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The Simple Art of Murder By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Simple Art of Murder refers to both a critical essay and a collection of short stories written by hard-boiled detective fiction author Raymond Chandler. The essay is considered a seminal piece... More > of literary criticism. Although Chandler's primary topic is the art (and failings) of detective fiction, he touches on general literature and modern society as well. The opening statement – "Fiction in any form has always intended to be realistic" – places Chandler in a lineage with earlier American Realists, in particular Mark Twain and his critique of James Fenimore Cooper, "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses". Chandler dissects A. A. Milne's The Red House Mystery much as Twain tears apart Cooper's The Deerslayer, namely by revealing what is ignored, brushed over, and unrealistic. "If the situation is false," Chandler writes, "you cannot even accept it as a light novel, for there is no story for the light novel to be about."< Less
Wrong Pidgeon By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Chandler's final Marlowe short story. It later provided the basis of an episode for an HBO mini-series (1983–86) entitled Philip Marlowe, Private Detective and starring Powers Boothe as... More > Marlowe. Philip Marlowe is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler in a series of novels including The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye. Marlowe first appeared, under that name, in The Big Sleep, published in 1939. Chandler's early short stories, published in pulp magazines like Black Mask and Dime Detective, featured essentially identical characters with names like "Carmady" and "John Dalmas." Some of those short stories were later combined and expanded into novels featuring Marlowe, a process Chandler called "cannibalizing." When the non-cannibalized stories were republished years later in the short story collection The Simple Art of Murder, Chandler changed the names of the protagonists to Philip Marlowe.< Less
The King In Yellow By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $5.00
"The King in Yellow" is a 1938 short story by Raymond Chandler. It is a crime story in which the narrator has apparently read Chambers' book and uses the phrase to describe one of the other... More > characters. "The King in Yellow" begins with a musician waking up the whole floor in a hotel. The "night clerk" tosses him out. This musician knows the owner, so the clerk Steve is fired. Steve goes to an address, and finds a body. He meets more people, and finds more bodies. When he returns to the hotel, an old killing is brought up. This clue leads to the murderers, and an old scandal.< Less
Bay City Blues By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $6.00
Focusing on Chandler's middle period – "Farewell My Lovely," "Lady in the Lake" and a few short stories upon which these novels are built, "Bay City Blues" among... More > them-- this tour will explore Chandler's take on the Westside, the real life rackets and murders which gave Bay City its wild reputation, and the elements of the old community that have survived layer upon layer of gentrification. As the bus rolls from point to point, your guides will draw the lines between Chandler's life and his fiction, offering insight into his nomadic life with wife Cissy, the enigmatic redhead who appears in many forms in his short stories and novels. Contents: 1. Cinderella Suicide 2. Murder On The Cuff 3. Gentleman Of The Press 4. Redheaded Woman 5. My Dead Neighbor 6. I Get My Gun Back 7. Big Chin 8. Needle-Pusher 9. A Guy With Guts< Less
The Curtain By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $5.00
A novelette by Raymond Chandler. Excerpt: The first time I ever saw Larry Batzel he was drunk outside Sardi's in a secondhand Rolls-Royce. There was a tall blonde with him who had eyes you wouldn't... More > forget. I helped her argue him out from under the wheel so that she could drive. The second time I saw him he didn't have any Rolls-Royce or any blonde or any job in pictures. All he had was the jitters and a suit that needed pressing. He remembered me. He was that kind of drunk. I bought him enough drinks to do him some good and gave him half my cigarettes. I used to see him from time to time "between pictures." I got to lending him money. I don't know just why. He was a big, handsome brute with eyes like a cow and something innocent and honest in them. Something I don't get much of in my business.< Less
No Crime In the Mountains By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $6.00
"No Crime in the Mountains" starts when John Evans receives a letter hiring him on a confidential matter. But Fred Lacey can tell no tales. More dead bodies turn up. There is a question... More > about $500 in a shoe. Could foreign agents be active in a resort area? The ending seems implausible. Chandler followed Farewell with a long short story, "No Crime in the Mountains" (1941). This is one his most smoothly written works. Filled with humor and an exciting plot, it is one of his most entertaining tales. It has a rich atmosphere describing the mountain resorts where the crime takes place. "Mountains" also follows Nebel like traditions. The bad guys are up to some criminal enterprise. Innocent bystanders accidentally tumble into it. This leads to their being murdered. The detective tracks them down, figuring out along the way what scheme the criminals are up to.< Less
Pearls Are a Nuisance By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $6.00
Solid classic crime story, the model for the film noir genre with Humphrey Bogart. Pearls are a nuisance, is brilliant. The characterisation was just so sweet and wonderful, not something one... More > usually expects from hard boiled pulp detective stories. But the main character, a large guy with a drinking problem who was sweet and soft, rather than tough and hard, was lovely. Everyone teased him for talking like Jane Austen rather than a detective. He acquired a side-kick, who his girlfriend had accused of taking the pearls, because he was also big and had a fondness for Whiskey and the two were fantastic together. In "Pearls Are A Nuisance" a society gentlemen is asked by his fiancee to investigate some stolen pearls. He gets mixed up with the suspect and amidst a lot of drinking they try to solve the case together.< Less
The Man Who Liked Dogs By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Dames, Dicks, Drugs, Danger and a Dog. The detective arrives in a small seaside California town looking for a missing girl. Her mother is very concerned. Concerned enough to hire him. He is soon... More > over his head; caught in a crime syndicate that includes the beat cops, the local police chief, a psychiatric hospital, an offshore gambling boat, and a pair of bank robbers.< Less
Try the Girl By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $5.00
"Try the Girl" tells of a huge man who was just released from prison and is looking for his old girlfriend. Carmady tries to find Beulah the singer. The ending to this story differs from... More > "Farewell, My Lovely". "Try the Girl" provided the initial story about a hoodlum looking for his old girlfriend who has moved on to a more respectable life.< Less
Five Sinister Characters By Raymond Chandler
eBook (ePub): $6.00
A detective book. The first was published in 1945 as part of the Murder Mystery Monthly series. Contains five short stories . "Trouble Is My Business," in which Jerry Jester who was... More > considered "upper crust" to the tabloids was nothing but toruble to his millionaire father and to the gambler on whom he welshed; "Pearls Are A Nuisance," in which old Mrs. Penruddock's pearls are stolen; "I'll Be Waiting," A story where a hard-boiled hotel PI turns out to have a heart of gold; "The King In Yellow," where the master of swing gets involved in murder; and "Red Wing," involving murder in a bar.< Less

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