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Transportation Visioning Plan for the Philadelphia Region By Andrew Reback
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UPenn CPLN Studio 2008
Transportation Visioning Plan for the Philadelphia Region By Andrew Reback
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UPenn CPLN Studio 2008
From Mother's Womb to the Regions of Light By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The moment of birth in Animal Kingdom is a major milestone. For weeks or months, or perhaps even years, the mother animal has been directing all her energies towards this moment. Now a new life has... More > begun, to carry her genetic make-up into the next generation. Animals will go to incredible lengths to make sure their family line continues. Some animal parents invest all their energies in producing vast numbers of eggs and then leave them to take their chances. Others produce fewer offspring but put more effort into nurturing them. Whichever strategy the animal adopts, the moment eventually arrives when a new individual opens its eyes on the world for the first time. For the parents, this is nothing less than a major success. But for the newborn, it is the first step along a road fraught with danger – a road which, with luck, will lead to maturity and a family of its own.< Less
2015 Regional Creative Writing Book By Jana Csehy
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Collection of creative writing from the southeast student of the Association of Christian Schools Int'l from 2015.
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"As such, Kosovo and her Balkan neighbors can be described as a bridge between West and East and will continue to create a clear example of the positive potential of a secular nation,... More > predominantly Muslim, which can attain democratic success and retain strong connection with nations with a plethora of religious beliefs. However, the struggles to achieve political stability, global recognition, and economic independence in a post-conflict environment provide the local conditions that ultimately support the potential for the genesis of religious extremism. And Dr. Krasniqi has undertaken extreme detail to outline how these phenomena have developed within Kosovo, both recently and over decades, which have permitted religious extremism to fester and predominantly contradict the best political and economical interests of the population and national leadership of their homeland." - James F. Albrecht Professor of Criminal Justice & Homeland Security Pace University, New York City, USA< Less
Regional Spillover Effects Of The Iraq War By W. Andrew Terrill & Strategic Studies Institute
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The Iraq war has been one of the dominant factors influencing U.S. strategic thinking in the Middle East and globally since 2003. Yet the problems of this highly dynamic and fluid war have sometimes... More > forced U.S. policymakers to address near-term issues that cannot be safely postponed at the expense of long-term strategic thought. Such a technique, while understandable, cannot continue indefinitely as an approach to policy. Long-term planning remains vital for advancing regionwide U.S. and Iraqi interests following a U.S. drawdown from Iraq. Such planning must include dealing with current and potential “spillover” from the Iraq war. In this monograph, Dr. W. Andrew Terrill presents ideas, concerns, and strategies that can help to fill this gap in the literature and enrich the debate on the actual and potential spillover effects of the Iraq war that will face U.S. policymakers, possibly for decades.< Less
An Introduction To Theater Strategy And Regional Security By Clarence J. Bouchat & Strategic Studies Institute
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Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Bouchat conceived this paper while teaching theater strategy on the Distance Education faculty at the U.S. Army War College. As an adjunct member of the resident course... More > teaching team, he also observed resident students wrestle with the subject. While the Strategic Studies Institute does not normally publish curricular materials, this is the second time a subject has been deemed of sufficient importance and utility that it is now offered to our wider audience. Theater strategy and theater security cooperation (TSC) are two of the most important tools available in attaining national security. They offer an effective means for geographic Combatant Commanders to engage other countries, deter aggression, or resolve crises. Despite their importance, however, little current, concise, and comprehensive guidance is available on how they are planned and implemented.< Less
Into the Mindsai: A Region of Significance Beyond the Veil By Nathaniel Ratcliff
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Memory…it is what makes us who we are—a collection of people, places, and events. But like people, memories only live as long as those who can remember them. At least, that was the... More > scientific understanding until the research by Dr. Sebastian “Bash” Silva. A Nobel Prize-winning cyber psychologist, Bash is a man haunted by memories of the past…but they might not all be his own. He is certain that they are ancestral memories, passed down through successive generations. To test this hypothesis, he has created the Mindsai, a machine capable of reconstructing memories stored in the deepest parts of the mind. Aided by Aliyah, a bright-eyed newcomer to his lab and Craig, a disgruntled graduate student, Bash hopes that his experiments with the Mindsai are the key to bridging the gap to untold reservoirs of knowledge of the past. However, the shadowy figures lurking in the edges of memory are variables he never predicted. Perhaps some memories are best forgotten to be remembered.< Less
2019 Northeast Indiana Northwest Ohio National Medalists By Fort Wayne Museum of Art a Regional Affiliate of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
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This book showcases the very best art and writing submitted to the Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio Region of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2019. Featured are the 44 National Medal... More > art and writing works from our region; the full text of each writing piece is included along with artworks in full color.< Less
Innovations and Collaboration in global city-region governance By Edward Blakely
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Bok about great city-regions grappling with regional issues that transcend local and regional boundaries,

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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