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Remote Debugging and Reflection in Resource Constrained Devices By Nikolaos Papoulias
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Building software for devices that cannot locally support development tools can be challenging. These devices have either limited computing power to run an IDE (smart-phones), lack appropriate... More > input/output interfaces (display, keyboard, mouse) for programming (mobile robots) or are simply unreachable for local development (cloud-servers). Yet remote debugging solutions can prove awkward to use due to their distributed nature. Empirical studies show us that on average 10.5 minutes per coding hour are spend for re-deploying applications. Moreover current solutions lack facilities that would otherwise be available in a local setting. In this dissertation in order to overcome these issues we first identify four desirable properties that an ideal solution for remote debugging should exhibit, namely: interactiveness, instrumentation, distribution and security. Given these properties we propose Mercury, a remote debugging model and architecture for reflective OO languages.< Less
The Little Book of OpenBSD Crypto Tools, 1st ed. By Jacek Artymiak
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A short guide to the OpenBSD cryptographic tools (OpenSSL, swap encryption, partition encryption). Learn how to use OpenSSL to debug your SSL servers, how to use SSL certificates, encryption, and... More > more! 1. Introduction. 2. Getting to Know OpenSSL. 2.1. Checking OpenSSL Version and Configuration. 3. Testing SSL Connections. 3.1. How fast is my computer? 3.2. How fast is that remote SSL server? 3.3. Faking it. 4. Running SSL-enabled Apache. 4.1. Testing Certificates with Apache. 4.2. Retrieving Remote Certificates. 4.3. Verifying the Certificate. 5. Working with Message Digests. 6. Base64-Encoding. 7. Encrypting and Decrypting Files. 7.1. Selecting the Right Cipher. 7.2. Encoding Encrypted Files. 8. Using OpenSSL to Generate Passwords. 9. OpenSSL Utility Commands. 9.1. Prime Number Testing. 9.2. Random Numbers. 10. OpenSSH Keys. 10.1. Generating OpenSSH Keys. 11. Encrypting the Swap Partition. 12. Encrypting Partitions.< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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Orthodox Bats Orthodox Bats By Anna Broome
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