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A Long And Indeterminate Perambulation By Robert McGowan
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“I was deeply moved. It is a brilliant meditation on life and death. Elegantly written and utterly original, this book will surely endure.” ROBERT OLEN BUTLER, Pulitzer Prize-winning... More > author of 'A Good Scent From A Strange Mountain' Robert McGowan’s 'A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation' is not a conventional piece of storytelling. Told from the viewpoint of a 75-year-old “philosopher artist,” this novella is driven far more by character and idea than by narrative. This book presents her diary entries following a more or less daily walk around her neighborhood. These entries provide consistently insightful views on the deepest of subjects... Life, war, death and art. Poignant, thought-provoking and not infrequently controversial, 'A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation' is always stirring. “Heartfelt and utterly beautiful, yet grounded in strength, integrity, and conviction. McGowan at his very best.” CHRISTINE COTE, Founder, Shanti Arts< Less
South Main Stories By Robert McGowan
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These stories are derived of the author’s ten-year struggle (1982-1991) on behalf of the endangered South Main Street Historic District in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The photographs are from... More > a 1986 series of gelatin silver photos taken by McGowan in and near the district. The stories focus in large measure on confrontations with inept and visionless city agencies and arts funding groups and the frustrations inherent in seeking to work with such entities toward district revitalization. Memphis’ South Main Street Historic District, once neglected and deteriorating, much of it on the verge of demotion, is now, two or three decades later, a thriving, energetic mixed commercial/residential neighborhood with a distinctive arts vitality. SOUTH MAIN STORIES conveys to the reader what it can be like for a neighborhood to make that transition and will therefore be of relevance to any adventurous and determined individuals involved in such an effort. SOUTH MAIN STORIES is designed by the artist Terri J. Jones.< Less
Nam By Robert McGowan
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Derived of the author’s Vietnam War experience, the thirty-seven stories in this sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious collection look back at the Vietnam War from a distance of forty or... More > more years, nearly a half-century, and via the perspectives of not only the soldiers themselves, but also their children, spouses, siblings, parents, friends. Nothing comparable to this collection exists within the literature growing out of the Vietnam War. NAM is hardly just another batch of macho war stories. These short fictions, most of them memoir-based, neither glorify nor even excuse war but come forward instead as eloquent testament to the tragic lunacy of it.< Less
Savage Kick #6 By Dan Fante et al.
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The sixth issue of THE SAVAGE KICK features another line-up of ballsy and - at times - shocking tales from some of the leading writers in the crime and confessional genres. Headed by an exclusive... More > excerpt from Dan Fante's 2013 release POINT DOOM, SK#6 features exclusive interviews with both Fante and Debbie Drechsler. At over 200 pages, SK#6 delivers a jolt to the gut, never shying away from dark themes in twelve punchy tales that'll stick in your memory.< Less
Seducing Sir Gwain By Sherry Derr Wille
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Denise Hopkins can't believe her eyes when her Ouija Board spells out My name is Gwain. I knew you in 1470. You were my brother's wife and I was your lover. After an erotic dream, Denise wakes up in... More > the body of Davida Burke who is about to be married to the handsome Robert when Charles McGowan announces she belongs to him and takes her as his wife. Gwain McGowan has been called to McGowan manor to become the surrogate father for his brother's son. Known for his sexual conquests he has no doubt he can father a child, but doing so for his brother is something else. Once he meets Davida he is afraid he will not be able to leave her once the child is christened.< Less
Blue Crow Magazine - Issue 2 - October 2010 By Andrew Scobie, and Various Authors
