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The Legends of Ryland Creek: Book III of the Ryland Creek Saga By Joseph Gary Crance
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In the quiet town of Painted Post, the Ernst clan has long been known for their coonhounds and knowledge of the forest. Mead Ernst is a kind but firm man, struggling with the loss of his father and... More > brother. With the help of his wife, Sarah, they raise their children—Lill, John, and Mattie—chasing behind coonhounds in their hometown’s forests. Lill Ernst, beautiful but bullied by schoolmates, retreats into the forests. Beneath the trees, she seeks the comfort of being alone. With a rescued bluetick coonhound named Judge, Lill meets a mysterious woman in the forests who teaches her about life and her own potential. Teenaged Andrew Renthro comes from a different world. He’s the son of a long-dead father whose death he believes the Ernsts are responsible for causing. Sent by his drug kingpin stepfather to prove his worthiness, Andrew goes to Painted Post to avenge a parent he can’t remember. However, the forests of Painted Post don’t belong solely to the realm of man.< Less
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue By Richard Hernaman Allen
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1994. Customs & Excise staff in Dover find revolting pornography being imported by a Cabinet Minister. Various underhand attempts are made by the Minister to retrieve the porn or get the case... More > heard before a compliant magistrate. But how does this link with the “Hades Club” many of whose members are “the great and the good” and whose initiation rite appears to be to take a woman off the streets and rape her? Nick and Rosemary Storey and colleagues go undercover to obtain evidence, but when the cat is let out of the bag, Nick is menaced by a gunman at a strange hotel in Birmingham where the C&E Board are having a “retreat”. If the Minister wishes to save his own skin by outing even more highly-connected people, what are his chances of survival? And why has the centre of Government been so invisible while this was going on? “It’s all over now, Baby Blue” is the twenty-fourth book in a series of detective stories set in HM Customs & Excise, by Richard Hernaman Allen, a former Commissioner< Less
Sum Lucid Beats By Jason Shimberg
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The poems in Sum Lucid Beats are reminiscent of the Beat poets Shimberg admires. The subjects of his poems are varied, the style is modern. Shimberg's poetry displays both humor, levity and emotion... More > equal and balanced. Many poetry workshops, open mic's and retreats later. After failed attempts on the road, you will understand the depth of Shimberg's path and words. There is such a thing as post-modern beat poetry. I am a living example. I was not born in the era of Kerouac and Ginsberg. I studied under teachers who did. They passed on the knowledge. I spent 15 years constructing this book. My first poem was about a compulsive gambler. My second poem ever written was about an airplane ride that went slightly off course. My current poetry is not performance based, rather to be read quietly and enjoyed. I found notebooks and journals both handwritten and typed from the late 1990’s. They were just sitting there collecting dust in my childhood room. It took me several months to transcribe these by hand.< Less
Kusamakura By Soseki Natsume
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From Wikipedia: Kusamakura (草枕 lit. "grass pillow") is a Japanese novel published in 1906 by Natsume Sōseki. It tells the story of an artist who retreats to the mountains... More > where he stays at a remote, almost deserted hotel. There he becomes intrigued by the mysterious hostess, O-Nami, who reminds him of John Millais' painting Ophelia.< Less
План Сталина: Борьба за войну и против политики мира. 1927–1946. Книга 2 By Альберт Зейдель
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The main focus of Book 2 of the trilogy is the events in the early period of the Great Patriotic War. The author proves that Stalin deliberately put the Red Army in the path of Hitler’s... More > devastating attack, with the aim of securing a German attack on the Soviet Union. The subsequent long retreat of the Red Army was not due to its weakness or inability to repel Hitler’s attack. It was a consequence of Stalin's planned defeat. A separate chapter is devoted to the events surrounding the execution of Polish prisoners of war by the NKVD in the Katyn Forest in the spring of 1940. A compelling examination leads to irrefutable proof that the execution at Katyn was directly connected to Stalin’s Plan for the future war and his preparations for Germany’s future attack on the USSR. The essence of his strategic aim will be revealed. The book will also answer the question as to why the veil of secrecy has not yet been lifted from the Katyn events.< Less
Ayurveda Mallorca By Diego Costello & Susil de Silva
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Während der Antike und im Mittelalter bestanden nicht nur vielfältige Parallelen zwischen dem damals von Indien ausgehenden Ayurveda, der Alchimie Arabiens und der europäischen... More > Heilkunde, sondern auch wechselseitige Beziehungen und Beeinflussungen im Ringen um die besten Resultate und Rezepturen zum Heil der kranken, verletzten, gebrechlichen und alternden Menschen. Griechenland und Ägypten, sowie das Römische Reich erwiesen sich hier als Knotenpunkt und mit der fortschreitenden Christianisierung mündeten diese erfahrungsmedizinischen Kenntnisse und Lehren in die abendländische KlosterHeilkunde. Wer krank war oder verletzt wurde, zog sich in aller Regel ins nächste Kloster zurück und dort wurde ihm geholfen; ganzheitlich: an Körper, Geist und Seele. Neben der heute auch im Ayurveda aufgehobenen Phythotherapie sowie der Wasserheilkunde pflegten diese klösterlichen Hospitäler auch Fasten-Kuren, Schweige-Retreats und kontemplative Meditation zur Heilung und Seelsorge einzusetzen.< Less
От Севастополя до Берлина через Донскую излучину By ЛЕОН ТИПОГРАФ
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If Leon Tipograf's story were a movie script, it would be deemed too preposterous for the screen. When the Germans invaded Crimea on June 22, 1942, Tipograf was a student at the Highest Military... More > Naval College. Entering the war as a naval officer, he was severely wounded. Gravely ill from the gunshot, and left behind by the retreating Soviet troops, he was found by Germans and taken prisoner. As a Soviet officer and a Jew behind the Nazi lines, he was in danger of being shot immediately… He escaped the camp, and survived only due to his cunning, resilience, courage and exceptional intelligence. He managed to travel across the countryside and join the Soviet army, concluding the war in Berlin. This remarkable saga would have made him a celebrity, but it was not heard by his contemporaries or his descendants. Only now, almost by a miracle, 70 years later has it come to light. L.M.Tipograf shares his memories of that momentous and monstrous period in history with gripping detail and stark clarity.< Less

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