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The Nuclear Raccoons Pictures Book By Charles Gilbert
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The Nuclear Raccoons is a fast moving story of mutant Raccoon's saving New York from it greatest evils drugs and guns. During breaks in their war on Crime, they relax by eating cheeseburgers and hot... More > dog. Radiation from the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island alters six Raccoon's who happened to be in the vicinity. It makes them five feet tall, endows them with human (and superhuman) powers. They fight the Evil Weasel and the muskrat, Otter and Mink that make up the Crackpot Gang.In between time, they even lecture Teen in School about the Evils of Drugs and Guns and tell teens about Safety. To help to keep Drugs away from Teenage.< Less
Regression By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $9.97
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Two species once lived ignorant of each other. The Somatic and the Enlightened. The nature attuned Somatic. With the ability to lay claim to anything the land the possessed, bonding the Provision to... More > their back and using it as an additional limb. While the winged Enlightened are attuned to themselves. Possessing minds that can segment each individual memory or emotion, and Purge any unwanted piece. That was all before the Augury. Both species are now trapped within the volatile safety of a volcano. The open land is no longer safe. A new airborne species, the Augury, attempt to kill any who climb the peak. Their only hope lies with Ehud the Singular. Their god; a radiating sun residing above the cloud line and out of their combined reach.< Less
Elements Around Us By Abdul Karim Rashid
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Abdul Kareem Rashid enjoys performing various scientific experiments, chemistry activities, flame tests in analytical chemistry. Furthermore, it is fun to experiment with different chemicals to see... More > what colors they produce in a fire. Recently, he has shown an interest in writing books such as “Substance Abuse” which explains in detail over 40 kinds of drugs and their dangers, with the hope of educating readers and raising awareness on the dangers associated with substance abuse. In addition, a recent book under the title “All about Waves, Radiation & Safety measures” was published, which provides an insight to the world of waves from a scientific point of view, it further examines in great depth the different types of waves, how they function, and examples of where they are used. The current book concerns itself with the “Element around Us”.< Less
Manual of Pyrokinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly
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In this paper, Dr. Kelly addresses Pyrokinesis: the psychical influence of propelling charged particles to high speeds, and of energy flow in regards to heat. In addition, she addresses limitations... More > of influence including heat conduction vs. radiation, vaporization vs. melting, flame vs. flameless combustion, and higher vs. lower temperatures, she touches on commonly reported symptomatic effects in regards to experients of pyrokinesis, and briefly addresses fire classification and safety in regards to fire and increased heat exposure. In addition, she discusses experiential applications including indoor thermal influence, vaporization and boiling, fusion/melting, smoldering combustion, and flaming combustion with suggestions on measurement techniques and devices. The paper also includes 6 types of measurement sheets for scientific experimentation. Dr. Kelly is the Professor of Psychical Studies at the University of Alternative Studies.< Less
Applied Engineering Principles Manual - Training Manual (NAVSEA) By Naval Sea Systems Command
Paperback: $36.95
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Chapter 1 ELECTRICAL REVIEW 1.1 Fundamentals Of Electricity 1.2 Alternating Current Theory 1.3 Three-Phase Systems And Transformers 1.4 Generators 1.5 Motors 1.6 Motor Controllers 1.7 Electrical... More > Safety 1.8 Storage Batteries 1.9 Electrical Measuring Instruments Chapter 2 ELECTRONICS REVIEW 2.1 Solid State Devices 2.2 Magnetic Amplifiers 2.3 Thermocouples 2.4 Resistance Thermometry 2.5 Nuclear Radiation Detectors 2.6 Nuclear Instrumentation Circuits 2.7 Differential Transformers 2.8 D-C Power Supplies 2.9 Digital Integrated Circuit Devices 2.10 Microprocessor-Based Computer Systems Chapter 3 REACTOR THEORY REVIEW 3.1 Basics 3.2 Stability Of The Nucleus 3.3 Reactions 3.4 Fission 3.5 Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections 3.6 Neutron Slowing Down 3.7 Thermal Equilibrium 3.8 Neutron Density, Flux, Reaction Rates, And Power 3.9 Slowing Down, Diffusion, And Migration Lengths 3.10 Neutron Life Cycle And The Six-Factor Formula 3.11 Buckling, Leakage, And Flux Shapes 3.12 Multiplication Factor 3.13 Temperature Coefficient...< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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