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"The most exciting innovation in the educational technology is Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). Though it is still in the experimental stage, the day is not far off when it will... More > revolutionize the whole process of instruction"1 (K. Sampath, 1981, P. 307). In this technological era the position of teacher is changing from 'Dispenser of knowledge' to that of an 'Information Manager'. Computer has become keyword of this information technology age. In every walk of life people are using computers to get good results in short time period.< Less
NUR 504 Week 3 Assignment Summarize Research Articles Latest By Nic Klaus
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To get this tutorial follow this link: Write a summary of each of the articles that you... More > identified in Module 2. Address the following: 1.Write one research summary that uses a quantitative research design. 2. Write one research summary that uses a qualitative research design. 3.Each summary should be 250-500 words and should follow the template, Summarize Research Articles. 4. Use APA Level Heading 2 to separate the distinct parts of the study.< Less
Journal Article Reviews By Nicholas Kennedy
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Journal space for documenting essential information extracted from any literary resource.
Scientific Astrology - Recent Articles By Klaudio Zic
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Recent articles in scientific astrology.
Writing and Selling Your Articles By Launch Point
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Non-fiction articles are an important part of most newspapers and magazines, providing a rich, diverse market for authors. This interactive workbook shows you how to tap into this market to provide... More > articles that really sell. Study topics include: working with editors; researching the market; structure and shape of articles; research; developing a distinctive style and voice. The book also explores new online markets, including websites and e-zines, and looks at the special requirements of writing effectively for the Internet.< Less
77 Science Articles By Grace Fray
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The 77 science articles are useful for students, researchers and anyone who is interested in science. Some of the titles inside the document are: Article 1: Arctic Wolves Article 2: African... More > Penguins Article 3: Asteroids Article 4: Astronomy Or Astrology? Article 5: Astronomy Binoculars – A Great Alternative Article 6: Baby Penguins Article 7: Astrophotography Article 8: Adult Canine Stem Cell Research, Breaking The Silence Between Ethics And Medical Breakthroughs Article 9: A Look Into Adult Canine Stem Cell Research Article 10: Achromatic Versus Apochromatic Lenses In Telescopes Article 11: Current Astronomy News For The Sky And Telescope Article 12: Kid's Toy Telescope Article 13: Optical Telescope Article 14: Famous Telescopes Article 15: Radio Telescope Article 16: A Lizard's Eye View Of Life As A Reptile Article 17: A Day In The Life Of A Fascinating Reptile, The Alligator< Less
Review of Article on Stress Management By Homework Help Classof1
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Find a research article on a stress management technique and relate it to your future profession. Review the article by noting the information that will be useful for you’re professionally. You... More > may use a bullet format (making a list of information) or a narrative format (paragraphs) to convey your insight.< Less
Miscellaneous Articles from Quran By Ijaz Chaudry
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This book contains diverse selection of articles based on what the Quran teaches us. The author has been researching Islam for over 25 years, reading and assimilating the Quran every day. GOD... More > reassures us in the Quran that it is fully detailed. Which means that all Islamic religious teachings are already bedded in the Quran? Last century it was found that the Quran has inbuilt mathematical verification system which authenticates the fact that Quran is the word of GOD, because if it was human authored book this mathematical structure would not exist. Since than many advances in usage of this Mathematical structure has come about. Some of the articles in this book use this modified Mathematical structures to unveil new information from the Quran. Article like "Fall and Rise of Romans" is one such article where the codes are used to inform the audience that Romans have risen again, but who are those Romans, to find out please read this article.< Less
A Math Article Compiled by Yin Wenjuan By Thomas Shera-Gorisky
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as a math faculty, we have the responsibility to represent promising students, and place encouragements to fellow researchers such as peter constantin, wang fang, li yanyan, nicki gaswick, jen abel,... More > eric schmidt, lawrence page, mike dell, steven garmin, bill gates, leeds tao, bei xiao, bin xie, cass sherman, william jaco, and yan hongjia, etc.< Less
French Gestapo Trials and Other Articles By Carlos Porter, Vincent Reynouard
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About five years ago, Vincent Reynouard had a brain-storm, one of the smartest revisionist ideas ever: he took the trouble to compare the accusations made against the Gestapo at Nuremberg, by the... More > French, with the post-war French trials of the same personnel, involving the same cases, the same victims, the same witnesses. What he found was that the evidence and accusations were not the same: the accusations made at Nuremberg in these same cases were practically forgotten. The French Gestapo articles in this volume constitute some of the best proof ever that the Nuremberg “evidence” was just lies, all lies. The articles in this book are scholarly, serious and well-researched. Read this book carefully. Do you find anything blasphemous? Obscene? Racist? Heretical? Anything jeopardizing or undermining our Christian heritage, public decency and morals, the fundamentals of our civilization? You be the judge.< Less