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A Chicken Down Quill & A Bottle Of Ink By Madison McDiarmid
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Millie is fourteen going on fifteen and has always had a longing for adventure. Her father is a Terracustosian veteran and is still under the service of their King Richard.When her father receives a... More > letter from the King telling him that he is needed in the war. Millie and her faithful hamster Freddy devise a plan to take his place in the army.So, the night of her fourteenth birthday Millie and her hamster Freddy along with Millie's mare Autria set off on the adventure of a life time.Soon they are on the adventure of a lifetime making friends; Little Fur, a witty forest brownie with a passion for sarcasm, and Humu-Nuku, an ocean pixie with a talent for comedy; exposing traitors, finding love, foiling evil plans, and making names for themselves all while aiding their country in possibly the most important battles they have ever fought in. Can Millie and her friends help Terracustos win? Or will they fail in their mission?< Less
The Federalist Papers By Alexander Hamilton et al.
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The Federalist Papers serve as a primary source for interpretation of the Constitution, as they outline the philosophy and motivation of the proposed system of government.The authors of the... More > Federalist Papers wanted to both influence the vote in favor of ratification and shape future interpretations of the Constitution. According to historian Richard Morris, they are an “incomparable exposition of the Constitution, a classic in political science unsurpassed in both breadth and depth by the product of any later American writer.”< Less
Meadowood Life Story Writers By Richard Radtke
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Our Life Stories writers group meets each Monday morning at the Madison, Wisconsin Meadowood Neighborhood Center to share personal experiences and express them through both the written and the spoken... More > word.< Less
In the Nicholas of Time By Richard Zimdars
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Nicholas Jones was a young resident of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, who chose to leave his boyhood home to fulfill his desire to become a police detective in the nearby city of Madison. Nicholas is asked... More > to return back to Lake Mills one Christmas by his friend, the chief of police, to help solve a baffling mystery. Something has happened to the city's most prominent Christmas icon, and Nicholas must hopefully help solve the case before the Christmas holiday could be ruined for the entire community. His search for answers lies not only within the city, but also in his history of this notable city icon.< Less
Still At It: Meadowood Writers #4 By Mary Mullen & Richard Radtke
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A group of mostly retired people from Madison, Wisconsin meet weekly at the Meadowood Community Center to write memories from their distant childhood and the more recent past. This is the genesis of... More > most of the memoirs in this, the fourth volume of their work. In it you will find revealing stories of how it used to be as they grew up in Madison and other urban and very rural places in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Some stories are memories of their parents, grandparents, or siblings, and some are from the writers’ adult years. A few poems are scattered through this volume. Several of these authors, but not these works, have been published in other places.< Less
Writing Our Lives By Richard Radtke
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Our Life Stories Writers Group meets each Monday morning at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The purpose of the group is to capture and preserve those pieces of memory that... More > make up our lives by sharing personal experiences and expressing them through both the written and the spoken word. We focus on both the significant and insignificant events of our lives and preserve those events to share with others. Our weekly meetings give us a time-frame to write and interact with one another and learn how to improve our writing. The meetings are led by Richard Radtke who creates the framework for us to tell our life stories. Under Dick's direction we laugh, cry and remember the times of our lives from the 1930's to the present day.< Less
Three of Hearts By Richard Borovsky
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THREE OF HEARTS or “What Love Does” is a milder novel than A PEACEABLE KINGDOM, with fewer dark clouds. It is the story of three characters, their loves, and the surprising way in which... More > their lives interact. First, there is Horace, the eccentric, reclusive Past President of The American Metaphysical Society; second, Bernard, an empathic elevator man who works in an old, downtown Chicago Hotel; and third, there’s the star of our show, Felix, the irrepressible and impulsive malcontent, lover and poet, whose poetry appears throughout the story. Beyond the aforementioned three and their sweethearts, a seventh character, a bit player named Kyle, a neo-hippie who walks the streets of Madison, Wisconsin holding a sign aloft that reads: “THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR” makes his brief appearances only when it matters most.< Less
A Leaf Long Pressed By Richard Michael Joseph
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A collection of 31 lyrical songs for medium voice and piano. These songs are set to poems by Whitman, Frost, Yeats, D. H. Lawrence and Hillaire Belloc as well as Eugene Field, Madison Cawein, A. R.... More > Ammons, Carole Walker Trickett and Ruth Webber Evans. The volume includes songs of love, drinking songs and comic songs all written with a focus on clear textual representation. An emphasis has been placed on an independent voice line with a minimum of piano doubling with the voice part.< Less
Humanistic Behaviorism and Social Psychology By Richard W. Malott
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What is humanistic behaviorism? Is humanistic behaviorism a cynical behavioristic slogan designed the co-opt the "humanistic" movement? Is humanistic behavior a slick Madison Avenue... More > public–relations gimmick designed to confuse the and trap the unwary? Is humanistic behaviorism a viable blend of the two most important movements in contemporary psychology? Is it a contradiction of terms? Humanistic behaviorism is an attempt to communicate some of the concepts of behavioral analysis, to turn people on before they get turned off.< Less
Flirting With Death By Ricky Ramón & Ricky Ramón
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Detective Young is a detective who plays by his own set of rules, but things change once he meets Jamie Perez. The story takes a twist as his current girlfriend, Madison, takes the heart of his best... More > friend, Jared Hubbard. If dealing with a cheating girlfriend and betraying best friend isn't enough, he discovers that Jamie Perez is the niece of Julie Wilson; this is when things get really crazy! Julie Wilson is the criminal mastermind who will stop at nothing to end Detective Young's life and career. The question is, is Jamie Perez toying with Richard Young for her aunt's satisfaction? Does she like him as much as he likes her, or is it all a part of the master plan? From shootings and bombings, to hostage situations, Young continues to experience life-threatening circumstances, but continues to look death in the eyes, and with his new-found love being Julie's niece, it only adds to the drama he experiences. Will he be able to make it out alive?< Less

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