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Murder of Jill Meagher: Irish Australian Beauty By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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He should never have been allowed to walk the streets of Melbourne. He was out on parole, a serial rapist. Jill Meagher was a professional woman in media. She stood out from the crowd; a cut above... More > the rest. She was educated, beautiful, accomplished: a respected Irish Australian. She was also a young married woman who deserved to let her hair down a bit on Friday night at the end of the working week. She also had the right to walk the short distance home at night - a bit tiddly in the good old Irish way - without being preyed upon by the likes of Adrian Ernest Bayley. He saw his chance, and dragged her into a filthy side alley where he raped and strangled her. Not only Jill Meagher's life ended that day. The happiness and peace of mind of her young husband Tom was destroyed, along with that of Jill's parents and everyone on both sides of the family. This is a forensic numerological criminal profile and analysis of both the violently depraved perpetrator and his tragic victim.< Less
Forged in Fire By L. L. Brooks
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Bell was ugly, dirty, and mean. If he had left me alone, the others would never have known I was there. I was terrified of him, yet more terrified of not being beside him. He made promises when he... More > kidnapped me, to protect me from the others and take me home once his drug deal with the biker gang was done. The others let it be known that at any opportunity, they would rape, torture me, and kill me. Every concept of the life I’d lived was destroyed, had to be for me to survive. Oscillating back and forth from trusting Bell, believing he would take me home, to hating and wanting to see him dead, I battled with never before experienced emotions. He hurt me a little, to save me from worse, or so he claimed. I responded to him, telling myself I had to, not that he made me hot and wanting.< Less
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue By Richard Hernaman Allen
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1994. Customs & Excise staff in Dover find revolting pornography being imported by a Cabinet Minister. Various underhand attempts are made by the Minister to retrieve the porn or get the case... More > heard before a compliant magistrate. But how does this link with the “Hades Club” many of whose members are “the great and the good” and whose initiation rite appears to be to take a woman off the streets and rape her? Nick and Rosemary Storey and colleagues go undercover to obtain evidence, but when the cat is let out of the bag, Nick is menaced by a gunman at a strange hotel in Birmingham where the C&E Board are having a “retreat”. If the Minister wishes to save his own skin by outing even more highly-connected people, what are his chances of survival? And why has the centre of Government been so invisible while this was going on? “It’s all over now, Baby Blue” is the twenty-fourth book in a series of detective stories set in HM Customs & Excise, by Richard Hernaman Allen, a former Commissioner< Less
Goliath's Head By Alan Fleishman
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GOLIATH'S HEAD tells of a search for courage and hope amidst crushing oppression. Avi Schneider is a Jewish boy growing up in Russia on the eve of early-twentieth-century revolution. He is nine... More > years old when he meets his own personal devil, Viktor Askinov, a brutal youngster who relishes tormenting Jews. In the following years, Avi is the object of his tormentor's obsession. Fourteen years later in 1905 the Tsar instigates riots - pogroms - against the poor, teeming Jewish villages. Now a husband and father, Avi takes to the barricades to defend his village from the mob coming to kill the men, rape the women, and burn down his village. Armed, he again faces Viktor Askinov, who is leading the mob. But he has been warned that if he kills Viktor Askinov, he puts his beautiful young wife Sara and newborn son Itzhak in deadly peril. Avi must decide this night what he stands for. Is it survival at any cost, for himself and those he loves Or is it righteous vengeance for his people< Less
Rogue Elephants: A Novel of the Peace Corps By Dan Grossman
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Rogue Elephants, [ALSO AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK ON THIS PAGE] set in Niger, West Africa, follows the experiences of three Peace Corps volunteers. Contradictory impulses in Adam Goldstein drive plot... More > forward. His desire to help his village is often outmatched by his desire for gratification. For Ed Espada, the success of his service depends on keeping his gay identity under wraps. Ed doesn't have difficulty in this—at least not until his oil executive father pays him a visit with an attractive Nigerian male attendant. Sheryl Johnson was raped one night in the Peace Corps training camp. After medevac to the states, she's discouraged from going back to Niger. Eventually she is allowed to pursue Peace Corps service. Once she returns to Niger she has a difficult time reconciling her past trauma with her desire for intimacy. Novel opens with a journalist investigating the apparent death of volunteer Adam Goldstein. Villagers tell him volunteer’s death was caused by jinn(bush spirits). Sheltering Sky meets Seinfeld.< Less
Healing Papua New Guinea – A Study of Rule-of-Law Violations, Gender Violence and Tribal Violence in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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Papua New Guinea is often ranked as likely the worst place in the world for violence against women; studies indicating that two thirds of all women in Papua New Guinea will suffer abuse at the hands... More > of a partner. Even though the Family Protection Act was passed in 2013 – which criminalizes domestic violence and allows victims to obtain protection orders – enforcement remains weak and inconsistent; with police and prosecutors rarely pursuing investigations or criminal charges against people who commit family violence – even in cases of attempted murder, serious injury, or repeated rape – instead prefering to resolve such cases through mediation and/or payment of compensation... Violence by police and security forces is also a major issue in the country; with prisoners, refugees, women and children being the most frequent victims. Hence this book endeavours to improve rule-of-law, human rights and gender equality in Papua New Guinea; so that peace and prosperity can be manifested in this beautiful country.< Less
Confessions of a HOusEwife INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS: Secrets She Could No Longer Keep By Tina Marie
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Miracle has carried pain, anger, shame, guilt, and bitterness so long she became numb and emotionless. For years she was her own worst enemy and waged war against herself. Without warning, her... More > daydreams became nightmares, her ambition turned into manipulation, and her thoughts were cold calculated schemes. Miracle’s years of being a sweet little girl who longed to hear a lullaby from her daddy at bedtime or make castles in the sand with her mama would never come to pass. Miracle was born and raised in a very small city where the entire inner city is a ghetto, oppression is real, poverty state of mind is a way of thinking, and drugs, alcohol, crime and incarceration is everyday life. On Miracle’s journey you will discover how poverty, incarceration, bullying, drug smuggling, molestation, rape, drug/alcohol abuse, and hustling, tried to define her life as early as age nine. Welcome to Confessions of a HOusEwife and get ready to turn each page of this book with wide eyes of anticipation!< Less
28 Days to Breaking the Cycle: The Dreamer's Journal By Miss Alma
Paperback: $20.00
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In this follow up to “28 Days to Breaking the Cycle: My Story”, Miss Alma breaks down her personal formula for success, showing you how to release the burden of holding on to past hurts,... More > pain, and misery. And who could better advise than a woman who has transformed herself from rape victim, dope dealer, drug abuser, federal prison inmate into a motivational speaker, Activist, aspiring Philanthropist and Founder of a nonprofit organization, W.E.L.L.S Foundation Inc.? “28 Days to Breaking the Cycle: The Journal”, shows you how to identify and break the cycles operating in your life, in 4 steps:  Look Within And Confront Your Truths  It’s Past Time to Forgive!  Build A Relationship with God and Find Your Divine Purpose  DREAM! Imagine Your Best Life NOW! This journal guides you through 28 days of reflection and self-discovery that leads to self-improvement with daily affirmations, leaving you equipped with your own strategic life plan.< Less
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