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Dating Advice for Women: Getting the Love You Want By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
Dating Advice For Women: Getting the Love You Want by expert Cathy Wilson dazzles you with useful top secret tips on Dating Advice for Women. Kiss your dating and relationship frustrations good-bye.... More > Wilson describes step-by-step how to "Hook, Line and Sinker" your man EVERYTIME! Key Dating Advice Solutions Extraordinaire include . . . * PERSUASIVE Confidence * MOTIVATED Action * INFORMATION To Understand What You Really Want * RESOLVING Interference Issues * CREATING Self Love First * OPENING Your Mind To New And EXCITING Dating Strategies Most importantly this DYNAMIC Relationship Advice For Women book INITIATES and IMPLEMENTS an Introductory Plan to classy women up for SUCCESS in the Big Bad world of Dating! ESTABLISHING practical Strategies to Attract the handsome man of your dreams and skip past trouble is CRITICAL in the big picture. Wilson MOTIVATES, INSPIRES and CO-ORDINATES the tools necessary for sexy women to get the love you want and keep it. Let's get started!< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.70
In stark contrast to ordinary questions, quizzes and long winded sessions of marriage advisor's, costing hundreds of dollars, this booklet offers you a totally new approach to premarital counseling... More > at modest cost. Ever wondered why questions and quizzes in most self-help books and counseling session's fail to explain and define the origin of emotional compatibility or how to cope effectively with infidelity, the way it's explained in this booklet? It's, because the author of this booklet originates his very own insight, whereas the others merely copy each other's ideas ...that's why! Bargain priced, because as the song goes: "Love Is A Very Expensive Thing" :)< Less
Unmasked (Real Talk On Relationship and Marriage) By Esewe Melvin Joseph
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The book you are about to read is not a sermonized text but a carefully diced mix of true and thorough schooling for a blissful single and married life! You can permanently put marital misery and... More > frustration of misunderstood singleness on vacation if you will open yourself to the content of these series. Experience is worth millions of theories; these series is a bail out from emotional torture and marital imprisonment! Marriage is like a room without an exit and relationship are the door to it! When you rush into a room without an exit and the door jams, what happens? Misery begins! It is all about your decision and choice. What you know always informs your choices, actions and decisions. Life is a deal and marriage or relationship is one of its major contractors! Relationship and Marriage are careful decisions which are implication driven because there is a budgeted future that you can’t see.Human calculations and projections are never accurate, you need a divine lens!< Less
Toxic Relationships 7 Alarming Signs That You Are In a Toxic Relationship By Morgan Lee
eBook (ePub): $5.99
There are 3 simple questions that determine whether you should read this book. Have you ever wanted to know why some people make you feel inferior? Have you ever had the slight suspicion of being... More > manipulated by your family members, friends or even partner?  Have you ever wondered if your relationships need a bit of "cleaning up" but don't know where to start?< Less
Sex, Lies and Confusion - Frank Advice for Real Life By Frank Kermit
eBook (PDF): $15.00
Formerly titled Frank Advice, this book Sex, Lies and Confusion is 100 Q&A of Frank Kermit giving his controversial Frank Advice. It does not matter if your relationship is traditionally... More > monogamous, alternative, swinger, or openly poly, everyone needs some Frank Advice to get perspectives on making it work out. Frank Advice is TOO FRANK for some, and can be considered controversial. To read reviews, or buy this book at discount, please visit< Less
Athletics & Average Advice: How to be a Mindful Superstar By Therius S. Styles
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is an autobiography about my days as a collegiate student-athlete. This book was written from my perspective. It will detail ways on how to deal with frustration, create positivity for yourself... More > and others, create meaningful friendships and relationships, and how to make a difference within yourself and the community.< Less
5 Simple Steps to Healthy Relationships By Edward Ramos
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard all about the dating techniques that have been studied and developed for both men and women. The creators of... More > these techniques swear that they work like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They say that if you really want to get the person of your dreams, all you have to do is follow these techniques and you’ll have him before you know it. While that may be true up to a point, there’s a bit of a problem with that situation. With this ebook discover: - 5 fast fix it solutions for healthy relationships - Learn how to start a healthy relationship - Why most healthy relationships fail - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right? By Jarray Davis
eBook (ePub): $0.00
No one needs another advice book from a relationship “expert” to take up more space in our homes and hearts, in the opinion of author Jarray Davis. If advice is all we need then the... More > market for these books would have been closed after the first one was published—because we'd have all the information that we needed! If you ask Jarray why we can't experience consistent relationship success, his answer will be simple: We never understood relationships in the first place! After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right makes clear all pieces and stages of relationships so that you walk away feeling ready to take on a new relationship or improve an existing relationship. He makes clear the answers to questions like: why people cheat in happy relationships; why sex is so important; and why titles have different meanings to both people in the relationship.< Less
100 Tips to a Better Relationship: How to Improve Your Marriage and Relationships By eBook Legend
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
In todays world more than 50% of marriages fail for some reason or another. Quite simply the fact is that relationships, whether being married or dating, are hard. Things do not always go smoothly.... More > We do things that irritate each other, outside influences take place to increase the difficulties in a relationship. It take a 100% commitment from both sides for a relationship to be a success. "Healthy, long lasting relationships are possible."There many ways to help a relationship be a happy and long one. In this eBook we have compiled just some of them that you can use to strengthen and enhance your relationship. Even if you you are already happy in your partnership this resourse will help to ensure a long term happiness. Don't waste time the cost of this eBook could help save a lot of heartache, save your marriage and make your life seem a whole lot happier!< Less
The Failed Relationship Expert: One Man's Road To Relationship Redemption By Thomas C. Martin & Dr. Robin D. Duncan
Paperback: $15.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The "Failed Relationship Expert," details the road of failure through three romantic relationships and marriage. These relationships persisted through the author's college years and well... More > into his professional life. He analyzes, describes, and reflects on each of these pivotal relationships and breaks down the many mistakes that were made. He also outlines twelve tenets that one can employ to help them avoid the same pitfalls he experienced. The co-author reflects on each relationship as well and gives a theological and psychological perspective as well. He underscores the author's tenets and gives advice on how to escape the many mistakes we all make in relationships.< Less

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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