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Real Options at Agile 2009 By Chris Matts
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This is the Real Options comic book handed out at Agile 2009. It contains a strip on "the last responsible moment", and the comic strip on Feature Injection which explains how traditional... More > business analysis techniques work with Agile software development.< Less
Assignment of Option to Buy Real Estate By Tiffany-Nicole Hill
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Native American Storyteller Wm. C. Pond really brings his characters to life in this excellent suspense tale of survival. Retired Marine Colonel Bill Yates finds himself in a situation no one could... More > ever dream of, and he is forced to search his innermost depths to drag out the will to live. The story is first-class, a real page-turner from start to finish. You will not want to put it down. Mr. Pond has wonderful imagination backed with a gift for storytelling.< Less
Options Trading for Profits By V. T.
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Do you enjoy trading? Ever trade options before? Many traders are trading options, and making tons of money out of it. Options trading is nothing new, and it has its advantages if you know how to... More > use it. This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL options traders, sharing the good, bad and ugly about options trading. If you want to make some real money, get this ebook and follow the steps inside. Learn from the traders and see how fast you escalate your financial upwards! Get this ebook today!< Less
The Options Edge: Winning the Volatility Game with Options On Futures by William R. Gallacher By William R. Gallacher
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With his take-no-prisoners 1994 book Winner Takes All, Bill Gallacher first carved out a reputation as a no-nonsense authority on the futures trading game. Now, with The Options Edge, he focuses on... More > the world of options on futures, exposing the shortcomings of current theoretical pricing formulae and offering a simple, understandable, and widely applicable option pricing model without invoking any complicated mathematics whatsoever. Gallacher¿s watershed book represents nothing less than a new mindset for trading options on futures, a revolutionary approach that depends less on esoteric, theoretical abstractions and more on empirical evidence gathered from the real world of options trading.< Less
The Precious Metals Industry Training Options By drake funches
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Apex Epic Resources is a world leader in the fields of training individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses how to enter into the precious metals industry profitably and securely while optimizing the... More > trainee’s exposure real time inside of the inner workings as part of the precious metals agent/consultant training. The great range of opportunities in the precious metals industry are vast in scope and depth, options include distributing au79 supplies to refineries across the USA and to global markets; which in some cases pay a premium for precious metals supplies.< Less
Still Another Automatic Offsite Backup Option By Dick Eastman
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I have written numerous times about how to make backups easily. Yet I still receive e-mails from newsletter readers that say, "I recently lost all the data on my computer and…" Such... More > a data loss certainly is inconvenient, but it shouldn't be a disaster. Sooner or later, you will suffer a significant data loss. If you take steps now to make automated backups, you will be able to retrieve all your data. There is no need to lose your genealogy database, family photos, checkbook, or other important files. This week I discovered still another backup service that (1.) stores your data either at your location or off-site or both, (2.) is either free or very cheap, depending upon which options you choose, and (3.) works on both Windows and Macintosh systems. In fact, I am now using this company's software to back up data on my PowerMac laptop. Even better, the company promises to add Linux systems "real soon now."< Less
The Lease Option Handbook / Think B.I.G By Dominick Corey
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The Lease Option Handbook provides you with all the essential methods and tools to launch into the lease purchase market successfully. It will guide you through: § How to get started... More > immediately. § Step-by step methods to deal with real estate investments, landlord/seller transactions, tenant/buyer transactions. § Precautions to minimize risk with each type of transaction. § Sample marketing materials.< Less
Real Estate Investment Secrets By Bruce J Fraser
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Discover the secrets to real estate riches and broker investing tips. How to survey the different real estate options to make an informed investment. Explains other investing tips such as Retirement... More > Communities,Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.< Less
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Globalization promised that, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the consequent end of the Cold War, a period of Augustan pax, has not failed to disclose the 'umpteenth deception: and the... More > world becomes for a few powerful elites of the board games geopolitical strategy of increasingly pervasive, we are often unaware of the sacrificial pawns in the game. In this rapidly changing scenario, it is more important than ever to understand where the world is going ... or rather WHERE IN THE WORLD 'BETTER GO! With this new editorial work we want to reinforce the view, supported by personal experiences, that Brazil is among the few countries still growing in the world and especially one of the last frontiers where you can build a future. Brazil is magic! Paradise is here! LIVING ON INCOME IN BRAZIL With this new practical guide we want to share this magical place together with you. The paradise exists!< Less