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Hand Book of Nucleic Acid - DNA & RNA By Prof.Ajit Pandya & Kavya Pandya
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MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Introduction. Nucleic acids. Genetic materiaL The Master code 3 D - DNA Properties of DNA RNA Central Dogma Replication Transcription Modification Of RNA Miracle... More > of biotechnology< Less
Brilliant and Beautiful RNA & DNA 2nd Edition By Jayne Mason
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Brilliant & Beautiful RNA & DNA is a Diamond Light Body Workshop Manual.
RNA Editing: Current Research and Future Trends By Stefan Maas
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-23-2 EAN 9781908230232 This major new work presents an up-to-date overview of RNA editing. All the chapters here have been written by experts in the various research... More > areas and describe key recent findings as well as exploring current frontiers in the mechanisms and functional roles of RNA editing. The chapters span the editing of protein coding mRNAs, small regulatory RNAs, tRNAs and non-coding sequences. Also included are studies employing bioinformatics to identify and predict RNA editing sites as well as the evolution of RNA modification. An essential text for anyone interested in RNA editing and modification, RNA structure and function, post-transcriptional regulation, and the regulation of gene expression and a recommended purchase for molecular biology libraries.< Less
The Role of Antisense RNA in the Regulation of PU.1 By Dana Neel
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No description supplied
Gospoja R-na By Sergey Liapunov
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Сергей Ляпунов ГОСПОЖА Р-НА ... More > Загадочная история, в которой переплетаются реальность и вымысел, действительность и фантазия, правда жизни и изощрённая выдумка. Интригующая история с забавным началом и счастливым концом. Невероятная, но только на первый взгляд, история, навеянная просмотром популярных в определённых кругах страниц Интернета. Странная история, произошедшая с одним перспективным специалистом производственно-технического отдела. Поучительная история, кардинально изменившая жизнь молодого человека приятной (почти женственной) наружности и разносторонних (иногда чрезмерно своеобразных) интересов. Не слишком правдоподобная история его взаимоотношений с дамами различного возраста и общественного положения.< Less
“AIR: transcriptomics”, un programari d’ anàlisi per a RNA-seq (RNA sequencing) By ANTONIO MONLEON-GETINO & RUT GUILANYA
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Dins de les diverses àrees de recerca de la Bioinformàtica (metagenómica, metatranscriptómica, transcriptómica, etc) es troba l'Anàlisi de dades... More > d'Expressió Genètica, és a dir, l'estudi dels ARNm transcrits per un conjunt de gens en diferents condicions experimentals que és coneix com a transcriptómica. Així com la metagenòmica indica quins organismes estan representats genèticament en una mostra; la transcriptòmica indica el nivell d’activitat d’aquests gens. Per tant la transcriptòmica és l’estudi de l’activitat de tots els transcrits (és a dir seqüències de RNA) de les mostres. AIR, Artificial Intelligence RNA-seq, és una plataforma web que permet operar les dades provinents d’experiments transcriptòmics de manera simplificada per a l’usuari. Es pot trobar a:< Less
Molecular Biotechnology By Dharmar Manimaran,Namasivayam Elangovan
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Modern biology is rooted in an understanding of the molecules within cells and of the interactions between cells that allow construction of multicellular organisms. The more we learn about the... More > structure, function, and development of different organisms, the more we recognize that all life processes exhibit remarkable similarities. Molecular Cell Biology concentrates on the macromolecules and reactions studied by biochemists, the processes described by cell biologists, and the gene control pathways identified by molecular biologists and geneticists. In this millennium, two gathering forces will reshape molecular cell biology: genomics, the complete DNA sequence of many organisms, and proteomics, a knowledge of all the possible shapes and functions that proteins employ.< Less
Isles of Tyrannos: Aiya: The Guardian By Matt Guercia
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The world is a new. 650 million years old. Aiya must learn to use her knowledge to help save a family of sabertooths against many obstacles to ensure their survial.. .. .
New updated - A Reference Book of Molecular Biology and Biotech-Industrial development in the world By Prof.Ajit Pandya & Kavya Pandya
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basic of DNA,,,,,,,,Nucleic acids. Nucleic acid as genetic material. DEOXYRIBO NUCLEIC ACID ( DNA ) Advance molecular biology all topics of industrial biotechnology Structure of DNA Properties of... More > DNA RNA Central / Special - Role of RNA DNA Replication Transcription RNA Processing in Eucaryotic organisms Biotechnology – industrial applications< Less
Evolution - a Dual Process By Andreas Polydorou
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In this book I present a Hypothesis that Evolution is a dual process: Ordinary Darwinian Evolution plus another process which forms part of my Hypothesis. This is based on a proposed new RNA. This... More > book considers various unexplained observed phenomena associated with Darwinian evolution and presents a new Hypothesis through which these problems are analysed and possible solutions provided. My Hypothesis does not reject Darwinian evolution. In fact I stress the fact that Darwinian evolution is necessary in the creation of new species and I explain in more detail as to how this is achieved. My Hypothesis simply complements Darwinian evolution in trying to resolve the difficulties that are encountered in the further development of a species towards perfection and enhancement of its chances for survival.< Less

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