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When the Reality King Commes Knocking By Susan Reality, Czarina King
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Three long time friends reunite only to have two of them become turned on by the other. They ditch the third friend to explore each other from head to toe, naked.
When the Reality King Commes Knocking Again By Susan Reality, Czarina King
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Two long time friends that reunited and then had their first sexual experience together goes back for seconds.
Reality By Krystle Bodine
eBook (PDF): $6.25
What happens when you fall in love with your eyes closed... have babies young and get married because it's the next thing to do? You doubt everything; Even your ability to make decisions. Then you... More > ask yourself what is real and what is not real. Seeking out anything with substance just to get you by. That is what happened to me. This is my life. It's raw and true and I finally get the chances to share it.< Less
Realities By R. Randall
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This remarkable novel by R. Randall is an exciting, cosmic science fiction epic and a mind-expanding guide to the reality in which we live. Set in the distant future, REALITIES is the story of two... More > friends – a man called Kortosh and a woman called Tionsha – who are both disturbed by premonitory dreams and ghostly, night-time visitations. Their search for answers becomes a struggle for survival when they find themselves at the center of an inter-dimensional, inter-galactic, trans-temporal war. Valiantly, they take on the daunting mission of saving everyone in the galaxy from a powerful race of time-traveling spirits. Through the adventures, discoveries, and romances of Kortosh and Tionsha, REALITIES masterfully presents the reader with a series of profound and potentially real philosophical revelations about ghosts, spirits, time-travel, reincarnation, the afterlife, logic, morality, and faith. Are you ready to understand . . . everything?< Less
On Reality By David Xu
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The majority of people presume reality to be as perceived. They believe the five biological senses transmit to them directly the aspects of reality. They also believe the early conceptions of time... More > and space to be uniform and absolute. The majority of people assume reality to be an absolute thing, capable of being understood to some degree. Yet, this is not so. Upon scrutiny of perceptual compositions, one cannot use perceptual or even scientific knowledge as a basis for any accurate model of reality. The reality, which we can only know, is the reality that is in our mind.< Less
Reality By Alan Marcus James Robbins
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This short book offers a unique and practical way of understanding life, love and reality, based on ten “fracALities” that have been derived from many ideas and theories in the arts and... More > sciences. Each fracALity is explained in a chapter relating them to my own experiences in life and how we use them to meet our own “need-loves”. The concept of “perfect love” is then discussed, suggesting how this glues together all reality. A final chapter explains how the fracALities can be presented graphically as a schema called an Octaikon, which can be used as a life-long learning tool for understanding the ideas on which the schema has been based.< Less
Reality By D.R. Wick
eBook (PDF): $3.75
"Reality" is a song written by someone who spent a long period of time being attacked and persecuted for false reasons. I wrote this song to bring out an emotion, and it's raw and it's... More > simple, but it's me in a moment in time where I'm learning to move on with life and overcome obstacles, don't let them stop me. I want others to hear this song and feel the same exuberance I do when I read it :)< Less
Reality By Kyaa Lanee', Huda Alogaili, Tory Beasley
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Our Life in Silver Valley High School as ah Gay
Reality By Andrew Pfeiffer
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Imagine a single bullet can start an endless journey the murder of deans parents has been a tragic death but he goes insane and plans to hunt down this assassin. His friend Daniel is a gardener that... More > teaches karate will teach him karate but finding the murderer is only half the story. his plane crashes and wakes up[ in the year 2023 to find a disturbing future.< Less
REALITY By Alexander M Zoltai
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A powerful compilation of Spiritual Writings!