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Hip-Hop Album Investment Proposal and Marketing Plan By Craig Winstead
eBook (PDF): $5.99
The Hip-Hop Album Investment Proposal and Marketing Plan provides a realistic approach to gaining investor interest while planning for the release of a hip-hop album. Unlike EXPENSIVE and GENERIC... More > plans available from various attorneys and music managers, this plan outlines the actual efforts of the independent group Knotz and their manager Craig Winstead, Owner of Cherry Orchard Music Group (ASCAP), to bring the group’s newest album “The Formula” to market. Use the plan as a guide to get your next release on-track. Who needs the plan? Independent artists, bands, and labels seeking to market a hip-hop CD and get money for their project. Includes: Introduction, Music Industry Outlook, Accomplishments, Primary Fan Research Data, Fan Demographics, Press Kits, Pre-Release Promotions, Touring Plans, Media Strategy, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Distribution Plan, Low, Medium, and High 12-Month Sales Forecasts, Risks and Rewards for Investors (investment levels and ROI), and Conclusions.< Less
Ebook: Freedom from Work Business Model By Sudè Khanian
eBook (PDF): $1,290.00
This book opens up a new chapter in business by introducing a ground-breaking objective Risk and Benefit Scaling model that is concluded by the author based on her holistic approach to business &... More > is strongly backed by logic & math.Accelerating a desired action using +SOT formula, staying ahead of competition using Optional & Forceful ST, & objective evaluation of physical, mental, & spiritual goals are few examples of other revolutionary managerial tactics that are discussed. Authors’ educational background in Occupational Therapy (impact of Occupation on health), Math, Graphic Design, IT, & International Business plus her involvement in several types of business from service industry -to SCM -to eCommerce - to wholesale has enabled her to repaint the concept of business with a holistic outlook that allows for quality life for both Employees and Employers.The book also suggests solutions on how to smooth up the transition from My-Work-My-Identity to Freedom-from-Work culture.< Less
CEO Guide To Doing Business In China By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
Paperback: $18.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1: Why China? 2: Researching The Market Where To Begin 3: There Are Significant Divides In China’s Regional Economies. 4: Choose The Right Location 5: Wider... More > Opportunities In Greater China 6: Establishing A Presence 7: Find Customer Or Partner 8: Due Diligence 9: Employing Staff 10: Language 11: Marketing 12: Branding 13: Day-To-Day Communications 14: Market Access 15: Business Issues And Considerations 16: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 17: Certification And Standards 18: Currency Exchange And Transfer Of Funds 19: Management. Control And Quality Assurance 20: Overseas Business Risk - China 21: Bribery And Corruption 22: Scams: How To Avoid Them 23: Relationship Building And Deal Making 24: The Role Of The State 25: Making Conversation 26: Entertainment 27: Gifts 28: Meetings 29: Presentations 30: Deal Making 31: Negotiating Techniques 32: Counter play 33: Contracts 34: Return Visits< Less
Paperback: $5.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
FIN 650 GC Week 5 Benchmark Mini Case 6 Latest Details: The purpose of this assignment is to explain core concepts... More > related to business risk and recommend sound financial decisions based on analysis of a firm’s capital structure and capital budgeting techniques. Read the Chapter 15 Mini Case on page 626 in Financial Management: Theory and Practice. Using complete sentences and academic vocabulary, please answer questions a and b. Using the mini case information, write a 250-500 word recommendation of the financial decisions you propose for this company based on an analysis of its capital structure and capital budgeting techniques. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.< Less
FIN 650 GC Week 6 Exam 2 Latest By Nic Klaus
Paperback: $5.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
FIN 650 GC Week 6 Exam 2 Latest Question 1. Your consultant firm has been hired by Eco Brothers Inc. to help them estimate the cost of common equity. The yield on the firm's bonds is 8.75%, and your... More > firm's economists believe that the cost of common can be estimated using a risk premium of 3.85% over a firm's own cost of debt. What is an estimate of the firm's cost of common from reinvested earnings? 12.60% 13.10% 13.63% 14.17% 14.74% Question 2. Which of the following statements best describes the optimal capital structure? The optimal capital structure is the mix of debt, equity, and preferred stock that maximizes the company's ____. stock price cost of equity cost of debt earnings per share (EPS) preferred stock. Other things held constant, which of the following events is most likely to encourage a firm to increase the amount of debt in its capital structure?< Less
Homemania By Bill McKim
Hardcover: $36.50
