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The Adventures of Tumbleweed Smith By Daniel Roberts
Paperback: $13.99
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Cartoonist Daniel Roberts introduces young readers to teenage inventor, Tumbleweed Smith. Tumbleweed had just arrived in the Wild West town of Vulture Gulch, when the bank was robbed. Mistaken for... More > the robber, Tumbleweed now has to clear his name and catch the real thieves. Fortunately he has his new friend, Clementine, and his faithful dog, Flapjack, to help him as he comes face and face with the dreaded Black Hat Gang. Filled with over a hundred black and white drawings and lots of fun for young readers.< Less
Beast: A New Beginning By Fiona Dodwell et al.
Paperback: $17.00
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This is an excellent collection of short stories which explores man and their interaction with the different species on this great planet earth. Each tale was specially written for this very special... More > anthology dealing and exploring different genres from horror, real life, science fiction and humour to name just a few. Beast : A New Beginning is repackaged book which was initially released as Beast: Genesis and Beast: Revelations. Some stories have been added and some taken away to provide a more comprehensive foray into different genres and provide a more cohesive flow. If you are looking for an exciting book full of suspense and awe, you can’t go wrong with Beast: A New Beginning. Sometimes nature has a way to even the score.< Less
Confederates [Distressed] By Wilson Smith
Paperback: $19.95
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You wouldn't buy a pair of jeans that look brand-new: why buy a book that shrieks, "I just went to the bookstore!"? "Confederates [Distressed]" has that well-worn broken-in look... More > that says that this is a book owned by a real hipster, one who has read it many times and knows it inside and out. Yet it doesn't require that you actually read it. Cover by Rob Eggleston.< Less
Luck! By Ken Smith
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In the early hours of March 5, 1865 Lucas Brooks and Danny Boyle broke into the home of President Abraham Lincoln. They were hoping to find a few semi-valuable objects left behind by the First... More > Family. What they found was much more than they had hoped for; a mysterious iron box. All the boys had to do was break into it. Actually doing it proved to be difficult - and dangerous. In 2002, Springfield engineer Robert Voyles discovered a body on one of his projects; a startling and troublesome thing. But, a quick look revealed that the body was very old. However, as they poked around the mummified corpse, they made a more interesting discovery; the box. What was found inside quickly complicated Rob Voyles’ life as well as the lives of everyone present that day.< Less
The Great Scottish Land Grab Book 2 By Mark Anderson Smith
eBook (ePub): $3.21
The First Minister is missing. Scotland is divided. The referendum is in crisis. Only one man has a vision for Scotland that could unite both sides in the independence debate. News that the First... More > Minister of Scotland is missing, with only four months until the referendum on Scottish independence, challenges Robert Castle to decide whether he will fight for Scotland’s future. Sensing that the theft of Scotland’s land over many centuries has robbed the people of their opportunity to be independent, Castle fights for a modern day land grab - to reverse the clearances that stole Scotland’s land from the people. But if the First Minister is not found, it will not just be the referendum at stake but the government of Scotland. Will Castle’s determination to win this battle drive him and his wife apart? Will it cost him more than he can bear to lose? “I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in current events in Scotland.” “Really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the second part.”< Less
Build Quality In By Steve Smith, Matthew Skelton
Paperback: $36.80
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Build Quality In is a book of Continuous Delivery and DevOps experience reports from the wild. The interdependent disciplines of Continuous Delivery and DevOps are of immense value to an... More > organisation, but they are hard. We have seen Continuous Delivery and DevOps work in the wild, as have other practitioners. We want to help people on their own Continuous Delivery and DevOps journey, by sharing the experiences of those who have done it – what worked, what didn’t, and the highs and lows of trying to build quality into an organisation. Contributors: Alex Wilson and Benji Weber Amy Phillips Anna Shipman Chris O’ Dell James Betteley Jan-Joost Bouwman Jennifer Smith John Clapham Marc Cluet Martin Jackson Matthew Skelton Niek Bartholomeus Phil Wills and Simon Hildrew Rachel Laycock Rob Lambert and Lyndsay Prewer Sriram Narayanan Steve Smith We also have forewords from Dave Farley and Patrick Debois, and are donating 70% of author revenues to Code Club.< Less
Successful Failure and Other Stories By William F. Smith
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A nutty aspiring actor discovers his "successful failure" in a bold plan to rob a bank. A homicide detective who doesn't know the meaning of failure discovers why a husband may be worth... More > more dead than alive. A burglar's bad habit gets in the way of his big score. A man alone in a glass booth is mysteriously killed in plain view of witnesses. A greeting card writer who speaks in rhyme believes his thoughts can control others. A rookie policemen proves himself when he tracks down a poisoner. Two perfectionists face off in a deadly game of wits. A lawyer's good deed gets him involved in the case of a murdered neighbor. A small-town sheriff tries to stop the culprit who is hanging former members of a jury. A retired nurse becomes a next-door snoop when her neighbor is suspected of murder. A policeman's impatience sets a suspect free. A smiling car salesman gets to enjoy his own funeral. And a failing businessman seeks escape from an oppressive protection racket.< Less
Dancing Despite Distress By Nathan Warner
Paperback: $11.01
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Original works of Nathan Warner. Cover art by Sylvia Arnold. Photography of author by Rob Smith.
Out of Place, Out of Time By Steven Ormosi
Paperback: List Price: $7.08 $5.66 | You Save: 20%
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Have you ever been the outsider? The neglected? The shamed or the forgotten? This collection views society through those on the outside. Here are stories from 13 authors about life on the fringe.... More > This is how it feels to be out of place. Contributors: Steven Ormosi Scott Thurlow J. Ian Manczur Kathy Ormosi Alan Tyson Steve Toase Rob Spalding Adrian Reynolds Jason Beamish Shawn Scott Smith Jeff Jamieson Janos Honkonen D. Max Loy< Less
Three Rivers Run Deep A Pittsburgh Poet's Anthology By Dessie Bey
Paperback: $16.48
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Pittsburgh poets harmonize their voices via Three Rivers Run Deep, A Pittsburgh Poet's Anthology flowing through the mountainous terrain and floating to the point of confluence in this collection of... More > poignant poems dedicated to Oba Rob Penny. With over 30 plays and a plethora of poems to his credit, Rob Penny could have soared with the eagles but he was committed to the seagulls and we are ever so grateful. As the supreme chieftain of Kuntu Writers Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA, he made way for all who desired to write whatever their particular genre. Gone too soon, his spirit is ever so near to those who were fortunate enough to partake of his gentle, revolutionary persona. In our hearts, in the ethers of Pittsburgh, and certainly in bosom of Africa... Rob Penny shines. (August 6, 1941 - March 16, 2003)< Less