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Pictorial History of Chinguacousy Police Force 1961 - 1973 By Robert Peel
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peels ot em gnis. By robert allen
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a collection of contemporary poetry.
Church Reform: The Only Means to That End, Stated in a Letter to Sir Robert Peel, Bart. First Lord of the Treasury, & C. By Richard Carlile
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Church Reform: The Only Means to That End, Stated in a Letter to Sir Robert Peel, Bart. First Lord of the Treasury, & C. is a historical book by Richard Carlile was an important agitator for the... More > establishment of universal suffrage and freedom of the press in the United Kingdom.His interest in politics was kindled first by economic conditions in the winter of 1816 when Carlile was put on short-time work by his employer creating serious problems for the family: "I shared the general distress of 1816 and it was this that opened my eyes." He began attending political meetings where speakers like Henry Hunt complained that only three men in a hundred had the vote, and was also influenced by the publications of William Cobbett.< Less
Domestic Cherry 4 By Watson & Peel
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A Poetry, Art, Short Stories, Short Plays annual produced by Swindon Artswords and the Swindon Festival of Poetry. Cover image by Monika Tobel. Work by, in order of appearance: Monika Tobel-Kevin... More > Reid-Robert Peake-Susie Campbell-Natasha Flaw-Myfanwy Fox-Wayne O'Sullivan-Alison Brackenbury-Louise Crossley- Angela Kirby- Mrs Hongo-Angela France-Adam Magee-Christopher Barnes-Fiona Massie- Kathy Greethurst- Sam Loveless-Kathleen Jones-Tania Hershman-Gavin Salisbury-James Harris-Sue Kindon-Heidi Beck-Hannah Linden-Helen Burke-Marilyn Francis-Irene Cunningham-Rachael Clyne-William Bedford-Reuben Woolley-Catherine Ayres-Judi Sutherland-Iris Lewis-Ritwik Chaudhary-Loren Kleinman-Neil Fulwood-Jennifer Berry-Maurice Spillane-Jill Abram-David Gale-Maria McCarthy-Monica Timms< Less
Well Done, Underdog - The Lyrics Of Robert Lloyd - Volume I By Lee Thacker
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The first of 5 volumes presenting the lyrics of Robert Lloyd, with collage illustrations by Lee Thacker. This volume contains all of Lloyd's lyrics from the earliest Nightingales records - the 'Idiot... More > Strength', 'Use Your Loaf', Paraffin Brain' and 'Urban Ospreys' 45s, the Cherry Red Peel Session EP and the 'Pigs On Purpose' album. Fully approved by Robert Lloyd.< Less
Dirty Politics - Hard Times - A Trilogy of Chartism By Malc Cowle
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When Cotton was King, labour was cheap. Less than three men in a hundred had the vote and the few women who'd enjoyed that right had the franchise taken off them. Toil, trouble and degradation for... More > the many, produced vast riches and leisure for a few. Ordinary, and sometimes extraordinary, people refused to accept their servile position in society. They defied Church and State to fight against corruption, for universal suffrage and the basic rights we take for granted in a Parliamentary democracy. These are the tales of just a few. The author skilfully weaves his work of fiction into the historical tapestry of the Industrial Revolution, bringing his characters to life in the world's first industrial city - Manchester - the town of Long Chimneys.< Less
The Coming Battle By M.W. Walbert
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No Money Made From This. Paperback. Color Cover. Black and white pages inside. The Coming Battle by M.W. Walbert In this volume the author endeavors to give an accurate history of the present... More > National Bank System of currency, including an account of the first United States Bank,- both of which were borrowed from Great Britain by those statesmen who, like the father of Sir Robert Peel, believed that a national debt was the source of prosperity. It is believed that the facts adduced in the following pages will be productive of some good, in pointing out the immense evils lurking in that system of banking, a system which has produced panics at will, and which is the active abettor of the stock gamblers, railroad wreckers, and those industrial tyrants of modern times, the enormously overcapitalized and oppressive trusts.< Less
Maine Landscapes By Minerva Bloom
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An Ode to Maine, by Minerva Bloom. A pictorial book of landscapes, seascapes and abstracts, with inspirational quotes. With quotes on Light, Love and Life, from Vincent van Gogh, Lao Tsu, Inuit... More > Esquimo song, Proverbs, Thomas Cole, Egon Schiele, Rabindranath Tagore, Ecclesiastes, and Robert Frost. "When I was a child everything fascinated me: water running over a rock, the layers of peeling paint, a fallen leaf, the sharpness of a blade of grass. These things had the power to mesmerize me. My themes might be different now, but still I will live on the edge of my seat: fascination vitally matters. The state of Maine is a fascinating place. The intricacies of color abound everywhere. And it is this beauty that teases the truth out of the air, and seduces an indifferent cosmos into caring. This is my Ode to Maine and to the heartwarming views I found there." —Minerva Bloom< Less