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The Tales of A Quiet Soul and a Junkie By Glenda Rice Christopher Lake
Paperback: $23.50
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The tales of a Quiet Soul and A Junkie. The heartfelt songs of two different people put together in a poetry book.
When We All Went to War By Jack Rice Donald Goodman
Paperback: $16.96
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A wonderfully written account of Worls War II's impact on Muskegon, Michigan; as told through the eyes of the Junior College. The book uses primary sources and personal accounts to describe the... More > everyday lives of those who remained behind. Highlights include: new quick moving courses to instruct people for work in the war industry; the multiple uses of Lake Michigan as a training ground and the heartfelt antidotes of those who eagerly awaited the return of loved ones.< Less
OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS By Edgar Rice Burroughs
eBook (ePub): $2.10
This is the tale of Bradley after he left Fort Dinosaur upon the west coast of the great lake that is in the center of the island. This is the tale of Bradley after he left Fort Dinosaur upon the... More > west coast of the great lake that is in the center of the island. About them upon the ground, among the trees and in the air over them moved and swung and soared the countless forms of Caspak's teeming life. Always were they menaced by some frightful thing and seldom were their rifles cool, yet even in the brief time they had dwelt upon Caprona they had become callous to danger, so that they swung along laughing and chatting like soldiers on a summer hike.< Less
The Land that Time Forgot By Edgar Rice Burroughs
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Imagine an episode of Lost mixed with the movie Jurassic Park and you might have Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic book The Land That Time Forgot. Set during WWI, it features a German U-boat with British... More > captives that goes off course and gets sucked into the current of a "crater lake." Somehow through a freak geological and evolutionary glitch, the island is covered in dinosaurs and proto-humans. Follow the pair of cast-aways Bowen Tyler and Lys La Rue as they set up "Camp Dinosaur," fight off bands of humanoids, discover oil for the Uboat (seriously!), and play house together in a sort of neo Adam and Eve in paradise scene.< Less
God's Glory, God's Handiwork, and God's Word - The Genesis Account By Pastor Edward Rice
Paperback: $9.00
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God's inerrant, infallible, verbally inspired word clearly depicts his six-day creation account, his hundred and fifty day world flood account. A believer's faith in that declaration need not be a... More > blind faith. True science, exploring and using Albert Einstein's theories of relativity, can embed these truths into a believers defense of his faith, and put the atheistic evolutionist to shame. This dissertation explores black-holes, algebra's multidimensions, relativity, and the glacier that formed the NYS Finger Lakes, to assemble some tools which ratify God's exacting account of his creation of the universe and flooding of our planet.< Less
Paperback: $12.95
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The author reminisces about friends from Rice Lake, Wisconsin as they hunt deer in Wisconsin and ducks in North Dakota, beginning in the 1970s. The friends also find time for an amazing variety of... More > shenanigans and practical jokes.< Less
Northwestern Wisconsin 2019 By Doris Jasperson
Calendar: $9.99
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Nature photography from Rice Lake in Barron County Wisconsin.
Geographical Studies the Punjab, the Tsingy, Camiguin, Saharan Mountains, Etc. By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In this e-book, you will learn about the geography of the nation of Georgia, the Dai people of China, the Tsingy of Madagascar, the caves of the Ozarks, the mountains of the Sahara Desert, the Punjab... More > of India and Pakistan, the Philippine city of Baguio, the Ilocano culture of Luzon, and the Banaue rice terraces. There is also an article identifying the largest lakes and inland seas in the world. Two articles explain French place names that occur in Louisiana and Minnesota.< Less
Hunan Sights By Wang Baolao
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The province of Hunan is located in the middle reach of the Yangtze River, south China. Most part of its territory is to the south of the Dongting Lake, so it is called :“Hunan”,... More > means the south of the lake. Since the Xiangjiang River flows through Hunan from south to north, it is also known as Xiang. As an agricultural power in China, Hunan has always enjoyed the laudatory title of “a land of fish and rice”. With a total area of 210,000 square kilometres and a population of 67 million, there are 13 cities, i.e. Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Hengyang, Shaoyang, Yueyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Yiyang, Chenzhou, Yongzhou, Huaihua and Loudi, and the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province.< Less
Half Light {hardcover} By Heather Minette
Hardcover: $18.00
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Half Light- poems, Heather Minette, 2018, 58 pages. Heather Minette is also the author of Rooftops and Other Poems, published by Blue Hour Press in 2013. She earned her M.A. in Literature and... More > Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from The University of Houston – Clear Lake, and Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies from Rice University. She lives in Kemah, Texas with her husband and son and writes at ~ The world Minette creates in Half Light is alive with the glory of everyday objects, splintered beams and buckled floors, whiskey, scabbed knees and sundresses, and thanks to Minette’s keen eye, readers will emerge from that world better ready to appreciate their own. ~ Joanna Eleftheriou, Assistant Professor of Literature at The University of Houston – Clear Lake< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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