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300 pages of quality fiction & non-fiction. FOREWORD, by the editor, Andrew Scobie. SHORT STORIES from Jason Markle, JP Kemmick, DJ Daniels, Robert McGowan, Carol Reid, Andria Olson, William... More > Akin, Fiona Murray, Ricky Ginsburg, Tyrone Arps, Danielle de Valera, Jonathan Elsom, J. Boyer, Boris Glikman, Marc Ellis, Claire Boswell, Cynthia Rowe, Daniel W. Davis, James P. Hanley, Marie-Claude Bourjon, Matt Dennison, Deborah Reed, Shaune Lafferty Webb, Lacy Marschalk, Gavin Austin, Peter Lingard, Joran Monteiro, Joseph Farley, Michelle T. Tan, Chris Curtis, Lara S. Williams, Thomas Sullivan. JUSTIN BRIDGES’ Apology, & His Review of The Scrubwood Hotel; From the Archives: Justin Bridges: ‘The Failed Interviews’. BOOK EXCERPTS from Matthew Glenn Ward. DRAWINGS by John Dodge. PHOTOGRAPHS by Christopher Woods.< Less
Lonely No More By Seymour Shubin
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Seymour Shubin’s best-selling first novel - 'Anyone’s My Name' - was released in 1953. In the following sixty years, Shubin has released fourteen novels and a large number of short... More > stories in magazines such as 'Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine' and 'Futures.' 'Lonely No More' collects sixteen of Seymour Shubin’s best realist and crime stories from his illustrious career, many of which have been unavailable for decades. 'Lonely No More' is published by Murder Slim Press, the renowned UK publishers of Mark SaFranko ('Hating Olivia'), Robert McGowan ('NAM') and 'The Savage Kick Literary Magazine' (which has featured Tony O'Neill, Dan Fante, Jim Goad, Doug Stanhope, Joe R. Lansdale and many more).< Less
three drops from a cauldron: lughnasadh 2015 anthology By Kate Garrett (editor)
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Thirty-six poems selected from work published on the three drops from a cauldron webzine between 15 January and 15 July 2015. Three drops poetry is poetry spiced with folklore, myths, fables, legends... More > and fairy tales. Featuring work by: John Alwyine-Mosely, Shinjini Bhattacharjee, Robert de Born, Niall Bourke, Kyle Cooper, David J Costello, Seth Crook, Sarah Doyle, Carol Eades, Natalie Easton, Chelsea Eckert, Ziggy Edwards, Brett Evans, Ruth Foley, Myfanwy Fox, Mary Franklin, Neil Fulwood, Johnny Giles, Mary Gilonne, Ron Hayes, Dick Jones, Mab Jones, Eve Kenneally, Jennifer A. McGowan, Oliver Newman, Anna Percy, Lee Prosser, Lesley Quayle, Angela Readman, Jane Røken, K.V. Skene, Sarah Thomasin, Claire Walker, Suz Winspear, Gareth Writer-Davies, and Stella Wulf.< Less
PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader Volume 1 By Joan D'Arc, Al Hidell
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Were the Apollo moon landings hoaxed? Is Osama bin Laden really dead? Who wrote the occult grimoire, Necronomicon? In this PARANOIA compendium, 24 authors and interviewees discuss conspiracies of... More > our time, including: What will happen in 2012? • Did the Mob assassinate JFK? • Who is reabducting UFO abductees? • What role do magick and ritual play in The Invisible Government? • Have we received any messages from space? Plus, everything you always wanted to know about UFO think tanks and the mother of all think tanks: Tavistock. This exclusive collection also features the final solution to the economic downturn: Entomophagy (eating insects). Featuring: Dan Harms, Robert Guffey, Michael A. Cremo, Philip Coppens, Barbara Green, Steve Ahlquist, Iona Miller, Anthony Bragalia, Melinda Leslie, John Kaminski, David Gracer, Mark Elliott and Dail Cantrell. Also, interviews with: Craig Heimbichner, David Ray Griffin, Acharya S, David McGowan, Jarrah White, Roderick A. MacKenzie, III, Ralph René, and Tiny Tim.< Less
Skive Magazine - Americana - November 2010 By Various Authors
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The AMERICANA issue of Skive ! : all American authors and a few non-American authors writing about America. ARTICLES: 'Kerouac Will' by Stephen Maughan; and 'The Author is Still Alive: Phillip... More > Lopate and the Personal Essay' by Stefano Calzati. MEMOIRS: 'Only a Bird by Catherine Montague; ROTC Days, by Clyde L. Borg; and Body Count, by Jeffrey Miller. POEMS by Anna Sykora, Laurie Kolp, Luigi Monteferrante, Richard H. Peake, L.B. Sedlacek, Roxanne Hoffman, Mike Berger, Mel Waldman, Mark Swanson, Stefanie Maclin, Fariel Shafee, Thomas Houlton, and David S. Pointer. STORIES by Barbara Neu, Steve Myers, Andrew Stuchlik, Gloria L. Huang, Ricky Ginsburg, Russell Bittner, Brian Biswas, J. Boyer, Georgi Iliev, Hugh Fox, Jennifer Cottis, Robert McGowan, Fred Miller, Wayne Scheer, Paul Kavanagh, Kat Kambes, Will Tinkham, Ben Paris, Sally York, Karen Beatty, Kevin Brown, Vivian McInerny, Brian Long, Michael P. Bischoff, and Jessie Peacock.< Less