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Reluctance By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $15.60
An autobiographical and philosophical journal that is the sequel to 'Limitless' (2012) and, if we may be so bold as to say so, one of the best books Mr O'Loughlin has ever written, full of wit,... More > logical insights, trenchant criticism, and spine-tingling confessions that one might perhaps be reluctant to believe, never mind confess to oneself!< Less
Reluctant By Ryan T. Petty
Paperback: $13.95
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Captured in Texarkana, Jennifer finds herself in the hands of a ruthless examiner that will stop at nothing to find the cure to the SA8 virus. Coerced into a sinister game of her willfully complying... More > to resistance testing in exchange for knowledge about her past, Jennifer confronts the dark truths about the exploitative history of human existence and begins to blame herself for the death of her friends. Can she find the strength and determination to carry on as she is faced with a new virus created by her captors or has she given up on society and its continual efforts to destroy itself? Reluctant is the second post-apocalyptic novel to the Resistant Series, questioning how much one will sacrifice in order to do what is right.< Less
Reluctantly By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $1.72
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living ridiculing nothing.
The Reluctant Dragon By Kenneth Grahame
eBook (PDF): $2.72
a young boy discovers an erudite, poetry-loving dragon living in the Downs above his home. The two become friends, but soon afterwards the dragon is discovered by the townsfolk, who send for St... More > George to rid them of it. The boy introduces St George to the dragon, and the two decide that it would be better for them not to fight. Eventually, they decide to stage a fake joust between the two combatants. As the two have planned, St George harmlessly spears the dragon through a shallow fold of skin suggested by the dragon, and the townsfolk rejoice (though not all of them, as some had placed bets on the dragon winning). St George then proclaims that the dragon is reformed in character, and assures the townsfolk that he is not dangerous. The dragon is then accepted by the people.< Less
The Reluctant Crusader By Curt Oxyer
eBook (ePub): $2.99
IT contractor Tim Martin receives the promotion of a lifetime, but every company has its secrets and this one has more skeletons than he bargained for. Meanwhile, a local terrorist cell is setting... More > down plans for an attack.< Less
The Reluctant Salmon By -------- ---------
eBook (PDF): $0.49
The musings of a reluctant salmon, drawn through life by internal and external forces beyond his control.
The Reluctant Traveller By Jeff Rozelaar
Paperback: $9.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
It may be seen as perverse that someone who believes himself to be one of the world’s worse travellers should feel compelled to write a book on travel. The task has been undertaken in the... More > knowledge that there are likely to be countless others who share my reluctance to see “The Lonely Planet.” For them , and the bolder spirits with the opposite attitude, entertainment may be derived from the candid confessions of a neurotic who is aware that the world will laugh at one who considers a walk to the local crossroads , a day out. Friends , with deliberate irony and a superficial knowledge of the Classics , refer to me as “Homer”, knowing of this aversion to Odysseys. This amusing tale follows this “Reluctant Traveller” on a recent West Coast, Canadian and U.S. road trip.< Less
The Reluctant Dragon By Kenneth Grahame
eBook (ePub): $3.25
"The Reluctant Dragon" is an 1898 children's story by Kenneth Grahame (originally published as a chapter in his book Dream Days), which served as the key element to the 1941 feature film... More > with the same name, from Walt Disney Productions. The story has also been set to music as a children's operetta by John Rutter, with words by David Grant. In 1960, it was presented as a live-action episode starring John Raitt as St. George, on the television anthology The Shirley Temple Show. On March 21, 1968, Burr Tillstrom and Kukla, Fran and Ollie starred in a puppet version on NBC. In 1970–1971, it formed part of the anthology television program The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad Show. In 1987, Cosgrove Hall Films adapted it for Thames ITV. In 2008, Tony DiTerlizzi wrote Kenny & the Dragon as a tribute to Grahame's story, including naming the two heroes Kenneth and Grahame.< Less
The Reluctant Psychic By Craig Price
eBook (PDF): $1.52
Tom was involved in an accident and when he returned home from hospital he found he could see and talk to spirits. After his initial reluctance he begins to enjoy his gift, solving a murder for the... More > police and finding a missing daughter for a dying mother. His enjoyment is spoilt one day when he sees his killer in a vision and is unable to avoid them.< Less
The Reluctant Ward By Elizabeth Melville Mills
eBook (ePub): $10.00
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A charming Regency Romance set just before the historic Battle of Waterlook, The Reluctant Ward is about a masquerade that Susanna Hayworth and Imogen Blakesley embark on to save Imogen from being... More > forced into a loveless marriage by her odious and arrogant Guardian, Lord Nicolas Ravenshead, Duke of Vyne. Add to the plot an intrepid Aunt and her faithful dog, a plot to steal the Sherbourne Diamonds, a French spy intent on revenge and you have an exciting Romance.< Less

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