring research on which other researchers in academic, commercial, and regulatory agencies can build.< Less
RFID Technology and Application By vivienne sims
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The researchers represented in these pages have gathered on three continents in the course of the RFID Academic Convocations, a research collaboration hosted by the Auto-ID Labs that started in... More > January of 2006, at MIT, and was followed by events co-hosted with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Auto-ID Labs at Fudan University in Shanghai, as RFID Live! 2007 pre-conference events, and by the event in Brussels organized with the European Commission Directorate- General for Informatics (DGIT) and the Auto-ID Labs at Cambridge University. These Convocations bring together academic researchers with industry representatives and regulatory stakeholders to collaborate across disciplines and institutions to identify challenges faced by industry in adopting RFID technology< Less
RFID Tags: A Study of Their Effectiveness and Use Within Libraries By Andrew Hart
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This study attempts to ascertain whether using RFID tags in libraries is warranted, and whether the tags present enough benefits to override the cons in their use.
Wal Mart's RFID Supply Chain Strategy By James McClellan
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This is a presentation that provides a good overview of Wal-Mart's revolutionary supply chain strategy. The presentation shows how RFIDS work and how Wal-Mart uses it to gain a competitive... More > advantage. It also raises some important questions.< Less
IBM WebSphere RFID Handbook A Solution Guide By brian dromey
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This IBM® Redbook provides an overview of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and will help get you up and running with the WebSphere® RFID solution, a new offering that enables... More > you to connect the edge of your environment with your enterprise and to enhance your on demand business capabilities. This redbook explains the key products and components that are included in the solution, with a focus on WebSphere RFID Premises Server and Device Infrastructure. You will learn how to install and to configure the Premises Server, to connect and to communicate with your edge devices, and to implement the Dock Door Receiving Starter Kit.< Less
AME RFID marktrapport 2005 By Paul Denneman
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Automatisch draadloos met RFID opsporen en achtervolgen van mensen, dieren, producten, diensten en processen is hot omdat het de productiviteit sterk verhoogt. Daarover gaat dit uitputtende... More > Nederlandse rapport. Onafhankelijk logistiek expert Ir. Paul Denneman brengt in het Nederlandstalige AME RFID MARKTRAPPORT 2005 “De toekomst van draadloos achtervolgen”, alle aspecten, voordelen en nadelen van RFID in kaart RFID groeit extreem en verdringt de barcode. * Nederlandstalig rapport over RFID * Groei RFID apparatuurmarkt * Groei RFID adviesmarkt * Technologieën en industriestandaarden * Soorten Tags en verschillen met barcode * Inzet in logistiek; stappenplan * Investeren en beleggen in RFID * Toonaangevende leveranciers & bronnen * RFID en ethiek< Less
3ªs Jornadas Científicas sobre RFID By Diego López de Ipiña
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Proceedings of 3ªs Jornadas sobre RFID
RFID 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing Radio Frequency Identification Tag, Implementation and Technology Guide By Rick Thomas
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Great book for understanding RFID concepts and applications There has never been an RFID Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of RFID. Instead, it answers the top 100... More > questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about RFID’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with RFID. If you are looking to understand the history, technical aspects, implementation, standards and details of RFID systems, this book provides an excellent introduction for you. The chapters are well laid out and paced. The author explains the most common devices and systems available in the market, their technology and concepts quite well.< Less