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Adult Baby Letters (Volume Three) By Lady Loren
eBook (PDF): $7.82
In all of the years I have been interested in Femdom, the topic of infantilism and the Adult Babies; Nappy Lovers and Mummies has always been one which fascinated me. Age play and regression is... More > something in which I have played many times and, it is, in many ways, the ultimate submission and domination play. To be reduced to the state of a mewling and totally dependent infant is, for me, the epitome of submission. The letters reproduced in this, the third volume of Adult Baby Letters, have been in my collection for many years and, I hope you enjoy reading them. I hope that the letters may inspire you to participate actively in infantilism play – after all, wouldn’t the world be a much better place if all men were constantly nappied and under womens’ control? I think so!< Less
The Essential 4 By Randi Light
Paperback: $24.95
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The Essential 4 is four profound Hypnosis sessions to assist your clients in overcoming almost everything. If you want a fast and effective system to get your clients from where they are to where... More > they want to be, then this book is for you. You get the scripts, tips and protocols for Confidence Building, Stress Reduction, Regression and Timeline Therapy and Forgiveness. It also provides hypnotic enhancers that deepen the changes on a cellular level. The program combines Hypnotherapy with Coaching to assist your clients in breaking through blocks and barriers to success including overcoming insomnia, pain, stress, worry, feelings of anxiety and depression, weight loss and more. You get the specific information you need so you are prepared, more intuitive and can easily guide your clients to achieve rapid results.< Less
Structure of Statistics By David Krus
Hardcover: $65.00
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Advanced methods of analysis and interpretation of data are conceptualized by using paradigm defining statistics as a modern successor of epistemology. It introduces a new method of addition and... More > subtraction of matrices, which is indispensable for computing matrices adjacent to ordered graphs, construction of dendrograms of their hierarchical structures, and 3-dimensional rendering of probability distributions. Discussion revolves around concise descriptions of multiple regression, analysis of variance, principal components analysis, factor analysis, canonical analysis, and multivariate analysis of variance. The formal description of these methods is complemented by a step-by-step analysis of minute matrices, consisting of different arrangements of numbers 1 2 3 4 5. The description of methods of statistical analysis and theory underlying their applications is presented as to minimize anxiety and maximize interest in quantitative scientific investigations.< Less
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For the Love of Stephen By Colin Milton
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Life had been going pretty well for Stephen. He and his wife Carol were getting along better recently and he knew the reason why. He had a Mistress who was willing to indulge his adult baby fetish.... More > He'd never had the courage to admit such a thing to his wife... she hadn't been keen on any intimacy for years. Lucy, however, was different. She loved humiliating and regressing Stephen. She'd bought nursery furniture, adult sized, for him. She'd turned a room in her home into a nursery for him. A playpen, a cot, a highchair, baby clothes, feeding equipment - anything that a baby might possibly need had been bought for him. She, of course, hadn't paid a penny. Stephen's desire to be infantilised had overridden any sense of budget in his pursuit of a nursery lifestyle. However, Stephen hadn't anticipated Carol mentioning Lucy's name one afternoon. One thing guaranteed to get women talking to one another is the idea of a new baby.< Less
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Enforced Dummy / Pacifier Discipline By Lady Loren
eBook (PDF): $7.81
A collection of Lady Loren's favourite letters about one of her favourite subjects - infantilism and domination of the adult male using nothing more complex than a baby's dummy / pacifier. ** Please... More > note: This book is strictly for adults and contains adult themes.***< Less

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