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A housing bubble book which explains why things happened, not just what people did. Shows how houses with a mortgage changed from a debt to an ATM machine, creating an investment with high rate of... More > return and zero risk. Shows how this investment attracted investment capital away from wealth creating investments and toward wealth consumption, making the economy much poorer. Shows how this effect, and the lack of recognition of its existence, caused all of the "predatory lending", feckless regulation, and improvident bail outs. Shows that housing bubbles cannot be controlled or regulated, but must be prevented from occurring. Shows that Wall Street and the few investors who made billions when the bubble burst did not have any idea about what was going on, or about why things happened as they did. Shows precisely what it was that caused the most recent housing bubble to end. Traces the history and causes of all three housing bubbles. Explains CDOs, CDSs, and Synthetic CDOs.< Less
Stock Market Gambling: Turning on a Dime (Trade Paperback) By Stanley Mazor
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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ABOUT THE PAPERBACK, as featured on the nationally syndicated Marketplace radio program, December 2007: According to the author, "For years, when my stockbroker called me, I joked that I was... More > 'talking with my bookie.' Is buying stock investing? Or is it a speculation -- a bet? After 40 years of 'investing' in stocks, I decided to try 'gambling.' Warning: my bet puts hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk -- with no guarantee of success. Read this book for entertainment, but NOT as an investment guide!" ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stanley Mazor was a co-designer of the first commerical microcomputer silicon chip. He has published more than 50 papers on integrated circuit chip design and computer architecture over the years. He has been awarded the Kyoto Prize, the Ron Brown American Innovator Award, and the SIA Robert Noyce Award. He has also been inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame. What does a scientist-engineer know about gambling? Read his book to find out!< Less
Social media handbook By IndEco Strategic Consulting Inc.
Paperback: $16.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
This handbook is designed for utilities that want to get started with social media and for utilities that wish to enhance their use of social media. The handbook includes: top 10 steps to get... More > started, mitigating the risks, achieving results, engaging customers (utility success stories) and a case study from a utility social media pilot project. It also includes tips and cautions at each stage of social media platform roll-out. IndEco developed the Social Media Handbook using information from background research and interviews with a total of 16 electricity utilities—nine from Ontario and one from British Columbia, Canada, and six from the United States. IndEco talked to utilities using social media to find out why and how they’re using them, and to utilities not using social media to find out what they needed to get started. This research was funded by the LDC Tomorrow Fund, part of the Electricity Distributor's Association of Ontario, Canada.< Less
Mystick Physick Ultimate Astrology Planner Yearly 2017 Tropical Astrology Planner By Phaedra Mitchell
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Mystick Physick Ultimate Astrological Planner is the only full size day planner that you don't need to be a professional astrologer to use. Easily plan your life in alignment with the... More > astrological cycles with our color coded monthly calendar detailing the best days for love, business & good luck through January 2018. The Ultimate Astrological Planner includes: •an astrological glyph key of the signs, planets & personal points, aspects, houses, qualities & elements, and planetary powers •2017 planetary retrogrades, eclipses, plus the sidereal & tropical solar ingress dates •color-coded month-at-a-glance calendar pages •moon sign, phase, & void-of-course •planetary aspect & Rx notations •BONUS project pages so you can easily keep track of important activities. Why risk forgetting another Mercury retrograde? Get the Mystick Physick Ultimate Astrological Planner and let the stars be your guide!< Less
Pollinated Sweets: Seasonal Desserts Made Possible By Pollinators By Athena Rayne Anderson
eBook (ePub): $20.00
Every third bite of food you eat is made possible by bees! You've probably heard that honey bees are important for pollinating a lot of the fruits and veggies we enjoy. But did you know that there... More > are many other bees that pollinate our food crops? In addition to bees, there are flies, moths, bats, lemurs, lizards, and other animals that make these tasty and nutritious foods available! This is the only book of its kind anywhere- it will teach you about the pollinators and origins of your favorite fruits AND give you sweet recipes to enjoy too! You’ll also enjoy twelve sweet recipes, each featuring at least TWO fruits that are in season that month. Get your whole family involved in the fun of appreciating pollinators and cooking with yummy, healthy fruits! There's no risk involved with this book. If you cook all the recipes over the course of one year and aren't satisfied, for any reason, I'll give you a full refund!< Less

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