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Endangered Biomes: Rain Forests By Donna Latham
eBook (ePub): $8.99
How have plants and animals adapted to the climate of the rainforest? What eats what in the rainforest? Is there a reason so many animals live up in the trees? Why is the rainforest important? Find... More > out the answers to these questions and more. Endangered Biomes: Rainforests investigates the cycle of life in our planet’s rainforest biome. See how environmental threats endanger the balance of life in this hot, humid place, and why this matters. Learn what you can do to protect the rainforest!< Less
Johny Saves the Rain Forest! By Livy Routledge
Hardcover: $52.45
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johnny saves the rainforest
Johny Saves the Rain Forest! By Livy Routledge
eBook (PDF): $0.99
johnny saves the rainforest
The Rain forest By Marlio da Silva
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The Rain Forest. Conto de Marlio da Silva. Amsterdam 1997. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rain Forest By Paul Alan Cox
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Ethnobotanist Paul Alan Cox traveled with his family to a remote Samoan village at the edge of a rain forest to search for new leads in treating cancer. Working with both native healers and the U.S.... More > National Cancer Institute, Cox discovered a promising new plant-derived drug, prostratin, for an equally serious malady: AIDS. The promise of this new drug lead was soon overshadowed by news that a logging company had started to destroy the rain forest where Cox first collected the plant that yielded prostratin. Cox launched an international campaign to stop the logging of the Falealupo Rain Forest. In Nafanua, he tells the moving story of those efforts, and his involvement in related campaigns to create a U.S. National Park in American Samoa and to place Samoa’s endangered flying foxes under international protection. Cox’s conservation efforts, however, were ultimately followed by a devastating series of events that threatened the lives of himself, his family, the villagers, and everything they had worked for.< Less
Rain Festival! By Heather Varkarotas
Paperback: $12.75
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"Rain Festival!" is a well written and beautifully illustrated children's book about the animals of the rainforest singing and dancing in jubilation to the rhythm of their fascinating home.... More > "Rain Festival!" shows indirectly how important it is to save our rainforests. The vibrant illustrations invite children to celebrate along with the rainforest animals. Children and adults alike will enjoy this delightful story!< Less
The Beach and The Forest By Surajkumar B Bandi
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Novel begins where a boy is interested to talk to the girl and he tries to talk to her. She is not that smooth to handle. She is not knowing about him lately. He made himself a stranger before her.... More > The delay of Param made Pragna lose her focus in preparations. Now the ceremonial “Jyothi (the light fueled by oil bowl)” has been lighted and the ceremony would start in ay or two. She is thinking that if anyone is crossing the river would carry her message to Param. This was the huge back set for her. There was nobody going across this time around. The rains are hitting harder in the morning time and she is thinking to have a journey over the river. The river has crossed its levels and it was reaching near to village and the trees are under water which are nearing the river bank. There were no body trying to go into the boat and the< Less
The Dancing Tiger who Lived in the Rain Forest and had to Learn to Share By Eli Brown-Martin
Paperback: $9.99
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This book is about a dancing tiger who lives in the rain forest and has to learn to share before his life is ruined.
Rainbow Magic - Earth Green Fairies 05 - Lily the Rain Forest Fairy By Daisy Meadows
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Book for kids. The Earth Fairies must be dreaming If they think they can escape my scheming. My goblins are by far the greenest, And I am definitely the meanest. Seven fairies out to save the... More > earth? This very idea fills me with mirth! I’m sure the world has had enough Of fairy magic and all that stuff. So I’m going to steal the fairies’ wands And send them into human lands. The fairies will think all is lost, Defeated again — by me, Jack Frost!< Less
Treeb and the Secret of the Sacred Forest By Ben E. Eld
Hardcover: $28.96
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Treeb is a worker bee who spends his days supplying the hive with nectar to make into honey. For generations, the queen bees have cautioned the bees to never fly over a border called the Forbidden... More > Forest. The bees that cross it never return and nobody knows why. Despite the warnings, Treeb decides one day to fly through the Forbidden Forest in search of the Sacred Forest, a beautiful place filled with flowers. When Treeb discovers the land outside his home is barren, he becomes famished. But everything changes when he is rescued by a family and embarks on a mission to prevent the reset of the world. Accompanied by wizards and other humans and animals, Treeb’s adventure takes the group to eight gates that each must use a special talent to enter. Will the team make it to the Sacred Forest in time to save the world? In this charming tale, a bee recruits a band of characters to help him on a dangerous quest to prevent the reset of the world.< Less

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