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Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design By Simon Robinson & Maria Moraes Robinson
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This pioneering book explains how a whole organisation can come together to evolve an entirely new way of being in the world. It introduces the Holonomic Circle, a new tool which provides a holistic... More > framework for designers, corporate executives, creative leaders and those starting a new business or initiative to explore the principles underlying the dynamics of soulful customer experiences. The insights from the authors will help you take a radically new approach to customer experience design; fully integrate purpose, goals and strategy with customer experience; implement human values across the whole organisation; and develop long-term and more meaningful relationships with your customers. Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design provides the guidance needed for developing, structuring and implementing customer experiences with soul, helping you to build and grow authentic businesses and organisations which honour what it is to be human in our world.< Less
Breaking Plates: Fracturing Fictions and Archetypal Imaginings By Christopher Green et al.
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Four decades ago, archetypal psychology offered a different way of viewing all things psychological. As radical and useful as this move was forty years ago, however, it is time to question the... More > sustainability of tenets like these for our contemporary world. As the highly turbulent 21st Century enters its second decade, it is time to ask ourselves “why archetypes?” and “why images?” This book explores these questions through a variety of topics, ranging from clinical psychology, death, cultural colonialism, paranoia, feminism, ecology, education, capitalism to politics. This book is committed to the fact that an archetypal approach should not estrange us from mundane reality; it should facilitate a stronger, more complex, and more active involvement with it. This is what archetypal studies are setting out to do—yes: to do.< Less
The Sermon on the Mount By Gregory M. Lund
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The Sermon on the Mount serves as Jesus' “Kingdom Manifesto.” In it, He declared what His Kingdom is all about and the principles upon which it is based. We have become so familiar with... More > the Sermon on the Mount that we sometimes fail to recognize it for what it is—a most incredible teaching that turned upside down every popular notion people had about what it means to be a part of God’s kingdom. In this sermon series, we seek to rediscover the radical nature of Jesus' words and the amazing life to which He calls His kingdom subjects to live. These outlined preaching manuscripts were written and delivered by Gregory Lund. The approach is solidly biblical, and the sermons expositional in nature. This book may be used as a commentary, for sermon preparation, or for group or individual Bible study.< Less
Stewardship Economy: Private property without private ownership By Julian Pratt
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This book takes a radical approach to the problems of market economies. It doesn't question the role of market mechanisms themselves, or the role of government in regulating the economy and... More > providing public goods. It does however question one of the foundations on which market-based economies are based: the system of property rights. It suggests that the form of private property that works well for the things we make is entirely inappropriate when applied to the natural world. It proposes an alternative - stewardship. The underlying principle of stewardship is that everyone is entitled to an equal share of the wealth of the natural world. In practical terms this means that stewards of land pay a fee that is equal to its market rent. This is used to provide revenue for the government in place of conventional taxes or to provide a Universal Income that is distributed to everybody.< Less
Rapid Entity Attachment Release (REAR) By Athanasios N. Komianos
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Rapid Entity Attachment Release(REAR) is a radical breakthrough and a multi-dimensional approach in producing swift and lasting relief in psychological and physical problems. This book is a manual... More > for open-minded, professional therapists to assist their clients in gaining rapid relief from serious and debilitating psychosomatic conditions. It demonstrates that by intervening in a client’s energy levels, intrusive and well-concealed attached entities, which had contributed directly to the client’s condition, may be exposed and addressed. Disorders such as epileptoid seizures, migraine fits, night terrors, phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours, addictions, and other common ailments may be caused by well-concealed parasitical entities that drain the resources of their unsuspecting victims and hosts. Presented as a lightning insight into alternate therapies, this manual demonstrates how electricity, acupuncture, hypnosis, past-life regression, and spirit release therapy, can be applied interactively.< Less
Travel and Movement in Clinical Psychology: The World Outside the Clinic By Miraj Desai
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This book concerns clinical psychology, but it is most concerned with the world outside the clinic. That world—where culture, history, and economy are found—radically impacts the... More > public’s mental health. However these worldly considerations often do not feature centrally in the science and practice of clinical psychology, a subfield of psychology seemingly dedicated to mental health. Desai offers a corrective by travelling out of the clinic and into the world, exploring ideas, movements, and thinkers that help broaden our approach to well-being, by situating it within its cultural, historical, and sociopolitical contexts. The book aims to be an intercultural journey itself—encountering Buddhism, phenomenology, Edmund Husserl, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. along the way. Featuring a Foreword by Jeffrey Sachs, the book positions pressing matters such as social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice as integral components of good mental health work.< Less
Baba - Against All Odds By Piken Sanders
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Twenty-something Glenna Cobb is busy climbing the corporate ladder when she finds herself plunged into the dark world of organized crime. To further complicate her life, Michael Vikos, the savvy,... More > much older industrialist/crime boss, decides that she must marry him so that he can better protect her from his more unsavory business associates. Despite the unconventional start to their marriage and their age difference, and one horrific incident, love grows between the unlikely pair. With their seventh anniversary approaching, Michael decides to step away from the illegal aspects of his business so that he and Glenna can adopt. Just as Glenna learns that she is miraculously pregnant, Fate steps in, and once again, her life will radically change. Will Glenna be able to protect what is most important to them both?< Less
The Serpent in Our Garden: Al-Qa’ida and The Long War [Enlarged Edition] By Colonel Brian M. Drinkwine & Strategic Studies Institute
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The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (9/11) caused Americans to realize that our sense of invincibility had been shattered. This paper will identify al-Qa’ida and Salafi-Jihadists as our... More > enemy and will recommend new approaches to fighting terrorism. Colonel Brian Drinkwine will explore al-Qa’ida’s organization, leaders, doctrine, and their radical ideologies. It is argued that the war we must fight is one against Islamist transnational actors who openly engage in terrorism or support terrorism. It will highlight that our current national and military strategies to combat terrorism are inadequate to take on an ideologically emboldened transnational foe. It is emphasized that we must refocus our efforts and prepare to fight a war of several generations (long war), and several initiatives will be recommended to include development of a cogent grand national strategy.< Less
Designing Patch Dynamics By Urban Design Studio
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In the summer of 2002, Drs. Steward T.A. Pickett, Mary L. Cadenasso, and J. Morgan Grove, scientists from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), approached Brian McGrath at the Urban Design Program at... More > Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) with an innovative cross-disciplinary collaborative opportunity. Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research Program (LTER), the BES brings together researchers from a variety of social and biophysical science disciplines to engage in data collection, education, and community outreach. Their primary goal is to understand and explain metropolitan Baltimore as a complex ecological system. In an intrepid and prescient next step for BES and LTER, Drs. Pickett, Cadenasso and Grove put forth the radical proposition that urban designers can help to break new ground in the field of ecology and that current ecosystem science would enliven our own design milieu.< Less
22 By Fran Simó
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22's pictures are fragments of calm between two ages, two development models: the industrial model and the knowledge model. Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona suffered the industrial crisis and... More > remained forgotten. It was later conquered by homeless inmigrants, squatters, ruins, demolishers, gipsies, abandoned toys, old account books... and the resistance, people who already lived there before changes began and never wanted to leave. This selection of 22 pictures comes from my personal file of about 2000 pictures of the area taken between 2000 and 2009. It's more emotional than documental. When I approached the project I knew I wanted to convey a feeling of abandonment, plunder and give it a radically non-digital look. I also liked the idea of exploiting the transformation potential of digital media (the foundation of the knowledge society) to give it an analog look and feel.< Less

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