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Human Resources Management: Best Practices in the Cultural Sector By Cultural Human Resources Council & Cultural Careers Council Ontario
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Reports have painted an unhealthy picture of HR practices in the sector. They show a serious need to improve human resources management, especially as it relates to the cultural management... More > “crisis” about which much has been written. The lack of effective management of human resources may be less of an issue in large cultural organizations that have dedicated HR specialists on staff. But most small/medium sized cultural organizations do not have this luxury. Their managers have had little or no training in human resources management and are coping with enormous workloads and pressures. Learn from small cultural organizations that have succeeded in implementing exemplary human resource management practices.< Less
Human Resources Management: Managing Employee Performance By Cultural Human Resources Council & Cultural Careers Council Ontario
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Like many management terms, the words “performance management” have been interpreted, and the concept implemented, in many different ways. A significant proportion of organizations in the... More > cultural sector don’t manage employee performance in a systematic way for a variety of reasons. Organisations should manage employee performance with a continuous feedback system that focuses on regular, effective communication between managers and staff and minimizes bureaucracy. Ensure that employees’ activities — what they do and how well they do them — are in sync with the goals of your organization.< Less
Human Resources Management: Recruiting the Right People By Cultural Human Resources Council & Cultural Careers Council Ontario
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Your special talents — be they artistic or managerial — combined with your passion and commitment to the arts, probably played a significant role in getting your organization where it is... More > today. Look at the contributions of others on your team. Chances are that some or all of them brought significant talent, energy and commitment to the table. You can ensure and even accelerate the progress of your organization by continuing to attract top people. You can also avoid the pitfalls of bad hiring decisions, which can result in much wasted time and money, poor morale among the people you want to keep, and even lawsuits. Having and keeping the right people on your team makes all the difference in running a productive and successful cultural organization.< Less
Starting a Digital Media Business: A Guide for Digital Media Entrepreneurs By Cultural Human Resources Council & Lynda Brown
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This handy, practical resource can save you time, money and frustration. With the assurance that there is no better time to be an entrepreneur, especially in the digital media industry,... More > "Starting a Digital Media Business" guides you through the thinking and steps of that exciting undertaking. Written by Lynda Brown, who has years of experience in the DM industry starting her own business and coaching others along that path, this latest CHRC offering is landing right where the need is greatest: among the start-ups that feed the multi-billion dollar industry at the heart of Canada's digital economy.< Less
The Secrets of Microsoft Word By
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Hidden Within Microsoft Word Is A Powerful Set Of Features Capable Of Helping Your Business In More Ways Than You Ever Thought Possible… Discover These Amazing Key Features That 99.9% of... More > Microsoft Word Users Don’t Have a Clue About And Obtain A Powerful Secret Weapon For Your Business...< Less
How to Improve your Memory By Academic Resource Center Wheeling Jesuit University,
eBook (PDF): $1.38
There are strategies to use that will increase your ability to remember important information
100 Outstanding Free Resources By johnny depp
eBook (PDF): $20.00
Where ever you go, there it is. The same old story. I am sure you have heard it. I know I have heard it at least a hundred times. "What did it take for you to become successful on the... More > internet?" you ask. They always reply: "1-2 years of hard core research before I found out what worked and what didn't!" or "I spent thousands< Less
Free Resource Chest By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $0.99
180++ FREE Resources EVERY Online Marketer Should Know!” As an online entrepreneur, there are simply so MANY resources out there that can greatly help YOU in your online business. The cool... More > thing is, many of these resources are completely FREE and work just as well as the paid solutions. The reason why most people don't use them is because they've never even heard about them! So this is where "Free Resource Chest" is a MUST HAVE report for EVERY online marketer! It contains over 150+ FREE resources in the following categories: Article Marketing Resources Blogging Resources Business Resources Communication Resources Computer Protection Resources Domain Resources Ecommerce Resources File Conversion Resources Keyword Resources...< Less
Human Resource Management By Mahendra Sharma
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human resource management
Human Resource Management By Dr. Mahender Sharma
Paperback: $22.94
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human resource management

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